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BREAKING NEWS: Three other Soldiers Fell Victim Of The Ongoing ‘Witch-Hunting’ Spearheaded By The Illegitimate Minister Of Interior!!


As silly and unrealistic as it may sound or even come across to many, Gambian soldiers are being harassed on a daily basis, and some are unlawfully dismissed because of their Ethnicity and Love for President Jammeh..

To be Frank, the workload is overflowing from our ends and as a result, we are trailing behind this month – But nevertheless, we deemed it necessary to catch-up with the seemingly never ending blunders and blatant abuse of our brothers in Uniform by the Failed-Tribal regime in Banjul..

It could be recalled that, we’d (APRC) converged in Kanilai last weekends to celebrate our victory with an astonishing turnout of Gambians, right? Whilest everyone was enjoying and dancing away, one of our Gallant Soldiers (on duties in Kanilia) couldn’t resist the electrifying atmosphere, so  he took permission from his guard commander and quickly came in and make everyone laugh by displaying his silky moves as he dance to the riddim, but guess what folk’s?

He and his boss (Gibba & Lance Corporal Jarju) were later taken to ,’Fajara Barracks’ and are currently being locked-up for no genuine reason other than a manufactured one.

During our investigations, we were reliably being Informed by our impeccable sources that, they were falsely accused of what did not happen at all. “The name that often came up during our investigations is one Senegalese/Gambian known to many as “Major Corr”; but we will come back to that (Green snake under the grass) in Kanilia”…In Shaa Allah

When questioned as to what allegations were levelled against them? We were informed that they blatantly lied by saying that, his rifle was brought into the ground by a youngster but not even the dumbest of all will buy into such cheap lies. That is NOT true and they know it too. They were snitched up by the tribal bigots. When did it became a crime for them to dance to any tune them love dancing to? But hold on folks! That not it. Please read on and review the next case in question too…

On the very same Friday (19th-05-2017), we were also contacted by one of our deeply embedded source in Farafenni Barracks with a very disturbing revelation that, one of their colleagues was FIRED from the Military for merely putting on a shirt, bearing the picture of President Jammeh.

At the time, I certainly couldn’t make sense out of it because it was really hard for me to believe that our Gallant Soldiers will be FIRED based on such shallow reasons that cannot be justified in the place first. 
However, after following it up with our investigations, we at “Unifying” were left shocked, after substantiating the information we initially received from our impeccable source that, another Soldier did actually fell victim to the Barbarity of this  tribalistic and USELESS Government. 

Folks! Can you believe it? Some Soldiers in Farafenni Barrack are openly wearing their inner-shirts of #GambiaHasDecided and nothing is done to them, but anyone wearing an APRC T-Shirt is a good enough reason for one to lose their long years of service to our Nation?

We at “Unifying Newspaper” are challenging the Vindictive and Illegitimate Minster (Mai Fatty) of Interior and Mansanneh Kinteh (CDS) to dispute this fact – We bet they dare not DENY our reportage because we have the evidence to back-up anything we publish here, on this Medium.

Nevertheless-To- Say, we are fully conscious of the fact that, Our reputation as the leading and Most Credible Gambian Online Newspaper is on the line here, but only if ‘Maimuna Fatty & Mansanneh Kinteh’ can prove us wrong for once in their capacities as Minister of Interior and Chief-Of-Defense-Staff.. Can they / will they?
By the way, just in case they come up with their cheap excuses of knowing about it, I will happily furnish your ministry with the full Name & Surname of the Soldier in question here- His name is one “Fabakary Sanneh” from ‘Pennem Village’.
There you go now – He is being unlawfully Dismissed from our Armed Forces just because of a T-Shirt he was wearing under his Uniform. It was a very sunny day in Farafenni Barracks so he decided to took off his Uniform but doing so cost him his hard-earned Profession as a Soldier.
We sincerely hope that, he will be reinstated forthwith hence he committed NO crime at all for wearing an inner-T-Shirt of President Jammeh.

We’d managed to speak to a former body -guard of President Jammeh and asked, whether if it is a crime to put on a T-Shirt of President Jawara back in the early days of The Revolution?

He confessed to have put on Jawara’s PPP T-Shirt, while on tour with President Jammeh and he saw it with his own eyes and he smiled, but never said nothing to him at all..

Therefore, If at all is now Crime to do so, then the same rules should apply on all Soldiers across our Barracks but not to be embarking on such shallow way of unlawfully dismissing our brothers and sister from their Nobel Professions. It is Wrong and without a doubt, Unlawful to say the very least. 

We will be keenly following this story and update you all of any positive and Negative developments, regarding this aforementioned Soldier in question.

We rest our case for now…

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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