News reaching us at our Desk-News at the moment is very disturbing to say the least. As I pen this story,  selection of men from ‘Yundum barracks’ was ongoing.

They are taking lists of soldiers who are just told that they are been selected to be part of a border patrol team, even whereas, we all do know that is one of their tricks to get our brothers close to the Cassamance Border so they can be fooled to lead the Senegalese Soldiers into the Jungle Of Cassamance as the lambs to be first Sacrificed.

Speaking to two of our impeccable sources in within the Military today, they all vented their anger and frustration of seeing their Commanders lying to them in their faces, knowingly, we are fully aware of the fact that, they’re trying to prepare us (Gambian-Soldiers) for a possible attack in Cassamance.

And yet, they’re thinking that, we are fools to be fooled into a battlefield with the ‘Liberation Movement’ in Cassamance but no chance my brother because we have nothing to do with the Senegalese agenda of fighting to annex another land in the south, said our source.


 When questioned about the position and stance of our commanders in within high ranks of our Armed Forces? He replied by saying this: “They all are afraid to come out clean as to why they are making this kind of selection without telling us (Soldiers) the truth.

They were even lying to that, those of us being selected will become the new STATE GUARDS, which we all know is also another calculated lie they are telling us just to deceive us but just wait and see”. When we contacted our sources in both Farrafenni & Fajara Barracks to enquirer as to whether there is any ongoing selections at their camp at the moment? This is what one of them responded to our inquiries:- “This selection is also going on here and other barracks as i am sending this message to you.

They are excluding former state guard soldiers in this selection process. A lot of the soldiers are complaining and stressing that, if the selection is about Cassamance, they will rather die but will never participate in it”.
One of our agents in Yundum Barrack is also among the selected men and he reliably informed us of the many different half-baked stories they cooked up just to fool our brothers into action in Cassamance. They are now being told that, they 
(Soldiers ) are going to Younorr , which is not in within our Gambian Territory but that of Cassamance, said our source.

Sait Njie – The Camp-Commander Of Yundum Is Reported To Be Leading Our Men To Join The Senegalese Soldiers

However, just before we finished piecing together this breaking news, “Unifying Newspaper” is again being contacted by one of our Soldiers, who also reliably informed us that, the Camp Commander (Sait Njie) has finished briefing our brother in uniform. What he told us is that, we are heading out to Bwiam to join the Senegalese soldiers there and then proceed to Younorr but we all suspected that, it is just another ploy to drag us into an all out war with the Cassamance Liberation Movement. Something that your Medium have been reporting for a long time now but everything you ever said is true.
They want to use us as their ‘FIRST LAMBS TO BE SLAUGHTERED’ but they will regret for taking our love, obedience and kindness as a weakness. We will refuse to obey any illegal orders coming from the top by all means necessary so do please stay tuned and monitor the situation as they unfold here on the ground.
Trust me my brother, We will rather fight against the Senegalese forces than to fight for them in Cassamance. That I can tell you my brother so mark my words. We left the camp now with two platoons and the camp commander ‘Sait Njie’ with a military police escort lead by one ‘Capt Ngum’. We are heading to Bwiam but we’ll keep your posted so you can accurately report to the world of happens here in the Gambia. Thank you brother for always speaking the truth to Gambians.
EDITOR’S NOTE: After selling out our sovereignty to Macky Sall of Senegal and the humiliation our brothers and sisters in Uniform, it is now obvious for all to see to it that, this failed ( FANGKUNG-FANGKUNG COALITION) government are clearly hellbent on sacrificing our own flesh and blood just to please their PUPPET-MASTER and the entire Senegalese authorities who help to impose them on us all as a Nation.

If anyone was still living in denial with our revelation that, there is a Secret ‘BLUE-PRINT’ that was signed between the Failed government in Banjul and their Masters in Senegal, then think again folks. Why is it that, the Senegalese soldiers have been gallivanting around in the Foni’s for time now without entering the Cassamance terrorizes?

Evidently, the Senegalese Soldiers are scared to death and dare not enter the jungle but will love to play it SMART with us; so that, our brothers can lead and die first before they get killed in an ‘UNPROVOKED-WAR’ that they are planning to start in Cassamance. Gambians, Should we allow this Deluded Old Pa’s government to drag us into a war that we knew nothing about? 
If at all we Patriots and do sincerely love ourselves, country and all her citizens, then we MUST come together in unison and put a STOP to all the madness of this (FANG-KUNG-FANGKUNG COALITION) corrupt and failed Government in Banjul. The Sooner we eject them and their outdated policies out of our government offices, the better it will prove to be for you, me and even for that of our future generations. 
We Need No War In Our Senegambian Nation and If they Dare To Start An Unprovoked War In Our Region, Then We Should Also Ensure That They Are Out Of Power By Hook Or By Crook…Time To Put Aside Our Political Differences And Face Harsh Reality, Confronting Us Today As People Of Our Small But Great Nation. 
To conclude, I will again urge the authorities in Banjul to refrain from recklessly forcing our brothers into such a DEAD-TRAP just to attain their political agenda. They never joined our Military to be used by other Nations without any justification, whatsoever. Doing so will NOT only be deter-mental to our society but will ultimately be the cause of your downfall as government as well because you will undoubtedly be targeted and hunted down if all ‘hell-breaks’ loose in our region.
Hmmm….For the records, You guys will never say that you were not being warn of the potential dangers that lies ahead or being told in advance. 

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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