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BREAKING NEWS: Unifying Newspaper Penetrated The Mediocre Government And Accessed A Lot Of Classified Documentations, Including The Fictitious Court Order From The Extortionists!!!


The latest news we’d received yesterday from our reliable and indeed very credible sources in within the Barrow administration; who often report to this Medium, updated us that, a meeting was secretly conducted by the ‘Tribal-Fanatics’ of the UDP; so as to look into ways and means of stealing all the properties and businesses of President Jammeh, his family and associates.

And that, the secret agenda of Darboe and his surrogates of stealing everything that belongs to ‘President Jammeh’ is now in full motion.

‘They hope to do so by banking it on the discredited Judiciary System of our country today and based it all on the pronouncement of the establishment of the So called Commission of inquiry, headed by very questionable characters to be revisited in due course’.“BE WARNED FOLKS”- You will not love one bit of our nasty surprises we also have in store for you lots and your family members and associates!! Tit for tat is a fair game, isn’t it? So Game on.


After all, is said and done, what are these bunch of ‘Robbers and Thieves’ doing now? Instead of focusing on delivering and improving our services, ain’t they still running after ‘President Jammeh’s’ wealth, with a clear intention of stealing it by using the very Constitution they openly once ridiculed and undermined?

Nonetheless, it was officially confirmed to us that yesterday, another (Task Force) team was dispatched to go and serve eviction letters to targeted residents of the AU Villa’s. We got the list of names directly involved in pulling off this SCAM but for now, we shall only expose the names of their foot soldiers and they are as follows:-)

Mr Sano
Nancy Nyang – Former Permanent Secretary
Sally Sidibeh
Jerreh Jammeh – Decided To Hide Away
Malick Mbye – Gardener 

They delivered their fake court eviction notices to almost all residents, except Mr Malick Mbye, instructing them to vacate their legal residence without any justification, so game on. The Mafia Network Of The Gambia dubbed as the “Sicilian-Mafia Team VS Patriotic Citizens Of Our Motherland”.   Whose side are you on? Your call but we at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ stand to defend the truth and nothing but the absolute, so we on the side of Mother Gambia, ever true.

Despite the fact that they claimed to be investigating the ‘Architect of the New Gambia’ so as to establish and know how he got his wealth and properties, but on what legal grounds are they issuing the eviction notices to citizens of our motherland? 
Did the FAKE ‘Commission Of Inquiry’ already conducted their investigation’s and presented their findings to the government, proving that, President Jammeh, his family and associates are legally found wanting?
If so, then the Gambian government should ensure that the report is out for public scrutiny in the interest of fairness, transparency and accountability but otherwise, please stop your nonsensical games. Is too cheap and way LOW to put it nicely.
No one will get away with manipulating our constitution here and use it as a weapon to continue the ongoing extortion of all that which belongs to us all as a Nation. The very same laws you guys are invoking will forever be pursuing each and every one of you and your entire families and associates too. 
Therefore, best to set a much better precedent for our future generations by living and let Gambians live.  Can’t say you never been told.

Stay Tuned For More Revelations, Coming Soon. In Shaa Allah.

Waa Salaam!!

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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