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Editorial-Gambia: Thank You Ya Allah SWT For Blessing Us With Such An Amazingly Noble And Divine Soul…..She Is Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten!!!


On This Special Occasion Of The ’40 Days Charity’ Of My Beloved Darling/Grandma, I Thought To Share Some Of The Verses From The Book Of Perfection-The Holy Quran, With Intent To Remind Ourselves Of The “Oneness And Greatness” Of Our Lord And Irrefutable Truth Of Our Temporarily Journey Of Life, On Planet Earth.

“We record that which they have done, as well as their traces – and We have enumerated everything in a clear book.” Al-Qur’an 36:12
‘O you who believe! Revere Allah, and let every person look to what he has sent forth for the morrow; and revere Allah. Allah is well aware of what you do! And be not like those who forget (disobey) Allah, and He caused them to forget themselves. Those are disobedient. Not equal are the dwellers of the Fire and the dwellers of Jannah. It is the dwellers of Jannah that will be successful.’ Al-Qur’an 59:18-20
Oh Allah SWT! You Are Indeed The Most Forgiving And You Love Forgiveness, So Please Grant Her Highest Of Places In Jannatul Firdausi. Ameeeeeeen Ya Rabbi.
Once Again, My Sincere Condolences To My Beloved Daddy, (President Jammeh) The Respective Families And The Entire Gambian Nation.
Authored By
Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia (O.R.G)

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