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BREAKING NEWS: The Hateful-False Preacher (Baa Kawsu Fofana) Is Now On The Recieving End Following His Bigotry Remarks!!!


Gambians from all tribes and across our political spectrum were equally outraged at the latest remarks, coming from none other than one of the most “SPITEFUL & TOXIC” false-Preachers in our Motherland.

This Extremist and Tribal-Fanatic (Baa Kawsu Fofana) Is on our headlines for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, now that the Lion went away, a mice like him is back on his extremists ways. He is again in the habit of shamelessly issuing ‘HATEFUL-SERMONS’, with intent to Radicalise his blind followers along Tribal & Party lines.

Despite the fact that, I knew little, if not nothing about him back then, but I Can vividly remember advocating tirelessly for his release from custody, back in the days.

 Nevertheless, I have no regrets for doing so at the time and certainly not now but I also want to register my utter dismay with these False-Preacher (Baa Kawsu Fofana) in our midst.

Considering his ARROGANCE, HATEFUL, TRIBAL and EXTREMIST style of preaching, I am now convinced more than ever before; that, “he represents nothing good in our society but the purest of Evil”.

Listening to his latest sermons he did since the departure of our leader, It is now evidently clear to many, as to why “President Jammeh” dealt with him in the manner he did. 

 Right or wrong, your call but what is crystal clear about the content this man’s character is that, “He Is One Of The Biggest Threats To Not Only Our National Security But To That Of Our Most Cherished ‘Peaceful Co-Existence’ As People Of One Nation”.

 If this “Hate-Preacher” is left to continue unabated, on the path he is again taking, then he will not only send our society on a collusion cause but he have the potential of causing a Tribal-War in our motherland.

He should be condemned in the strongest possible terms for hiding behind (Religion) our Masjid only to use the ‘Friday Sermons’ to settle scores by spewing his garbage on (APRC) our Party Leadership & every Members etc… He’s grossly abdicating his divine duties entrusted to him to lead his followers on the path to eternal salvation.

 In addition, ‘Baa Kawsu Fofana’ stooped to basement levels by lying so freely in his desperate attempts to seek relevance in the eyes of the gullible minds of our society. He uttered some rather remarkable lies and also rained insults on us/Jollas and the entire membership of the biggest and most diverse Political-Party of all Gambians.

Sadly, In his tiny-dead-brain cells, ‘Baa Kawsu Fofana’ is still under the illusion that, by RUNNING-OFF his BIG-MOUTH at the comfort of his Masjid, freely cursing people along tribal lines, to his heart desire, will somehow propel him to attain the status of a Hero of some sort! Pathetic, isn’t it? LOW…

 Suffice it to say, it should be known to all and sundry that, we (Gambians) don’t have the time or room for “Hater-Preachers” nor are we really interested in Religious or Tribal Fanaticism.

 The likes of “Baa Kawsu Fofana” lacks the wisdom to lead those guided in worship; because he is only using our religion (Deen) to gain status and relevance and nothing else. He ain’t no Imam Folks.

 He is an extremist and must be kept closely monitored, if not be cautioned under the laws of our land for delivering bigotry remarks that qualifies it to be deemed as a Hateful Speech. Such shouldn’t be going unchecked nor should Tribalism or Racism be tolerated by any responsible government of any nation.

 A hypocrite like him should’ve known better; but given his primitive nature, he turned out to be the Foolish man he is today in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of our motherland.

 After uttering such bigotry remarks directed at a specific Tribe and the biggest and most diverse political party in our motherland, this idiotic fool have lost all moral standing to lead anyone in worship. He is not fit to be called the title of an “Imam” at all. As for his insults, We at “Unifying Newspaper” will leave him to deal with our supporters both home and abroad. Hence every action Will cause a reaction- Baa Kawsu Fofana will surely get what he truly deserves, by the grace of the Almighty.

 Remember – “He is nothing but a TRIBAL-BIGOT and a HYPOCRITE of the highest order”. And such dirty qualities and attributes have no place in our modern day society. 

 EDITOR’S NOTE:- Baa Kawsu Fafona, your waywardness is out of this world so please give us a break with your Big-Mouth Full Of Lies And Hatred. We ain’t  got the time for your Elks.. We at “Unifying Newspaper” are indeed delighted to hear responses coming from Gambians regarding these Lunatic. About time we Name and Shame such Hypocrites and Tribal bigots in our society… He Is Too Low!!




 Authored By

 Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

 Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia.