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BREAKING NEWS: The Witch-Hunting Of Jolla’s Continues As Another Soldier (Malick Bojang) Fell Victim Of The Failed-Tribal Government In Banjul..


Despite the fact that everyone knows of their true agenda for pursuing our brothers in Uniform (Jollas) along Tribal lines, this Failed government are still hell-bent on using the facade of a WHATSAPP group to further victimise innocent Gambians because of their ethnicity.

We at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ are documenting every single victim of this Failed-Tribal government for posterity, and our ever growing list of victims now including’s another Soldier who was reported to have been also arrested yesterday and he is currently held in an undisclosed location at this hour. 

According to our Impeccable sources in within the high-Chain-Of-Command in our Military, Sergeant Malick Bojang is a native of Bulenggat Village in Foni. Like his colleagues, he joined the 24th Intake and completed his Military training with flying colours.
Sgt. Bojang was alledly picked-up yesterday based on the very same flimsy excuses of having links to a Whatsapp group, formed by our brothers in Uniform like everyone else does in this digital age.

However, this Failed-Tribal government saw it as the perfect opportunity to not only stigmatise and stereotype them by blatantly fabricating lies against these group of innocent Citizens, but they are stooping way low to basement levels.

It could be recalled that it all started with exclusive pictures I once published of (The National Traitor- Ensa Tamba) the then Camp-Commander Of Fajara Barracks. He went ballistic and started accusing every Tom, Dick and Harry of taking those pictures of him in action and sending it to me, here at Unifying Newspaper.

He (Ensa Tamba) initially arrested two Soldiers and then another but prior to him being transferred to the main Headquarters, they put a big spin on the story after discovering that the Soldiers have no direct connections with me as previously alleged but they have their own Whatsapp group, where those pictures were sent to before reaching our News-Desk.

So out of rage and anger with my publication, this Uselessly Foolish-Old-Man decided to escalate it to a whole new level by fabricating and manufacturing a completely different story against all those involved in creating that WhatsApp platform to catch-up with each other – They were framed because of Whatapp Folks. From accusing them of having ties with (Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi) the Chief Editor Of Unifying Newspaper,  to plotting to assassinate a VIP/Mutiny ???  Can you all believe it? Rubbish-Rubbish-Rubbish and they all know it too but the fact that they are Jollas, anything goes. Under the supposed Democratic government of today, Jolla’s are being openly discriminated at across all works of life and yet, they want the world to believe that they are a democratic government. Evidently today, Gambians are being unlawfully dismissed, Arrested, Jailed, Tortured and even Killed just because you are a Jolla.

The most recent cases of reference is that of the SEVERELY-TORTURED Soldier “Samboujang Bojang” and the ‘COLD-BLOODED-MURDER’ of an Innocent- Peaceful Protester in the person of ‘Haruna Jatta’ of Kanilia.

Truth be told Gambians – After the killing and torturing of an innocent man as well, what is the government doing or have done so far to ensure that these crimes are thoroughly investigated and the perpetrator’s of such crimes are brought to book???

In fact, to add salt to injuries, the severely tortured Soldier (Samboujang Bojang) is now back in his prison cells after being discharged from Hospital and to our utter dismay, the Chief Of Defense Staff (Mansanneh Kinteh) never visited him while hospitalised but had the audacity to be doubting the severity of what happened and still happening to countless men under his watch as the head of our Armed Forces.
Is it a sign of Weakness, Incompetence or Uselessness? Be your own judge but Mansanneh should man-up and face the reality of the unacceptable mistreatments of our Gallant Soldiers at this hour, under this Corrupt and Failed-Tribalized Government of the day.

“Once again, I will remind ‘Adama Barrow, Lawyer Darboe, Mai Fatty and Mansanneh’ Kinteh that, Serious human rights violations have taken place already and many more violations are taking place right before our very own eyes.  Ignorance of the Law shall never-ever be good enough, nor be used as an excuse”. NO IF’s, BUT’s Or Maybe’s.

NB: We Are Documenting it all and The World Is Watching In Silence, Waiting For Your D-Day, by the grace of the Almighty!!

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (unifyingradio@gmail.com)

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