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BREAKING NEWS: What Was The Secret Mission Of The Accidental So-Called President Of The Gambia To Congo-Brazzaville??


Days ago, Many Gambians woke up to the shocking news that, Adama Bulleh Barrow is out of the country and on his way to a destination that was initially kept as a ‘TOP-STATE-SECRET’ at the time; until his cover was blown off by very reliable sources who were equally determined to keep us all informed of all the Nefarious dealings of this FAILED-UDP-LED Government in Banjul.

To the surprise of many of their (SCATTERED-COALITION) supporters, it later became clear to all that, Adama Barrow was actually heading to Congo Brazzaville to visit (Denis Sassou Nguesso) no other than one of the longest serving dictators in Africa today.  Although many took to social media platforms to express their shocking disappointment and outrage because of the blatant ‘HYPOCRISY & DOUBLE-STANDARDS’ of this failed regime, but what none did not elaborated on was missing jigsaw puzzle and that is what we embarked on investigating by asking the tough questions and dig deep to get to the bottom of it all.

Here are the critical questions we were seeking answers to folks – And If you can answer them truthfully, then you will not hesitate to draw the same conclusion that, President Jammeh Is Far Much More Honest And Loyal To Gambians Than This Bunch Of “Rubbers And Thieves”, Masquerading As Democrats Will Ever Be…

First and foremost, do please ask yourselves this questions as to why is Adama Barrow travelling to Congo Brazzaville and who is the President of that country in the first place?

Secondly, What connections do we as a nation have with Congo Brazzaville to warrant Adama Barrow to visit their President?

Thirdly, Why is Adama Barrow running around visiting FRENCH Colonies and NOT any of our Anglophone Countries; such as Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana etc – ECOWAS Nation’s that HYPOCRITICALLY helped to instill the ‘Tribal, Corrupt and Failed’ Government he is leading today?

Finally, What exactly was his Secret Mission there; hence it was all initially intended to be kept as a secret trip before their cover was blown off by impeccable sources on the ground? 

For those who can honestly answer the aforementioned questions will undoubtedly draw the same conclusions.

Based on reliable inside sources, our findings during our private investigations reveals that, ‘Adama Barrow was hooked up by Macky Sall to go and run some errands for themselves in Congo Brazzaville and is far from what they both were uttering from their mouths for the Camera’s. 
In fact, we at “Unifying Newspaper” got the information prior to his departure that, he intend to capitalize on using the privilege of the ‘Office of President’ to diving into all sorts (Nefarious Dealings) just to maximize his financial gains at this hour.
We rather give them the benefit of the doubt for now but could it have been true, regarding another information sent to us here at Unifying Newspaper; insinuating that, he trip was to do with their secret ‘Diamond Dealing’ adventure?? Your guess is as good as mind folks so Food for thought. 
Ironically, Adama Barrow publicly stated during his that, he was there to learn from his brother ( Denis Sassou Nguesso) as to how he can or should run our motherland and yet, his administration are currently doing everything under the sun, lying to their teeth, just to demonize our Able Commander-In-Chief.. What a shame.
But hang on a minute, how can this Corrupt and Failed government justify the “dining and winning with someone who was linked to the Assassination of ‘President Ngouabi in 1977’ and was also responsible for orchestrating another Civil War in his country, resulting to the lost of countless innocent lives just to become the President Congo-Brazzaville?

To conclude, I can and will confidently assert that, in the eyes of rationally thinking being’s, President Jammeh is indeed an ‘Angel’ compared to the men (Macky Sall & Denis Sassou Nguesso) Adama Barrow is running after and kissing up to them daily. 
On one hand, they want to make us (Gambians) believe that, the Architect of The New Gambia (Babili-Mansa) is not a good man but on the other hand, they are busy; ‘hanging out with people who committed heinous crimes against humanity just because of their selfishness and greed’. That is the height of hypocrisy… 

I often wonder as to who are they thinking that they fooling by contradicting themselves in every step of the way? What an Irony! 
On a personal level, I want ‘BARROW-MU- MACKY’ to know that, he and his boss can only fool his blind loyalists but certainly not those of us using our Seventh Senses to read between the lines and connect the dots-Not even when we are sleeping, let alone when our eyes are wide open. No Chance-No day mate.
The Inconsistencies and double standards of this Corrupt, Tribal and Failed Government is now plain for all to see….

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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