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BREAKING NEWS: The Shamelessly Corrupt & Useless Government In Banjul Are Busted Stealing Again – But This Time From Our Medical Doctors…


I’m deeply sadden to have been reliably informed of yet, another plot hatched and currently being executed by this Failed – Criminal regime in Banjul..It is disheartening to say the very, very least folks.

This time around, they are hellbent on killing us all slowly but surely, hence they are out to NOT only Mortgage our Independent Sovereign Nation to Senegal in-exchange for power, but they are directly targeting our FIRST and LAST line of defense, which is our Precious Health Sector workers.

Instead of encouraging and propelling them to attain greatness by increasing their monthly salaries, these predatory gang of ‘robbers and thieves’ are stealing from our Health Care workers at the (EFSTH) Edward Franchise Small Teaching Hospital.
Shockingly enough, after stealing from our brothers and sister, they  (The Failed Criminal Regime) urged them to not say a word  and went as far as threatening them with unlawful dismissal, if they dare challenge or even question as to why their monies are being deducted?
Nevertheless, after thoroughly investigating the tip-off we’ve received from one of our impeccable sources, regarding the ongoing EXTORTION by government officials in Banjul – We at “Unifying Newspaper” can authoritatively report to our Global audience that, it is absolutely TRUE that they are milking from all institutions at this hour.
Less we forget that  not long ago, they systematically twisted the arms of our returning Peace-Keepers from Darfur and stole nothing less than D54 Million from our Soldiers. And now, they are dipping their filthy hands in the pockets of our brilliant Doctors.

Below are few massages from our reliable sources on the ground – Verbatim: 

Hi Sulayman, you did mention about  health and the Fake rice, you are right this government does not care. Do you  know that they deduct the salaries of Doctors, telling them to also reduce their ON-CALL duties as well – Which effectively means that, emergencies can happen without doctors attending to potential patients but only nurses will be there.

My younger brother is a Senior Education Officer  at the hospital and they deducted D1,500 from their salaries, saying that they want to create JOBS. The first to react to their blatant act of theft was immediately suspended and later FIRED and since then, seven (7) resignations have been tendered by some of the disgruntled health workers, including my own brother so it is true.


In response to my private questions, another said, yes it is true my brother. They are stealing from everyone in the Gambia today. From the Soldiers, Drivers and now us the Doctors. Please talk about it so that the world will know that we do not have a government, like you always say because they are thieves and are stealing from those of us who are in the front-line of serving the Gambians.  Gambians are all crying and regretting- end quote.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Gambians, do please ask your family members (Qualified Doctors) working at our ‘EFSTH’ hospital in Banjul as to whether, these criminal government did not deduct D1,500 from their monthly wages or if they are among those who resigned or being fired.

I am lost for words after reading this messages and confirming their authenticity beyond all reasonable doubts folks – What a shame on these ‘USELESS BARROW and GANG OF ROBBERS AND THIEVES. 

What more are we all waiting for to kick the hell out of this analog criminal government out of office? How much more are we all willing and able to take in? It is our divine duty to collectively  take drastic actions to put an end to this unacceptable act of treachery by these greedy, ungrateful and heartless souls running the affairs of our motherland.

What a Shame – Enough of You clueless and heartless Old-Timers – Please pack up a leave in peace now, before it will be too late because all options are on the Table and come what may, these bunch of thieves must either leave us in perfect peace or face it, by the grace of The Almighty.

Authored By: 

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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