BREAKING NEWS: Unifying Newspaper Releases Another Monthly Progress Report…


    All thanks and praises due unto to the Almighty for giving us the will, health and strength to keep up the momentum as we make strides in the right direction by fulfilling our promise to (YOU) our SMART GLOBAL AUDIENCE.

    Despite all the obstacles we are currently facing as a medium, (Unifying Newspaper) we are so far; doing amazingly great.
    Last month (1st- 31-0f-March), we registered over 1.5 Million Hits (1,528,716) on our site, even whereas I had to take over a week off to recuperate well from my sickness.

    From the date we officially resumed our normal operations to date, (18th-January-To-31st-March) we registered a total of ‘4,247,772’ HITS on our website. Maa Shaa Allah – An Astonishing record In Just 72 days- Over 4 Million Hits…..

    Alhamdulillah – We’re deeply humbled with the ‘EVER-FLOWING’ visitors to our website on a daily basis and words will never be good enough to express our sincere appreciation – THANK YOU ALL EVER SO MUCH FOR VISITING…

    Excitingly great folks but I must admit that, due to the unprecedented level of traffic coming through our site, we are now compelled to keep increasing our bandwidths to accommodate the huge traffic-flow; which is costing us a lot more ‘unforeseen expenditures’.

    Therefore, We at “Unifying Newspaper & Radio Network” will indeed be extremely grateful for any assistance that one maybe willing to extend to our medium via our “PAYPAL -DONATE-BUTTON” so we can better equip our station and deliver much better services for our global audience.

    Do Please Donate To Unifying News & Radio Network. Thank You Ever So Much In advance.
    May Peace, Love & Unity Continues To be The Order Of Our Days, Weeks, Months, Years To Come, Until eternity..Ameeeen.

    Authored By:

    Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
    Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
    NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (