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BREAKING NEWS: What Was The Outcome Of The Second Cabinet Meeting Presided Over By Adama Barrow???


Although it will be extremely hard for one to imagine it ever happening, let alone to believe in the revelation we intent to share with you all but as always, we are here to reveal the truth which they are desperately hiding from us. Nor wonder why they are panicking since we re-emerged and resumed our publication.

For a start, We at “Unifying Newspaper” are here by challenging ‘Adama Barrow and his entire Cabinet members’ to come out clean and tell us (Gambians) exactly what transpired during the second-Cabinet-Meeting?
We are challenging and asking this specific question because of the credible information we received time ago but thought to wait and see if anything will be said or done about it. A follow up investigations was also carried out and our findings became more and more convincing that, something terrible did happened during the meeting, but the government is keeping it all a ‘TOP-SECRET’ from the general public. 

However, the information we received cannot be dismissed nor be ignored due to the severity of its nature; because is a gross-misconduct to say the very least. So we thought to share it you and together, we can connect the missing gig-saw puzzle still.
According our very impeccable source in within the Cabinet of the Failed-Tribal regime, an accident occurred that shocked everyone, and no one seems to have reported it on any of our media houses nor did Adama Barrow took any action to immediately arrest the escalating tension; brewing in the very heart of his failed administration.

He reliably informed this medium that, during their second cabinet meeting held before Eid, the question was raised by ‘Lawyer Darboe’ as to who gave orders for the shooting of Haruna Jatta? But that question did not settled down well with “Mai Fatty”.
He went on to further revealed that, during their heated debate regarding the Murder of Haruna Jatta’s, the Illegitimate Minister Of Interior (Mai Fatty) lost it and went physical on Lawyer Darboe.
“It was alleged that, he “SLAPPED” Lawyer Darboe and he dropped on the table. Allegedly, it happened right in front of Adama Barrow as he was the one chairing/presiding over the meeting. But once Mai Fatty went physical on Darboe, he called off the meeting and ensured that, Darboe was rushed to Banjul (EFSTH) for Medical Check-up”.
According to our reliable source, it was very serious given the size of the Victim – They were panicking to the point of rushing him all the way to Dakar, for further assessment because of the fears of losing his eardrum. But is still kept a secret, he concluded.   
 So the questions we should all be asking here I guess is as follows:-Why Is Adama Barrow Not Saying Or Doing Anything About His Violent Misconduct?
Understandably, Mai Fatty is currently flying on his high horse as he became drunken and deluded because of the illusion of been in power but how dare he go physical on an old man like Lawyer Darboe?
I am aware and certain of his (Mai Fatty) inner desires of undermining his leadership as they both aspiring and targeting the same seat of Power but Mai Fatty must be dealt with, if indeed he’d actually committed such a crime, while serving as a Cabinet Member.
EDITOR’S NOTE: In fact, Why was Mai Fatty NOT arrested if indeed he physically assaulted Lawyer Darboe in the first place? Hmmm…Remember  folks – I repeatedly warned you all of these Wicked and Dubious Character called Mai Fatty. And I also warned of his Double-Standards and role in aiding and abetting Senegal with their secret agenda of Annexing our motherland?
Since he fraudulently assumed the position of Minister of Interior, his conduct is despicably vile and many Gambians are turned off and deserting their Failed government because him anyways – So they Must be dealt with, if Gambians are to regain back our lost glory as a Nation. 

Stay Tuned.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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