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BREAKING NEWS: Three Soldiers Arrested And Detained At ‘Faraja Barracks’ For Allegedly Sending Exclusive Pictures To The Editor Of ‘Unifying Newspaper’…


It has been brought to our attention that, three Military officers are currently being detained in ‘Fajara Barracks’ for allegedly ‘taking and sending’ exclusive pictures of their Camp-Commander ‘Enssa Tamba’ to (Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi) the editor of this medium-Unifying Newspaper.

Lieutenant-Aboulie Jarju, Sergeant-Yorro Jatta, Sergeant-Bubacarr Sanneh aliens ‘Nyakarreh’ are all arrested and accused by ‘Enssa Tamba’ of having direct links with the Editor of “Unifying Newspaper” – A charge he certainly cannot and will never be able to substantiate at all.
Yes, It is indeed true that we’d receive exclusive pictures of the then Camp-Commander, (Enssa Tamba) who was busted by our agents on his tracks and published the story on my personal page on Facebook. And according to our reliable sources in within his inner-most-circle of friends, he (Enssa Tamba) went ballistic after realizing that he was digitally captured in action and exposed beyond redemption. He also sent his agents to use fake profiles on Facebook, insulting commentators and trying to shamelessly defend him, without actually sticking to the NITTY-GRITTY  of the shocking story we’ve published on my ‘Facebook Timeline’ more than a week ago.

It could be recalled that, Unifying Newspaper was down and out of business throughout the entire ‘Holy-Month Of Ramadan’, so the story in question wasn’t published on our website but hence he is now ‘LYING by falsely ACCUSING AND ABUSING’ innocent people for allegedly ‘taking and sending’ us those pictures, we deemed it now necessary to reproduce the said story here on our website for posterity.
<<<<<<<PUBLISHED ON MY ‘FACEBOOK TIMELINE’ ON THE 24th-06-2017>>>>>>


It has long been brought to our attention by our impeccable sources in the Military that, ” Essa Tamba” of Faraja Barracks Is now BROKE and FRUSTRATED.

For those who may not know who am on about, ‘Essa Tamba’ was among the high ranking TRAITORS who RAN away and joined the INVADING Senegalese forces under the disguise of ECOMIG.

It could be recalled that, he was the same one RUNNING-OFF his Big-Loud mouth during an interview they had with (Fatou Camera) the Devious-Husband Snatcher…

The Classical Traitors were yapping like parrots on the airwaves presenting themselves as men of great integrity and conscience.

However, it was later rumored that, they were paid (Half A Million Each) some chicken change to desert their Men/Camps, cross the border and switch to the Invading forces.

Nonetheless, I just want to know why the same “ESSA TAMBA” is now turning to our trees in Faraja Barracks and cutting it down? 

Evidently, he is NOT only cutting our trees down but processing it into Woods and loading it on this pick-up and off for sale – What Is Going On Folks?

Don’t get me twisted for I perfectly understood the “Hard times and the deplorable state of affairs” our people are currently experiencing under this Failed & Useless-Puppets Government He helped to Instill But he took it too far. He even hired people to execute it all in the Barracks.( Check out this exclusive pictures attached..)

Why Is He Cutting, Processing And Marketing Our Trees In Our Barracks? Who Gave Him The Right To Cut Down Our Trees In The First place?
Is He Going To Us The Money To Pay For Salaries Or Is It For His Personal Gain?
Where Is The Money You Sold Yourself And Country For, Essa Tamba?DIDN’T HE LIKE MANY GAMBIANS; BIT THE HANDS THAT USE TO FEED HIM??? End Of That Story published on my Facebook timeline…
However, since we wrote and published the aforementioned story, Enssa Tamba suddenly lost his sanity and started randomly accusing anyone of his liking for taking the above exclusive pictures and send it to me (Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi) at Unifying Newspaper. He completely lost it as though, if the entire world crumbled on him but never attempted to debunk our irrefutable story we publicized on him.
Sickeningly enough, he initially accused one Jarju and I even mentioned that in two of my live shows and warned him to refrain from foolishly embarking on a ‘Witch-Hunt’ of our sources in Faraja Barracks, based on his own suspicious. Because we are way too Sophisticated than the way he is actually thinking for a start; so if he is to take it upon himself to investigate who our sources are in the Gambia, then he will be doing nothing but victimizing the wrong people until eternity.
But Instead of leaving it to that, he further went on to accuse two more people of the same lie and eventually crossed the RED-LINE with us. These innocent men are currently being kept separately, in within the Fajara Military Barracks, without any legal justification.

For the records, I swear by our Creator, for he alone can attest to this fact and bear witnessed to what am about to assert here as follows,- that,:..“I ‘SULAYMAN SHYNGLE NYASSI’ DON’T KNOW THESE MEN IN DETENTION AND NEVER DID I EVER SPOKE TO ANYONE OF THEM. IN FACT, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT I HEARD OF THEIR NAMES FROM OUR IMPECCABLE SOURCES IN WITHIN THE MILITARY”

Therefore, Enssa Tamba should be ‘WARNED AND BE INFORMED’  that, he is starting a fight he can’t win with us here at “Unifying Newspaper”, and by the time we are done with you (Enssa Tamba), you’ll become the laughing stock of all Gambians, so please safe yourselves from further embarrassment that awaits you- That is, ‘if you do not desist from your tenacious superstitions’.  

To be randomly arresting and accusing innocent people of sending pictures to us is unacceptable. We’re equally here to serve our motherland by accurately informing our fellow citizens and the rest of the world to the very best of our abilities. If at all we’d published a story you may want to refute, please contact us for an interview or write your side of the story and email it to our news-desk at (unifyingradio@gmail.com).
Be very rest assured that, we will either retract our publication and offer our unreserved apologies, if necessary or simply publish your counter-argument if we are not convinced of your story, as that the public with be their own judges, but to be falsely accusing people of been among our sources is way too LOW..  

EDITOR’S NOTE: Be rest assured that, not in a Million years will your ‘tiny-brain-cells’ ever be able to establish the real ‘Identities’ of our ‘true-sources’ and not even your USELESS -BOSS, ‘Adama-Big-Belly-Barrow’ and his entire government can stop Gambians from dealing with the truth that we stand for and advocating daily on this widely read and credible Medium.
Instead of shamelessly accusing people of taking pictures of you in action and sending it to me, – Why didn’t you refute our story if indeed you are truthful? 
So you forgot all about your own utterance and deeds during our political impasse, right? If not, why are you mad with me for firing an AK47 bullets at you? Wawww… Do you know that you are my rubbish granddad as well? LOL…On a Serious note, you haven’t seen or heard anything yet granddad, by the grace of the Almighty. So best for you is to release our brothers and Watch yourself before you wreck yourself Tamba-Girro.
To conclude, once again, I’ll remain you that, the good that a man do will  SURELY follow them and so is the bad one may do in life too. Jesus Tamba, stop using my prestigious name. Please, don’t use my name to victimize your imaginary enemies.
NB: Enssa Tamba, halt all this foolishness and release these three innocent Soldiers (Our brothers), to go on about their daily lives. I swear down, if you don’t Stop Your Insanity Enssa, expect to receive tonnes and tonnes of “hell-fire missiles” from us, at Unifying Newspaper, by the grace of the Almighty .. A WORD IS SURELY ENOUGH FOR THE WISE..

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘O.R.G’

NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (unifyingradio@gmail.com)