Gambians – Were you all wondering as to why it took time for ‘Adama Barrow’ and his team to disembark off the flight after landing? If so, Well then I finally got the right answer you all have been searching and waiting for folks and much more. We as a Nation are in deep trouble folks.

I have said it over and over again; that, the supposed change we were once seeking for was not for the better or best but for the very worst because we now have a President who is deceitful enough to not even wanna admit to us that, he is battling with a serious medically condition that by all definitions, renders him unfit to govern. Constitutionally, Adama Barrow’s Medical Condition disqualifies him to govern our motherland for a day or any Nation in the face of the earth.

I am one of the first person and media house to have broken the news to all our Readership and Listeners of our Live Shows; that, the Leader of the Coalition (Adama BArrow) is unhealthy and that, he is suffering from a severe form of ‘EPILEPSY’.

In most of my videos,  I’ve been consistent in disclosing to all that, ‘Adama Barrow’ is suffering for a severe form of illness, commonly known as “EPILEPSY” and a result, I am of the firm belief that, he is unfit to even drive a car let alone to run the affairs of any Nation in this world.  Understandably though, at first, many of my fellow citizens thought that I was only playing the dirty politics, right? But like I once said, One day, Gambians and the whole world will witness him falling and guess what folks?

Haven’t you all now witnessed or heard of him falling in Senegal and on Friday? According to very reliable sources close to Barrow;  asserted that, (Contacted me in private and revealed The Truth That They Can No Longer Deny Nor Hide From Public Scrutiny) everything I was saying to about his health condition is true and they are deeply worried at the moment.

When questioned as to why is he worried? He responded by saying’; “because he is likely to ‘fall-down’ at any international platform, at any given opportunity my brother and it shouldn’t be downplayed nor taken lightly”. – He went on further to state , “The Man (Barrow) Is Not Fit To Rule Because He Can Hardly Stand On His Two Feet For Long – And His ‘Devils – Demons’ Don’t Like Mingling With A Crowd Of People”.

Because of the fact that his devils  are not sociable, he often get possessed by his ‘Jinns-Demons’ and without warning, he may suffer fits. That is why he is ROUTINELY QUARANTINED from public view.

He expressed his regret of the type of a leader he voted for. He said that, Many did not have the chance to think clearly because of the nasty politics the oppositions played so people were lied to and manipulated but Gambians are already crying and asking why Barrow? “Everyone Is Saying That They Now Believe That, They Have An ‘Epileptic-President’ And That, Constitutionally, he should be Voted-Out By Our Members Of Parliament Or Patriotic citizens From All Parties Should Stand together And Get Rid Of These Bunch Of Deceivers”.

Another source at the Airport also informed this story to  ‘Unifying Newspapers – News Desk -‘ that, they delayed his dis-embankment upon his arrival at Banjul International Airport because he got POSSESSED again by his “Demons”. After being resuscitated on the plane; he was given time to slowly regain back his consciousness -. He sent me photographic evidence, showing Barrow looking “off his face”. His animated face speaks volume -(See Picture Above).

What is certain though is that, Gambians deserve to be TOLD the TRUTH and nothing less, -‘regarding the health condition of (The Fraudulently-Selected” by the ‘Independent Electoral Commission’ and forcefully Imposed on us as a Nation); ‘Adama  Wheelbarrow’.

If at all you all are worth your salt and that, you all respect the fundamental principles of democracy like your leader keeps on singing about it daily( The Principles Of Democracy & The Rule Law), then why ain’t you all speaking of the TRUTH and not LIES to the Gambians and the world that, Adama Barrow Is Constitutionally Disqualified To Occupy The Seat Of Power In Our Motherland because of his medical condition? Time will tell the full story and it alone is the master here.

Rumors are spreading In The Gambia like bush fire – confirming that which I have been saying since, so the truth is now revealing itself for all to see. Keep them coming folks. Make sure that we capture it on tape so we can put the doubters at rest for once and for all. We cannot accept the Unacceptable. One day, the world will soon come to know the Truth, by the grace of the Almighty.

To The Gambia Ever True.

Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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