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BREAKING NEWS: The Supposed ‘New Gambia’ Started Off With A Young Man Getting Murdered In Cold Blood – Over A Smartphone- On Kairaba Avenue….WHAT A DISASTROUS START???


We at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ received Shocking images of a lifeless and blooded dead-body of a young man, who was later Identified as one ‘Momodou Bah’,  sent to us by one of our impeccable sources on the ground. The pictures are so gruesome for publication and out of respect for the deceased and family, we will not also be showing his face either. Too horrific to say the least.

However, Upon receiving this traumatic images of these young boy’s lifeless body, I examined it closely by zooming in closer to his face and notice that he suffered a severe and fatal wound on his face.

His vicious KILLER must have USED a Machete (A Large Knife With A Wide Blade) big enough, to be able to slice open the left side of his face like that; thus caused him excessive bleeding, which may have led to his sudden death on the spot- in a blink of an eye.

Sadly, we are being reliably informed that, his only crime was ‘THEFT’ of a smartphone in a shop, on Kairaba Avenue and is where the fatal incident occurred yesterday, 18th February, 2017. My tears are rolling down as I’m piecing this story for publication because of this horrific images, coming from Banjul. Brace up Gambia -So much happened yesterday folks so we will be serializing it all for our global audience, by the grace of the Almighty.
Needless-To-Say, I do not and will never condone nor encourage anyone to steal what is not yours but nor will I accept that, people can overreact by taking the Law into their own hands as if we are currently living in a Lawless State!

We (Unifying Newspaper) call on the new administration of the Gambia to immediately address the unbearable escalation of violent behavior on our streets and the sky-rocking crime rates and the increasing murder cases happening in our motherland under their watch today.

What is a Smart-Phone after all? Why will someone lash out in such a brutal manner as if he came into your house to kill you and your family? The killer MUST be apprehended and brought to a court of Law to face it too, ASAP. He could’ve easily called the police and allow them to do their job without taking the law into his own hands and end up committing such a horrific murder over a smartphone.

Of late, Crime rate in our motherland is rapidly rising under the new administration of (#Gambiahasdecided) Adama Barrow, like never experienced before; and many Gambians are now living in absolute fear of what a day will bring.

Meanwhile, the Reckless and Failed so called Coalition-Government are busy projecting a ‘FALSE IMAGE’ of their Government and our Country by lying to the world that, the Gambia is now Free and Peaceful? Why are Armed Robbers and Criminals running wild today?

Why will a Gambian be taking the Law into their own hands, to the point of brutally killing their fellow citizen over an alleged Smartphone- thief? Is this is the New Gambia we were all aspiring to build for our Children?

Gambians -How safe are YOU today? Let’s wake up from our deep Slumber – The way and direction our country is now heading to is and should be of great concern to all sincere and genuine citizens alike.


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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