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BREAKING NEWS: Was Fatou Camara (The Husband Snatcher) Appointed As The New Vice President Of The Gambia???


The news and picture of the husband snatcher (Fatou Camara) with the Accidental President of The Gambia caused a serious storm, after it was widely rumored that she was being groomed to fill the vacancy of vice presidency.
It could be recalled that, Fatou -Ayee Gaff-Camara publicly lied again by insinuating that, she was been sidelined since they collectively conspired to RIG the election with the help of the EU, ECOWAS & The Independent Electoral Commission.
Many fell for it at the time because she was again playing her usual ‘VICTIM-CARD’ just to get their attention before going for the Kill, but we at “Unifying Newspaper” were playing the role of a spectator in her new premeditated script of her latest drama. 

But knowing her  manipulative skills, deceptive ways and compulsive lying nature, I was the very least convinced of her utterance because my instincts were telling me that, she was only out to play the game of Chances by using another medium, different from her own to pull off her calculated stunts.

My instincts were spot on again because after all is said and done, where is Fatou Camara today folks? Didn’t we all woke up one morning and received the news that Fatou Camara is gallivanting in Dakar, larking in the dark and patiently waiting to strike again?

Where did she struck and went for the Kill ? Though it was NOT in The Gambia but She’d successfully strike on her target (Adama Barrow) in Sierra Leone, right?

The fact that this Tribal and Failed Government in Banjul decided to once again, keep his useless trips a secret – Adama Barrow’s meeting with one of The Gambia’s biggest hypocrites and cheapest liar somewhere in West Africa was the least anticipated by many and thus beg the question as to whether ‘Fatou Mbarankat Camara’ Was the main reason why Barrow flew out of the Country without notifying Gambians of his trip again or was she desperately chasing after him like she is well known for doing throughout her entire life? Will the Press Secretary or Information Minister shed light on it this particular question, on the lips of many Gambians both home and abroad. 
We can relate to the wild rumors flying around in town that, she is likely to be appointed as the new Vice-President hence we now have a blind man leading a crumbling kingdom so the one eye will be very useful  – It is now an open secret to all Gambians that, this failed administration are incompetent , ideologically bankrupt and out of touch with reality, so do please expect the expected folks- Including their sudden downfall because Gambians already have enough of their corruption, misplaced priorities, tribal discrimination and insanity.Remember that we’d published an article in which, we authoritatively reported that we did lay our hands on a list of DIASPORA-Job-Hunters and that Fatou Camara topped the list?
Ok – So enjoy the unfolding drama folks – Although her latest script was brilliantly executed (From America -To-Senegal-To-Sierra-Leone), but her moves only goes to expose her level of desperation, greed and selfishness so don’t be even surprise to hear that she is now dating Adama Barrow… Or Adama Barrow did make advances on her but she refused lol…Remember all that she use to say back in her days, when she was finally busted on her tracks by her father and she flee to the US? What a celebrated liar!

In as much as one may dismiss such notions, (giving her dirty past) but do not rule her out entire because who knows? Barrow is the weakest man there is and as we already know of Fatou’s sweet-talking skills – She may have aroused Adma Barrow’s panties by telling him that I AM ALL YOURS MR PRESIDENT – LOL… Do you remember those lines Fatou? Hahahahah.

I bet you will be thinking as to who told me that but remember you use to change men like you do with your nickers so you really can’t tell because they are countless men my dear but I am sure that those lines will ring alarm bells in your head still.

In fact, I will start compiling the list of people I know for you, to be made public after you secured your appointment as a welcoming present in your successful job-hunting expedition..

Interesting time ahead of folks. But I must add that, I was really shocked to see her in such an out-dated fashion, considering the fact that she flew all the from Atlanta -USA. Even villagers will not dress up like that to go and meet with a elder let alone your supposed President. You were a total MESS in that picture – Out of Shape and Fashion  so Unifying will give you 3 out of 10…

On a final note, I will take this opportunity to answer questions that many were personally calling, messaging and asking me if it is true that ‘Fatou Narcissistic Camara’ was officially appointed as VP – MY ANS: “What is evident for now is that, she’d finally met Barrow outside The Gambia and I guess you all do know why, right? She is still afraid to enter the Gambia because is still hunted by her own work of inequity (her prime) back in the days.

She immensely contributed to the downfall of many of her fellow citizens just because of her packages of lies and deceptive ways. She is a very, very jealous and hateful of any successful being and will stop at nothing to bring them down, if she can figure out a way of doing so.

Even to the extend of prostituting herself (She was using her body to gain favors from men in charge); so that she can go on to further scam and victimize her fictitious enemies in town. Needless-To-say, Fatou Camara is such a deadly character that I certainly will forever keep distance away from and those who are wise will take all repercussions in dealing with her and her elks.  

Many of her victims are only praying for her return and she is aware of her own actions so only a personal reassurance of her protection and an appointment by this Failed government is all she is currently gambling and banking on because she have nothing left for her to do, or is there? However, there is yet NO official announcement regarding her appointment at GRTS or STATE-HOUSE but do not be surprise hence a ‘DOPEY-DUDE’ is running the show in Banjul today.   
NB: We all should give credit to Fatou Camara for embarking on her outstanding job-hunting adventure – Although her latest script was brilliantly executed (From America -To-Senegal & Then To -Sierra-Leone), but is really the shallowest of all OPPORTUNISTIC moves I’ve ever seen in my entire life yet, so well done.
So let’s enjoy the movie and take it as it comes because after all, this Incompetent and dying regime is only living on a borrowed time. Have A Wonderful Weekend Folks.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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