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BREAKING NEWS: Unifying Newspaper Unearth’s The Truth Regarding The Staged-Cleaning Exercise In Serrekunda!!!


If not Ignorance or for the sake of hypocrisy, who in their right frame of mind will dare to blame the “Lord Mayor (Yankuba Colley) and staffs of his municipality” for not collecting and dumping of the Garbage?

Despite the fact that his Office and staffs are tasked with the responsibility of collecting taxes and disposing of our household wastes, among many other duties but the municipality is certainly not above the central government.

I was laughing my head-off when I heard them implying that “Mayor Yankuba Colley” and his administration stand to be blamed for poor waste management – Because we all do know that, they did nothing but lied their way through to power and now, their lies are slowly but surely catching up on them. Trying Shift the blame on the APRC party is really low, to say the very least.
Therefore, we can only laugh at these fools trying to bury the irrefutable truth, regarding our accomplishments and greatness as an action orientated Party. If anything, we in the APRC are being vindicated by the foolishness and deceptive nature of some of the primitive supporters of the Failed-UDP led government of the day.
 Needless to say, members of the APRC are known for their high level of discipline and patriotism – Unlike the Failed UDP government, We don’t entertain nor indulge in playing the dirty card of tribal politics and we certainly do not lie to our electorates so as to secure their votes. Since the July 22nd Revolution took place, we as a Party do have an unquestionable reputation of delivering to the Gambians as promised, during and after every election, so nor wonder why we succeeded in developing the entire country in just 22 years of hardworking and absolute dedication. But out of greed and desperation to attain power in this country, the Failed-UDP led coalition government were not only involved in undermining the revolutionary movement of all patriots, spreading false information to the rest of the world; but they were blatantly lying to our electorates by promising them what they cannot deliver nor do they have any intention of doing so.
A typical case of their politics of lies and deception is that of the ongoing battle between the government and the residence of Bakoteh, Manjia and Kotu Communities.
It could be recalled that, during the campaign period, the so called Coalition leaders decided to tap into their emotions by promising them that, if they cast their votes for them; it will mean the very END of using their community as a dumping site.
We (Gambians) are not at all blinded to the mind games and double standards of  this failed regime in Banjul. We’re fully aware of all the closed-door meetings that took place prior to the staged cleaning exercise by the Tribal-Fanatics of the UDP.
According to our several reliable sources in within the Party and corridors of power,-The ‘staged-cleaning exercise’ was a well calculated plan of the UDP strategists, to not only seek ways of undermining the APRC party, but to also go ahead and use it as a pretext to further justify the use of ‘brutal tactics’ of forcefully suppressing the will of the affected communities of Bakoteh, Manjia and Kotu, respectively. Their secret agenda was to backtrack on their election promises and forcefully reopen the dumping site again. That was their ultimate goal and we all know it too, so why the cheap-political-stunts at KMC headquarters?

They plotted with the intention of killing two birds with one stone but it certainly backfired on them. Because everyone is now in the know that, it was all politically engineered, motivated and executed by the failed UDP fanatics.
Gambians and friends of the Gambia from all across the world are equally appalled and deeply disappointed with the level of political immaturity and indecency of some Tribal-Extremists in within the high ranks of this uselessly failed and hypocritical government in Banjul.

The indiscipline and violently extreme nature of some tribal fanatics running riots in the Gambia today is rather alarming. Many Gambians are regretting as to why they even campaigned for change, let alone to vote for such a deceptively corrupt, tribal and useless bunch of old timers.

EDITORS NOTE..Despite our political difference or affiliation, one thing we all can agree on here is that, the tribal and primitive supporters of the UDP have committed the biggest blunder in our political history as a Nation.
Not only did they committed a crime by taking the law into their own hands but demonstrated their ignorance and hypocrisy beyond all reasonable doubts. They are politically way too shallow for our liking.

We at “Unifying Newspaper” are keenly following, investigating and patiently waiting to see if those who committed crimes by illegally dumping all that garbage at KMC and all around our roads will be arrested and charged in accordance with our laws or not. Evidently, considering the health implications of their irresponsible, offensive and disgusting act of stupidity, such unacceptable radical-behaviors mustn’t go unpunished, if at all there is what we call “equal rights and Justice” in the Gambia today.

If indeed they are supposedly a democratic government as often claimed; and that, there is law and order in the Gambia, then surely, ‘A rule for one should be the Rule for all’.

But giving the state of lawlessness this failed government plunged our country into, we’re now witnessing an era of which, our most cherished peace and stability we were globally known for is rapidly becoming a very distant memory under this failed-criminal regime. As it stance, even the European Union and the rest of the international community are disgusted and deeply disappointed with the corrupt, clueless, reckless,immature and USELESS nature of ‘Adama Barrow’ and his failed regime in Banjul. 
They failed their own supporters, Gambians and the rest of the world – Therefore, Adama Barrow and his entire cabinet should do the most honorable thing now and simply RESIGN before being forced by the people to do so in utter shame and disgrace.
They should bear in mind that, Gambia is for Gambians (The future generation), and not for any of this failed coalition leaders. You all messed up and we (Gambians) deserve much better than what you all can ever deliver in the span of your lives.

Adama Barrow and his entire administration have lost the support of even their one time supporters at this hour. To Put it nicely, they are simply good for nothing and they know it too. Therefore, shifting the blame will not stick nor will it wash with us because Gambians are not at all dumb nor stupid to not know where the truth lies, regarding your cheap-silly-little mind games.

In the eyes of the overwhelming majority of genuine patriots and that of the rest of the world, Adama Bulleh Barry and his failed, corrupt and tribalistic government have lost all legitimacy to rule. They’re nothing but bunch of greedy, inexperienced, incompetent and outdated so called politicians. We cannot allow them to ruin the future of our generations yet born.

Time for them to go in peace or be force to do so, hence power belongs to the Gambians. Enough Is Enough.
Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK.

Chief-Editor Of “Unifying Newspaper”
Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘O.R.G’