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BREAKING NEWS: The Mighty ‘APRC’ Convoy Came Under Attack By An Unnamed Resident Of (Mankamang-Kunda) Adama Barrow’s Home Village ‘!!!


In what can be best described as a “Suicidal-Act-Of-Desperation”, one of ‘Adama Barrow’s thugs from his home village of ‘Mangkanmang-Kunda’ allegedly attacked the convey of the Mighty APRC party, currently touring the Nation. Mankamang-Kunda is a small village, comprising of nothing more than 27 homes/compounds and it is the village (The Accidental-President) ‘Adama Barrow’ was raised, which is not far from his birthplace, a village called ‘Sarre-Adama’.

According to our reliable agents on tour and eyewitnesses of the unwarranted and unprovoked attack by an unnamed villager of Mankamang-Kunda, our convoy was passing through the area but the unprecedented turn-out we’ve registered in that particular area alone was remarkable. They became so enraged and one decided to take law into their own hands by attacking one of our driver’s/supporter.

Muhammed Badjie’s attacker took everyone by surprise and eyewitnesses asserted that the attack was obviously ‘premeditated’ with intent to sabotage our already Successful Nationwide Tour.
Based on our findings, the attacker struck the victim with a massive stick (pounding stick/Kurru/Kudda/Fuuntaff)on his head, causing grievously bodily harm to our supporter.
He was rushed to ‘Bansang Hospital’ for an immediate medical attention. He’d received stitches and he is now said to be recovering gradually. We want to thank ‘Landing Manneh and Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi’ for their selflessness in attending to our injured supporter and for doing everything possible to save his precious life. May you all be rewarded abundantly. Ameeeen.

What would have happened if it was the other way round? Were they not out; months back, arresting our supporters for releasing audios in response to their fanatics and tribal bigots? Why ain’t they arresting their own people for provoking and violating the rights of their fellow citizens, if at all they are a credible and just government?

Adama Barrow, if there (Democracy & The Rule Of Law In The Gambia Today) is what you often claim under your dying regime, then give us one precedence as a case study or by arresting the attacker from your village and ensure that the law takes its cause. Will you?

Well – Failure of which, you will go down as one of the most ‘Clueless, Erratic and Loose-Talking-Leader’ ever in the history of our beloved continent. Favoring your people even whereas they blatantly violated the rights of their fellow citizens? Committing crimes and walk scot-free just because they are your family members or supporters is treasonous. 

 EDITOR’S NOTE: It is rather regrettable that the same person who often claims that there is what resembles the rule of law in our motherland today is saying nothing with regards to the unacceptable behaviour of his own people of Mankamang-Kunda. 

Adama Barrow should’ve been the First leader to condemn such act of cowardice by his own villager. Just image a village of less 200 hundred people, attacking a convoy of thousands of Gambians?

What could’ve or would’ve been the repercussions if our disciplined supporters were to respond with the same violence? Will the attacker or the entire villagers survive such retaliation from a huge crowd like that of the Mighty APRC party?

NB: Two of our Women Mobilizers were also attacked in Busumbala during our first Mega-Rally held in Buffer-Zone, on the 28th-10-2017. And up to date, the Gambian police nor did the political leaders in government condemned it or prosecute the culprits.  

The APRC is Gambia(ns) own political party and deserves to go on their legitimate political activities across the entire country without any hindrance, just like everyone else; so we are calling on the police to do their job by apprehending the perpetrator of such crime and that of those in Busumbala, respectively.

I remember going with my dad to the home’s of APRC members and say whatever we wanted to say just to convince them to join (The UDP Back In The Days) us but never been attacked because of our different affiliations, so why should we (Gambians) be encouraging such abnormalities in our political arena today?Adama Barrow & His Father should simply resign. They’ve failed Gambians and continues to do so on a daily basis. Evidently, even his own are so undisciplined beyond belief. Instead of welcoming their fellow citizens/political opponents with open arms, they stooped way LOW to basement levels by attacking passersby
We wish the victims a very speedy recovery and strongly urging the authorities to do what it will take to bring their attacker’s to justice, in accordance with the supreme laws of our motherland.

Thank you (APRC MEMBERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY)  all for keeping the peace and composure – Mission Is In Full Progress So Pay No Mind To Our Detractors Along The Way To Redemption.


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia. (O.R.G.)

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