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BREAKING NEWS: The Miserably Failed UDP-LED Government Are Shamelessly Politicizing Their Own Mess At This Hour….


The desperate Tribal-Fanatics of the UDP and their strategists have woefully failed in figuring out how to persuade the populace to rally behind their CORRUPT and USELESS government of the day.

It is rather very unfortunate that they have to stoop this low just to galvanize public support; but who in their right frame of mind will ever embrace a party that openly advocates for Tribal Supremacy in our motherland, in this 21st Century?

After months of scrambling to enrich themselves and neglecting their responsibilities of serving The Gambian Masses, The United Democratic Party were at it again folks, going around the Bundung Neighbourhood with their truck, collecting the household waste.  This time around, they were not collecting their garbage and illegally dumping it at the Kanifing Municipal Council headquarter’s; but rather taking it to Bakoteh after breaking their election promises and forcefully suppressing the will of the residents of Bakoteh, Manjia and Kotu, respectively.

According to our reliable sources in within the UDP party, cracks are emerging all over the place as they still cannot find a way of delivering the most basic necessities of keeping our streets and neighbourhoods clean. So they came up with such a primitive idea of going around the very neighbourhoods they neglected for months and collect their garbage with a Truck bearing the flag of the UDP, instead of the  ‘Coalition Flag’ that won them the support of their helpers to rig the presidential election. 

Though many were just grateful that they collecting the stinking garbage around their neighbourhoods by they were the very least impressed. According to our agent in Bundung, it was hilariously-stupid to watch them in action, and people were laughing at them out of dismay, seeing the flag of the UDP in front of that truck.

Speaking to residents of Bundung, One said that this is outrageously Silly for them to think that we shall ever support their failed UDP -Led government just because they collected our garbage with a truck bearing their yellow-flag on it but they must be day-dreaming.

Observers and many political pundits were of the view that, the Failed UDP-Led government already messed up from the start and that, they are increasingly getting frustrated because of the rapid erosion of public confidence and support for their incompetently clueless and tribalized government, and so it turns out to be folks. What a Shame!

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I just can’t ignore nor conceal my deepest thoughts from the very moment as I received this exclusive pictures from our investigative team on the ground. Folks, can you all imagine the health implications of what these young youths are being exposed to without any due consideration by the UDP elites?

No facial masks to cover-up their nose and mouth nor are the plastic gloves the two are wearing are made for collecting rubbish with it, but rather for attending to patience in hospital wards.

Evidently, this is deadly serious folks but the UDP leadership (Lawyer Darboe) simply careless of the general well-being of his own party members, let alone that of our beloved citizens.

The UDP is a sad story to tell to our children but the truth is now catching up them and their Corrupt and Useless government.

What a Tragedy …

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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