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BREAKING NEWS: The Tribal Fanatics Are The Biggest Threat To Our National Security, Peace and Stability.


Isn’t it ironic that as soon as Lawyer Darboe and his divisive-tribal-fanatics were fired, all of a sudden, the country is about to implode?

Giving the fact that they are openly confessing and revealing an ALLEGED-COUP-PLOT, masterminded and spearheaded by the DISGRACED FORMER VP, the so called Mandela  (Lawyer Darboe) and the current #CDS (Mansanneh Kinteh), President Barrow Should NOT brush it under the carpet but investigate and get to the bottom of it all.
If at all President Barrow and his administration are there to serve and protect our citizens, then the individual who spoke in that audio should be arrested to help the investigations. The alleged conspirators should all be equally apprehended, cautioned and thoroughly investigated because at this crucial time’s,  it will be suicidal to take any chances with the tribal fanatics.

Furthermore, the unfolding horrors and regrettable news of the demise of  one or two villagers of Gunjur in an alleged land dispute, the retaliation on both sides and the alleged unethical behaviour of our paramilitary officers should also be a serious cause for concern to all and sundry.  The ongoing violence between the two villages and the alleged biased behaviour of the security personnel sent to arrest the situation has all the signs of a bigger plot to not only  undermine the government of the day but to set our country on fire, along tribal lines.

Regardless of who did what and who started it all, violators must all be arrested and dealt with in accordance with the laws of our beloved motherland. No one is above the law, be it the victims or the attackers

Therefore, our security personnel shouldn’t be taking sides along tribal lines; but to fully enforce the law and ensure that peace and sanity is restored and guaranteed for all.  The Gambia is a land of peace and anyone seeking to destroy us should be dealt without any hesitation because the country belongs to all and not a single tribe.
President Barrow, please wake up and make hay while the sunshine because the Forces of evil are at work and if you don’t take the bull by it’s horn, you will regret for compromising with these tribal fanatics.

Remember what president Jammeh told you before leaving the country to give peace a chance: If you want to effectively rule and develop the country, you mustn’t compromise with the security, peace and stability of the Gambia and her citizens.

Surely, A Word Is Enough For The Wise.

Authored by
Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient of the order of the Islamic Republic of the Gambia (O.R.G)

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