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BREAKING NEWS:- We (Unifying Newspaper) Are Back Up And Running Again, After Winning The ‘Cyber Warfare’ Waged Against This Medium By The Failed Regime!!!


‘The harder the battle is, the sweeter the victory’ folks, so be steadfast and let’s never relent nor succumb to bullies and certified Criminals who highjacked the affairs of our motherland today and want to keep us all muted.. It’s Time Of Revelation And Time Has Already Revealed A Lot And Lot More To Come, by the grace of the Almighty.

It has been seen long time coming because right from the moment we upgraded our site and resumed our normal publications, we started experience OVERWHELMINGLY shocking “Cyber attacks” on our website and when our team of experts looked into it, they discovered that, a group/team of hackers from supposedly different nation’s are constantly knocking both doors, Windows and even the walls just to have access to our root server, DNS or Administrative area. 

But thanks to our outstanding team of specialists, so far, they couldn’t penetrate our defence mechanisms and directly have access  to our data, and destroy it as intended.. Alhamdulillah – All their desperate attempts to hack into our website, with intent to bring it down, proofed furtile. And as you all can see, everything is in tact, so we can easily takeoff from where we leftoff a month ago. Who Allah SWT blessed, No one can curse-Unifying Is Again Rising From The Dust. 

Although we got a lot more catching up to do but be rest assured that, we (Unifying Newspaper) will also be revisiting all the events that took place (On a case by case basis) while we were caught off guard, by the grace of The Almighty. And as usual, the truth which they were and are still desperately concealing daily will be revealed here at unifying Newspaper- No stone will be left unturned, if Allah SWT Wills. 

Despite its down sides, I think after registering more than “6 million Hits” in just five months, is not at all bad to have been down and out for four weeks because it also happened right at the beginning of the Holy-Month of Ramadan to the very end. Hmmm! Why? I guess it was and is indeed a blessings in disguise but Allah SWT knows Best!! 

To conclude, I and the entire team of “Unifying Newspaper” will like to sieze this perfect opportunity to extend our special thanks to the entire “Executive Members” of the *Diaspora Patriotic Citizens* for their unflinching love and support and to all donors alike.Thank you Chairman & Chairlady and all Members of the “Diaspora Patriotic Citizens” Forum!

Once again, to all our Smart-Global Audience, we welcome you all to your favourite Online Newspaper! Authenticity and credibility is what we are all about here; so stay tuned for more news articles and our weekly live shows, as of now onwards.  Thank you all for your unconditional love and support!! Highly appreciated with absolute humility.

#WeAreBack -#GoodOverEvil


Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia