BREAKING NEWS: – Unifying Warns & Gives An Ultimatum For ‘Mai Fatty’ To Apologize To The Minors He Illegally Ordered For Their Arrest & Subsequent Prosecution


    It is now crystal clear for all to see to it that, Instead of owning up to his own act of ignorance based on his primitive and shallow ways of thinking, the spiteful and Illegitimate so called “Interior Minister” is now out to water down the blatant Violation Of The Rights Of The Minors he ordered for their arrest and subsequent prosecution but refused to apologize as expected of any decent human being of conscience. So do please excuse me folks – Let me deal with him directly, in response to his foolishness and impudent attitude of late.

    Maimuna Fatty-After all the ordeal (JAIDOLLEH-ABUSE OF POWER) you inflicted on these Innocent villagers (young girls  and their respective families) of Kanfenda – Should you (Maimuna Fatty) expect to resolve it by simply organizing a close door meeting with elders of Foni, in Brikama and utter your gibberish?

    Were you thinking of your own utterance during the meeting in the first place? Why were you distancing yourself from your own illegal orders to arrest those VICTIMS instead of going after the Perpetrators of the very charges you now instructing your ‘IGP’ to drop?

    Notwithstanding, we at “Unifying Newspaper” are somehow delighted with the news that ‘Adama Barrow’ have instructed you to go and seek ways of resolving the MESS you deliberately created in ‘Foni’ in the name of his Government but the fact that, ‘you fall short of publicly apologizing to this young VICTIMS of your arrogance goes to further expose your inability to effectively serve us as Minister Of Interior. 

    Evidently, you were left with no another option but to go down on your Knees and started begging secretly for FORGIVENESS from those  you VIOLATED and then went on to put on a show by organizing a meeting in Brikama but in truth, is that all good enough to remedy the situation?
    Mai Fatty, stop acting stupid and do the right thing. Stop insulting our intelligence as a Nation. You know what your thoughts and instructions were so do not try to play it smart here by making such ridiculous statements as if you talking to fools like yourself.

    Speaking at the meeting with traditional leaders across the West Coast Region in Brikama, Maimuna Fatty said this:

    “This government is here for all Gambians, and it will neither discriminate anyone nor will it do anything that runs counter to the rule of law. Whatever we do, it will be within the ambit of the law. That’s what President Barrow told me to tell you.”

    Although it is too little, too late but the Message From Your President ( Adama Barrow) is acknowledged and well received by all and sundry. However, we will give ‘Adama Barrow’ the benefit of the doubt here; hence you claimed that, is what he told you to say to us – Good on him – But do please remember that, we all do know that you’re personally being deceptive nor do you represent or belief a word he told you, if indeed he sent you out to deliver that message to our elders.

    And for you to add this in extending his message is nothing less than condescending- You said :

    (“And so let no one mislead you by telling you the government is anti-Jola – The IGP is here and I have tasked him to ensure that your right to freedom of association and to support whatever party be upheld.”)..

    Mai Fatty – Do We Have To Tell You That You Are Lying? Do I Have To Remind You Of Your Primitive Ways Of Reasoning And Tribalistic Nature? How About Your Arrogance, Lies, Deception & Criminality Since You assumed Power?


    Let it be known to all and sundry that, the seat of “Presidency and the concept behind any Democratic System Of Government’ of any nation is and MUST be entirely based on the fundamental principles of the equality of all citizenry – So a government of any nation that fails to upheld this basic principles cannot be deemed as a Democratic Government.

    Therefore, our motherland is no exception and if you now want to convince us that you are a government that aspires to respect the fundamental rights of all citizens, why discriminating against the Jollas and other tribes, including that of your own Coalition-Leaders & Supporters alike?

    A government shouldn’t be for a single tribe, Party or family in our motherland but for one and all. So your bullying tactics and the retributive thoughts you wanted to Instill in our interrelated society will not be tolerated. Gambians will never sit by and watch you play your tribal politics just to be seen as the BRAVE and tough one by singling out the Jollas (Indigenous People Of Sene-Gambia) and mistreat them because of the personal grudges you’ve harbored against our Leader (President Jammeh – The Architecture Of The New Gambian- Bali-Mansa).

    Mai Fatty, you said that all Gambians were equal before the law and that such will be promoted by the government, right? And that, ‘It is God who decides over a matter, and this is what he has decided-Really?  You also went on to reveal that, the Kanfenda issue had been resolved and that you had asked the Inspector General of Police to drop charges against those undergoing trial? DID WE HEARD YOU SAY THAT *THOSE UNDERGOING TRIAL* ? Hmmmm – So you knew it all along but decided to prove a point by leaving those Minors to suffer behind bars for weeks, until you feel contend with yourself and then you now ordering for their release? Cool.
    Nevertheless, Giving our unique abilities of surgically scrutinizing your Criminal mind – You attempted to hide behind the police officers by saying this:  “It was not a matter of discrimination and the police didn’t do anything in bad faith,”…….

    Mai Fatty – Who gave them the orders to around up our families and transport them distance away to Mile2 and other police stations around the country?

    Mai Fatty, If it was NOT a matter of ‘TRIBAL-DISCRIMINATION’, then what exactly was it?

    If the police acted in ‘GOOD FAITH’ as you shamelessly stated, why are you now telling them to drop all the charges?  

    If indeed your Government respects the fact that we all are equal under the law of our motherland, why did you illegally ordered for the arrest of innocent Minors in the first place?
    See, the truth is, unless and until you all humble yourselves before us as your masters (The Electorates Of Our Country) in any true democratic society and treat every single citizen of our motherland equally – Nothing will ever change nor shall we prosper as people of one nation.
    So many rules are already being broken and so does the confidence and TRUST we once bestowed upon you all as our alternative FUTURE Once; but not anymore because we (Gambians) all do now know that you guys have nothing in store for us but packages of  “Lies and deception”…And none is bold enough to speak of the TRUTH for once in your lives and if one dares, he will become the Villain in a heart beat.
    Despite his deceitful ways, let’s never forget that it was the same  Mai Fatty who openly LIE to the world with intend to deceive them by “Falsely Accusing” President Jammeh of stealing $11Million while in Senegal – Then came back under the escort of their “God-Father” (Macky Sall – The Hypocrite & Silent Killer) only to Kidnap the Young Minors of Kanfenda just because they are from the tribe with the former president.

    If any Minister of Interior violates the rights of Minors like Mai Fatty did in any civilized society just because he/or she is a Minister, –  They’ll undoubtedly be stripped of that title and official duties but Mai Fatty is still serving and reluctantly refusing to acknowledged his own blunders, let alone to apologize to the victims of his ignorance as the ‘square peg in the round hole’ that he now proved to be.
    But like I said(In My ‘Mass Sensitization Program – 14-03-2017’), if he did not apologize to us and remove all the ‘Senegalese Soldiers’ in the Noble Land of my ancestors, he (MAI FATTY) will live to regret his blatant act of provocation based on his levels of ignorance and impudent nature, by the grace of The Almighty.

    Mai Fatty, do please safe yourself from the wrath of our Creator by doing the right thing and stop being arrogant and full of pride –  Get off your high-horse and come down to earth and deal with us on an acceptable level of total humility. Will you humble yourself by apologizing and removing those malnourished thieves out of our land? REPPANGAA DEH Maimuna Fatty. Hmmmm… NGAATA DOORUNG – KURROBEA-SeneYallaleh Attae Maella…InShaa Allah

    The ball is now in your court-Your Call still and do remember that, time is ticking away so it  ain’t waiting on you mate. A word is surely enough for the wise.


    Authored By:

    Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
    Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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