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BREAKING NEWS: – The Silent Killer & Africa’s Biggest Hypocrite (Macky Sall) Booed & Disgraced In Switzerland


The Silent-Killer & Africa’s Most Hypocritical Leader was  Confronted by his worst nightmares ( The Diaspora Senegalese Community) In Switzerland and I am delighted to declare my unflinching support for their cause to remove Macky Sall & his family from our Palace in Dakar – For all the right reasons.

If you all can remember, I once warned him that, ‘if he dares to interfere in our internal matters as a sovereign nation based on his hypocritical agendas, then let him know that it will also mark the beginning of the end of his regime’?

Oh well – It started before he even knows it folks. Macky Sall ( The Deadly Serpent ) was booed so badly beyond his wildest dreams by a group of disgruntled Senegalese yesterday. They can be seen in this pictures and a video circulating on social media, showing some people wearing red headbands, holding Senegalese flag and Chanting him down on top of their voices in French.
Macky Sall (The Worst Hypocrite) couldn’t hide from this determined activists ‘ who are fighting a very just cause to end his brutal and hypocritical regime for the betterment of our Senegambian Naton.  

He fell out with his people after exposing his true colors and desire of clinging to power by interfering in the Gambia, setting up in political opponents and later arresting them, using flimsy accuses as a justification of silencing his critics.
In addition, it is now widely rumored that, he (Macky Sall) is allegedly operating a secret Dead-Squad for Ritual purposes. He is said to be convinced that he can retain power by spilling a lot of human blood as instructed to him by his Spiritual doctor.

Mysterious accidents and deaths, including his own cabinet members and prominent public figures are becoming rampant in Senegal nowadays and it has now become the greatest cause for concern to all and sundry.As we speak, this evil and wicked soul is not only arresting and locking away his political opponents in Senegal but he is actively plotting to wage an ‘UNPROVOKED-WAR’ in Cassamance because he knows that he lost the entire population (Electorates) of that region since he interfered in our internal matters. Therefore, the only way that he can stop his political rivals (oppositions) from making huge gains and standing a chance of removing him from power, is to ensure that, the population of Cassamance will be systemically targeted by using the name of the “Freedom Fighter” (MFDC) as a facade to displace the populace and prevent them from voting for the opposition in this upcoming elections in Senegal.

And all the opposition leaders of Senegal should wake up to this reality before he intentionally and illegally start a war on the innocent civilians of Cassamance because of this fact.    That is why he betrayed “President Jammeh” and easily ‘Infiltrated our desperate and greedy opposition leaders’ in Banjul but what is he using them now for folks? Is it not to use our Soil to lunch an attack in Cassamance?  Is he not trying to fool us and drag us (Gambians) by our throats to partake in his selfish and deadly political agenda?
Let’s take a look at the escalating situation in Dakar under his failed government  and ask the critical questions too :-
Why is he setting up all his rivals and jailing his critics like Halipha Sallah and countless others today? Is he running a democrat government or a dictatorship goverment?

How on earth is he better than our (President Jammeh) exemplary Leader – Babili-Mansa? Macky Sall messed with the wrong people. He haven’t seen nothing yet ,by the grace of the Almighty.

We at unifying Newspaper are urging every Senegambian to stand firm with this brave and just activists and all oppositions in both abroad and at home to make sure that we show him the EXIT-DOOR for good.
He is a hypocrite and a political prostitute of the highest order. He is vindictive, jealous and very dangerous to say the least.
His continuous leadership in our region is already proving to be the most dangerous thing we’ve ever experienced, so let’s join hands and put a stop to this ‘mad-dog and hypocrite’ called “Macky Sall”.

NB:- Haven’t I told you that your people will soon be publicly rebelling against you and your deadly administration? I told you and your hypocritical government that, all your evil thoughts and work of inequity to destabilize our beloved (Gambia) motherland will soon backfire on you and warned you all that interfering in our internal matters by using forceful means will lead you to regretting it for the rest of your pathetic life.  I also cautioned and warned you of your envious and dirty heart, which you sadly possess and you never listen’ but here it comes back hunting you in no time. 
Had I known Shall Never Be Known. On we go still. By the way, this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ folks- Him and his (MICKY MOUSE- & DUMB-BARROW) brother in Banjul MUST have to vacate our palace by hook or by crook, in the interest of our peaceful coexistence as people of one Nation – One Family, by the grace of the Almighty.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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