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BREAKING NEWS: The Useless- Sleepy-Heads Are At It Again Folks – What An Utter Shame And Disgrace!!


From having a Globally Respected Revolutionary Leader to one that has proved to be nothing but a Fat and Dopey one. We at ‘Unifying’ are on record to have been the first media outlet to have Broke the news of his severe (Epileptic) Medical condition, which he is still hiding as he hops along like a Frog.

Gambians – What exactly is wrong with these Sleepyheads? Is this what we really and truly deserve as our representatives on global stages? What an utter shame and disgrace on the coalition Government and their surrogates.

Evidently, it has been an open secret that, Adama Barry is constantly under heavily overdose with his medications but to the point of falling asleep anywhere and anytime is really absurd to say the very least and yet, he want to carry on posing as someone fit to lead? Only in the Gambia though will such be tolerated and ignored.  

LIKE FATHER – LIKE SON : They often Fell Asleep Anywhere, Anytime-Day or Night 

Few months ago, We were shocked and talking about the pictures that went viral, showing Lawyer Darboe being intoxicated during a meeting, held in London. Lawyer can seen off his face in those pictures and he eventually passed-out on his table, while sitting before the Cameras, but he is certainly not alone folks.

In fact, when was I saying that we were reliably informed by one of his Senegalese Bodyguards that, he often sleeps like hell? Oh well – Here we go folks – Like father like Son, The Dopey-Sleepyhead leader is dropping it hard in Saudi Arabia. Live and direct.

You can see Ousainou Darboe looking so nervous and worried because he cannot wake him up nor control the person behind the Camera to NOT ZOOM on his Sleeping Son during the Arab Islamic -American Summit, held in Saudi Arabia. 

Once again, the Epileptic and ‘SEIZURE-BOUND’ (Adama Barry-Barrow) is BUSTED live on Camera. This time around, he wasn’t shape-shifting but rather caught on Camera while in a deep slumber. Guess what folks, I bet he’d wake-up screaming out the Name of President Jammeh as usual again. 

This USELESS AND OUTDATED criminals in disguise are a disgrace to our Motherland. From Hero To Zero. After all they’ve said and done, I wonder why they even went to Saudi Arabia, pretending to be Pious believers of our Noble Religion of Peace? Who are they there to fool? Themselves, The Arabs or our Creator? 

Without a question, they went to chase for the papers/Money and not because they believe in the divine teachings of our beloved Prophet “Muhammed- *SAWS*”.. Nevertheless, they are being humiliated and exposed for what a Useless and Conniving souls they all are in their midst


In this pictures, Adama Barrow was kicked-out clean like a whistle. No if’s or But’s here folks. Shame upon shame is all that they bring on us as Gambians and nothing more. They have been running around, flying from pillar to post without bringing nothing back home for the Gambians – So what use do their trips have for us as a Nation, other than squandering our little resources?

Where will they be dragging our Country to if we do not take our firm stance to reclaim back our motherland from these bunch of greedy Fakers/Impersonators. Are these Old and Certified liars and thieves the promised change for the better?

Gambians – It is high time for us to rise up and eject these outdated fools from our offices so they can go on to sleep as much as they please and if they so desire, until eternity for all we care. 

They are USELESS, CLUELESS and INCOMPETENT to govern our beloved Nation and they have to and MUST go by hook or by crook for we all deserve better than what they will ever have to offer us as a people.

We rest our case for now and looking forward to the “National Day Of Outrage” in The Gambia – Sanity must have to be restore in our motherland, by the Grace Of The Almighty.  

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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