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BREAKING NEWS: The Healthcare System Of The Gambia Is On The Brink Of Total Collapse!!!


Reports reaching our news-desk from The Gambia is rather troubling and indeed disheartening to say the very least. For months now, Gambians are being exposed to untold suffering due to the negligent and incompetence of the powers that be today, post-Jammeh era.

During the past two decades, those who were hellbent on demonising and tarnishing the Image of our exemplary leader (President Jammeh) are today caught in their own web of lies and deception. They use to claim that, they know and can undoubtedly do better than the then status quo.

However, with the passage of time, Gambians are gradually waking up to the realization that, those who were criticising ‘President Jammeh’s administration’ are worst than any government there is in our African Continent.

Since his departure to give peace a chance, our beloved motherland went on a downward spiral and the longer we stay muted regarding the deplorable conditions our population are currently facing the world most USELESS (Adama Barrow) so called President, the harder things will get.

While they are busy jostling for position and power, average Gambians are dying in Silence as the system of the supposed “New-Gambia” proved to be nothing but an utter failure to even those who were on the front line.

In just a very short span of eight months, Under this USELESSLY Corrupt gang of Tribal fanatics, Gambians are increasingly feeling hopelessly scared of what the future holds for them and their children.

And at the time of piecing this article together for publication, one of our impeccable sources on the ground reported to this medium that, poor Gambian patients are suffering in silence because there is no water supplies, electricity or medicine at all major hospitals across the country.

Speaking to reliable sources in within our healthcare system revealed to us that things are worsening daily as patients with life threatening diseases are simply being referred to “PRIVATE CLINICS” and to “PRIVATE PHARMACIES” because there is NOT even a paracetamol in all our Major hospitals of both Banjul and Serrekunda.

One qualified Doctor we contacted (Name Withheld) also confirmed that they are contemplating on stopping to report to work because of the untold suffering the Gambians are subjected to on a daily basis.

He stressed that it is deeply disheartening to attend to patients who are poor and desperately indeed of immediate medical attention, only to be told that they have nothing in store to give to his patients. 

The only option they often got left with is to write a prescription note for the patient and refers them to private pharmacies and clinics – He went on to questioned as to whether I/one can just Imagine the conditions many Gambians are facing right now and the amount of money these private companies will be billing them at the end of their treatment? If they can’t have a proper Three-Meals a day, how can they be expected to foot the bills of a private health care system?

He concluded by asserting that, unless the government intervene, many will die in vain because if our health care system collapse, then the Gambia as a once progressive nation will soon become a history.
In fact, some of the patients cannot even afford a taxi to them to RVTH or Serrekunda hospitals so they often take public transportation to get here but sadly, after medically examining them, we still have to send them away to go and spend money they do not have at all. For those who cannot afford to pay for their bills will just die and is very sad my brother.
“Adama Barrow and his FAILED regime are busy Looting and Siphoning our monies to Senegal, neglecting all their national duties of selflessly serving both the privileged and underprivileged populace to the very best of their abilities”.

But NO – As far as this gang of criminals are concerned, It’s all about embarking on a looting spree by playing it smart with the gullible minds. But ninety-nine days for the thieves and one day for the rightful owners. 

In the meantime, thanks to these ‘BUNCH OF HUNGRY PACKS OF WOLVES AND OLD-TIMERS’, all our progressive Institutions that serves as the backbone of our motherland such as our Health Care, Education, Agricultural, Transportation and even our (Gross Domestic Product-GDP) national economy is at the brink of total collapse.


This Reckless, Clueless, Greedy and Uselessly Failed gang of Criminals Must Go – They have Nothing In Store For You, Me Or Our Future Generations So The Earlier The Best Folks!!!

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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