BREAKING NEWS: Unifying Broke Another Record By CLOCKING OVER “2 MILLION HITS” In The Month Of February Alone!!!


    We are deeply humbled and indeed delighted to be sharing our monthly data collection of “HIT’S” we’ve registered on our website with all our global readership.

    It could be recalled that, we resumed our operations on the 18th – January 2017 but so far, it feels as though, we have been in the game for decades.

    In fact, some of our global audience are already convinced that , despite being considered as the newest kids in the block in some quarters,
    ” Unifying Newspaper & Radio Network” are now the leading Gambian Online ‘Media Outlet’ , thanks to the unprecedented level of traffic flowing to our website from the day we resumed our publications & Live Radio Shows.

    Thank you all for your wonderful compliments and encouraging words, full of wisdom. As a global media outlet, with a vision to make it bigger and better for our smart global audience in the very near future, your every word means and will always mean a lot to us- Be it positive or Negative, it will help us better ourselves and the services we deliver, so keep them coming. So far, so good.

    *Alhamdulillah -YOU ALL ARE AMAZINGLY GREAT* In the month of February 1St – 28th – 02-2017.. We’re thrilled to have exceeded even the wildest of our imagination by registering over “2 Million” HITS… * 2,173, 808 *.
    From the day we resumed to date, ( 41 Days Ago ) we hitting an astonishing 2 & Half Million plus ( 2,642,014) – Unbelievable but hence ‘Seeing is believing’, Right?
     I guess what the eyes can see, the eye can’t deny then…. 



    We thank each and every Visitor, Contributor, Program Presenters , Fans and our ‘Esteem Global Audience’ for your unflinching support and unconditional love.

    Highly Appreciated.

    Unifying Newspaper & Radio Network Team

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