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Breaking News: The self-Styled “Political Animal” Of The Gambia Is Losing His Sanity…Evidently, He’s Worst Than a Dictator!!!



How Can One Propose A Bill To Criminalise Insulting Of Our Public Servants Alone????

Why Not The Rest Of The Gambians As A Nation? How About The Father’s And Mother’s Of Those Who Elected And Hired You All To Occupy Public Offices???

So, Are You Guys Implying That A Mother Of A Cabinet Member or That Of Our National Assembly Is Legally Superior Over That Of Our Taxpayer’s Or Electorates???

#Gambians: What Exactly Is The Wisdom Behind This Proposed Bill Coming From A Supposed Democratic Government???

Without an iota of doubt, President Barrow Is Increasingly Becoming An Intolerant Being Just Because Of His Selfishness And Greed.

In This 21st Century, Our African Leader’s Must All Acknowledge The Fact That, We Are No Longer Living In Slavery, And That Our Fundamental Rights Will Never Be Trampled Upon By Using Our Elected member’s of our Parliament To Enact Such Draconian Law’s With A Clear Intention Of Suppressing The Voices Of Their Subject’s. That Is And Must Be A Thing Of The Past.

I am not sure if the legal advisers of the President are actually doing him any favours, because this is one of the lowest levels a supposed Democratic government will be contemplating on stooping, in the first place.

It’s so sickening to even read this ridiculous bill. The writer’s must have been either intoxicated to the point of hallucination or they are completely insane. FACT!!! How can they be so discriminatory in proposing such a bill that clearly put others above others, in democratic society?

This bill clearly undermines the “fundamental principles” of every civilised societies around the world today- “JUSTICE AND EQUALITY”. But instead of dwelling on his terrible record of “mismanagement of our public funds or his clueless and incompetent nature as the transitional leader of the failed coalition government”, we rather redirect our energies in preparation for December, by the grace of The Almighty.

However, President Barrow should by now know that his Minister of Justice (Baa Tambadou) didn’t help but completely discredited his so-called democratic government and tainted his legacy forever, by proposing nothing of substance but a bill to silent his critics.

The overwhelming majority of Gambians unanimously condemned any means of justifying such a repressive law in our motherland. Even the supposed dictatorial regime they replaced never enacted such outdated laws, so why the so-called democrats?

Arguably, many Gambians are taken by surprise, considering that, a dying regime like that of the failed Barrow-led administration, in Banjul, will become so desperate to the point of compromising one of the “Fundamental-Democratic Principles” (Freedom Of Speech) just to silence the masses.

Reflecting back on what they use to say to the world:
Aside, Are they truly running a democratic government or was it all a lip service to galvanise support of the International community?

Frankly, reading this bill left me with the notion that, Baa Tambedou is out to use this draconian law to go after all those who were exposing his criminal activities and abuse of office…etc

But, my message to you is this: ” If you can’t take the heat, then please tell your partner in crime, Adama Barrow, to resign before the end of his legal mandate, in December, because we will not tolerate anymore censorship nor are we going to entertain such dictatorial tendencies in our democratic depensation”.

This bill of yours belongs to the bust bins and we urging all our parliamentarians to not even waste their precious time to debate about such ridiculous bill – We’ve no time to mess around with these deluded folks. They’ve ran out of ideas, steam and are nearly running out time too, so let’s focus on our plan of action as a nation, and get rid of these square pegs in round holes, Peacefully.

To Conclude, I’ll Respectfully Remind President Barrow that his time is getting nearer (1st December), so, best to plan for your exit route in perfect Peace, Rather Than Embarking On Such Fertile Venture , In Your Desperate Quest To Cling On To Power Beyond Your Three Years Transitional Mandate. What a Shame!

President Barrow, as a matter of a fact, come December, you and your gang of criminals will all become part of our history books and Gambians will turn a fresh new page and bring about national unity, peace and prosperity for all and sundry, by the grace of the Almighty.


Authored By
Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient of the order of the Republic of the Gambia (O.R.G)

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