BREAKING NEWS: There Is No Sense Of Security Under This Failed Government In Banjul As ‘Armed Robbers’ Strike Again..


    While the Fraudulent (FANGKUNG-FANGKUNG COALITION) and failed government officials from Banjul are ‘Crisscrossing’ Europe and having a good time here, Gambians at home are gripped with fear because of the recklessness of this old and outdated politicians in charge today.

    Many (Gambians) are regretting to have voted for them in the first place. They are now living their dream of enriching themselves and their families at the expense of ignoring the most underprivileged masses of our motherland.

    Unlike under President Jammeh’s Rule – In today’s Gambia, crime rate is skyrocketing across the country and yet, the government officials are taking no measures to ensure that, the security of our citizens is guaranteed. Instead, our vulnerable citizens are being targeted by suspected organised criminals currently operating freely across the country.

    Armed Robbery is becoming rampant in the supposed #NewGambia and so far, the perpetrators of such heinous crimes are yet to be brought to book thus beg the question as to who are behind this reoccurring patterns of Armed Robberies?
    Why are this ‘Shady-Characters’ in power keeping mute about the rising crime rate in the Gambia under their corrupt and failed government?

    We (Unifying Newspaper) were contacted by one of our impeccable sources yesterday, who informed us of another “Armed Robbery” that took place an hour earlier : Here is what our reliable source said – verbatim:

    A six man team of armed robbers have reportedly attacked and looted cash from two shops in North bank Region and Upper river region, leaving two people injured (a shop keeper and the brother) the incident happened today in  “Demba kunda -URR and Kerr Foday – NBR”.

    It will be recalled that, earlier this month at ‘kerr Gumalo’ – A village situated in the ‘Central Badibou District of north Bank Region, armed robbers launched another attack and went away with an amount of D342,000 and D181,000 respectively from two shops which belongs to one “seedy Muhammed Sillah and Muhammeh lamin hydara”. But at the time of this report no suspect was arrested in both armed robberies.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: What is now certain for everyone to see is that, this so called coalition are completely out of touch with reality and they simply careless of our sovereignty as an Independent Nation, let alone that of our integrity and security as a people. They are only interested in lining up their pockets and that of their immediate families.

    In fact, the (FANGKUNG-FANGKUNG COALITION)  government officials are busy stealing and raking it in for their pockets. Ultimately, it is now up to us (Gambians) to free ourselves from their corrupted ways and incompetence to shape a prosperous future for all and sundry.

    Now that we all know what we know not about back then, let’s ensure that we fall NOT for their packages of tricks and deception. Let’s vote them out of town!

    Authored By:

    Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
    Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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