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BREAKING NEWS: What Is Going On In Gamtel???


A Concern Citizen (Name Withheld For Obvious Reasons) Wrote To The Editor Of This Paper Regarding A Shady Dealings Going On In Gamtel, So Please Read On…

Please publish the below information ;

The most important parastatal of the Republic of the Gambia known as Gamtel is facing unjustifiable condition.

The gateway of Gamtel belongs to Gambia only and there is no reason or right for it to be privatized to foreign body or to give share neither percentage to any foreign body.

The gateway belong only to Gamtel and Gamtel is owned by the government of Republic of the Gambia.

The rumors that three of the foreign companies known as Quell, Africel and Comium, are trying to corrupt some government authorities of Barrow’s regime in order for these aforementioned foreign companies to take control of 90% shares which will be 100% losses to Gamtel and the entire Gambia.

These are foreign companies they have no right to take or own even 1% share from Gamtel.

If this happen, Barrow’s government will face the consequences and all his government members will be held responsible for such an economic crime in the next government to come.

All eyes are on Gamtel waiting to see whether such corrupt act of government will happen.

If it happen, Gambians will reject Barrow’s government and comes to the streets to protest against such corrupt act of government.

Authored By

Concern Citizen