It is evident that since the installation of the UDP led Coalition Government in The Gambia, There has been a catalog of events that are of great concern and the above-mentioned Organizations must observe and investigate these concerns immediately.


We will list here our reasons for this statement and hopefully, it will give you a starting point. And if any further information is required, We will be more than willing to help.It could be recalled that a “Joint Declaration by the Economic Community of West African States, the African Union and the United Nations on the Political Situation of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia” was signed and countersigned by the aforementioned organizations that affected the relinquishment of Power from H.E. President Jammeh’s APRC led Government to the Coalition Government in the Gambia.

However, since his departure (H.E. President Jammeh), The Coalition government have engaged in mass abuses ranging from tribalism, nepotism, false imprisonment, extortion to theft and inciting tribal violence.

They (The Gambia’s Coalition Government) have also broken every condition of agreement as stipulated in the Signed document prior to H.E. President Jammeh’s departure from Banjul. We are deeply concerned that The government of the Gambia is consciously pushing an agenda that could lead to a DANGEROUS TRIBAL CONFRONTATION.

The Jola Tribe, in particular, are subject to mass arrests examples of which are the abduction of pre-teenage children, infants as young as one year old and their lactating mothers who are left to lay on the solid concrete floors in mucky police stations. Other such abuses include the interior minister Mai (Maimuna) Fatty calling a meeting in a Jola village only to tell them that his tribe (The Mandinka) are more than that of any other tribe in the Gambia and so if there is any tribal confrontation in The Gambia, his tribe will win.

This triggered criticism from all quotas of societies towards the government but it all fell on deaf ears of this Far-right-Tribal Fanatics and extremists.  Also the premeditated shooting of Gambian soldiers who were been shot and severely wounded by Senegalese Soldiers at Kanilai Village, the home of President Jammeh.

After the shooting of our Soldiers, the Government of Gambia issued and downplayed the incident in a statement via the Interior Minister (Maimuna Fatty) who shamelessly dismissed the shooting of Gambian Military Personnel as a ‘minor incident’.

That wasn’t enough, it was later followed by shooting of peaceful protesters of Kanilia with live rounds by the supposed (The Invading Forces Of Senegalese) ECOMIG peace-keeping forces. As a result of their barbarity on that fateful day, Haruna Jatta lost his life after being shot in his stomach by the Senegalese forces.Despite the fact that the Minister of Interior (Maimuna Fatty) wasn’t in the country at the time, he flew back on a specially chartered plane only to appear before the Camera’s and blatantly lied by accusing the peaceful protesters to arming themselves with traditional weapons, even whereas the entire world can attest to the fact that the protesters were as peaceful the word itself. 

Nonetheless, Mai Fatty nor the Police Spokesperson (Foday Conta) who also went to the extreme lengths of fabricating the most outrageous lie that, ‘the protesters can be seen in a video holding Machetts’, when all we know to be the absolute truth is, they were holding placards and wrote their legitimate demands on papers.

But over time,  it became a general consensus across the country is that the Failed tribalized government in Banjul sadly developed a consistent pattern of openly telling little lies to the general public, which eroded our confidence in their credibility and sincerity to say the very least.

We are at ease to be living with the notion that we’ve warned our fellow country men and women about what is to come in the nearest feature. This is the point of this article in the first place. We wrote a “masterpiece plan” AKA “BLUEPRINT” of the Macky Sall Government in Senegal acting in cohort with the Adama (Bullel Barry) Barrow’s UDP Led Coalition in Gambia as to what the real agenda is.

This was based on our adverse knowledge of worldwide politics and our (meaning we @ UNIFYING WORLDWIDE SYSTEMS) experience and expertise in global affairs and how policies are crafted across diverse sectors of respective global societies come about. So we’re no ‘political prunes’, unlike these primitively backward so called politicians in Banjul.

We are aware that the Corrupt & Tribal Government of The Gambia were working and are now embarking on a project to initiate some sort of a “Peace & Reconciliation Committee “Platform” in terms of what has transpired in the Gambia since H.E. President Jammeh came to power – But what many Gambians are now questioning is that, why are victims of their own failed government and that of the first republic not given any consideration?

Although we welcome the IDEA of it “(TRC)” but the way in which it is being orchestrated is what is in question here! We are concerned because many are deeply convinced that the whole scheme is a hoax and massive con trick. The point is, we (Gambians) believe they’re acting with intent to amass funds from global institutions like World Bank, African Development Bank, United Nations Development Bank, UNICEF etc by means of fraud.

The pronouncement of the “con-trick” is to lure the afore-mentioned institutions to cash into the scheme only to end up with a void end game i.e. Selective Justice based on their tribal discriminatory policies currently on public display. Otherwise, they would’ve not treated victims of our motherland any different than the other.

If indeed they were to genuinely engage Gambians with the clear objective of bringing about Truth and National Reconciliation, then they should surely start with the most recent cold-blooded murder of an innocent protester (Haruna Jatta) in Kanilia. Although the Gambian authorities claimed to have opened an investigation into the case; but the truth remains the same, the killers of Haruna Jatta are still roaming our streets and the Government is yet to even extend their condolence to the family of the deceased, let alone to visit and express their sympathy and regret.

Considering our proud historical heritages as the indigenous people of our ancestorial land, We at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ are in no position to be hoodwinked by some herd of “Stone Age Old Analog Novice Ethno-Linguistic Folks” from the “DEFUNCT” Shongai Empire, and our 7 million plus hits since we started operation on our new “Digital Age Website” back in January proves the level of substance and juice in what we educate and put forward and disseminate for the common good of all Senegambians at large.

We shall be looking into the individual characters posing as the supposed commission because the truth is, many are already spared from any form of questioning or detention by this tribal regime because of their ethnicity, and yet, their colleagues are illegally incarcerated for months without any justification nor tangible evidence to do so.

Less we forgot that many more people died under the former government of the P.P.P regime than that of President Jammeh, and their families are still waiting for justice since 1981 to date. Therefore, it will only make sense for a start, if Victims of 1981 are equally given the exact opportunity and attention they deserve if at all we are to truly reconcile our self-inflicted wounds as a People of one Nation.

Failure of which, this entire “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”  currently instituted by this Tribalised government will rightly be deemed by the Gambians as nothing other than what it seems to be representing-A  TRIBAL – RETRIBUTIVE – COMMISSION…


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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