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EDITORIAL : GAMBIA – Those Youths Responsible For ‘Kidnapping, Torturing & Globally Humiliating Our Mentally Challenged Brother’ Should All Do The Maximum Time Behind Bars!!!


Shocked, Outraged, Horrified, Dismayed, Mad, Vexed or  Disgusted will all surely be an understatement – None of this words seems to be good enough for me, in expressing my feelings after watching a glimpse of one or two of the ‘vile and cruel’ videos of those barbarians, mistreating our beloved brother in a manner that words can’t  ever describe.  

Even if they prove to be that of your own Coalition supporters or members of my own family, the rather shocking and regrettable behaviour of those involved in NOT only taking the law into their own hands; but also eternally cripple-ed and damaged the reputation of this Failed-Tribalized Regime, Mustn’t Go Unpunished.

Although out of decency, I will not and will never publish the videos here but the despicable and horrific act of Barbarity by those youths who kidnapped a mentally challenged Gambian and took him to their backyard, stripped him naked and physically tortured him before disseminating the incriminating evidence to the ‘world wide web’ should all spend the maximum jail terms on all counts, including all those who witnessed it happening and failed to report (police) the matter to the relevant authorities.  

Gambians from all around the world are deeply hurt beyond what words will or can ever describe and rightly so. The inhumane degradement and cruelty meted out on our own, in his own country of birth, by his own fellow citizens, tantamounts to a death sentence to each and every Gambian and humanity as a whole. 

It could be recalled that, months ago, a serial Killer was on the loose in our motherland and not even this USELESS gang of hungry pack of wolves calling themselves a government could’ve established as to who was responsible for the random attacks on our women, leading to the death of an 8 year young girl and a pregnant lady.

But when he was eventually busted by another female warrior who deserves the highest National Award, he was treated decently and handed over to the authorities – Only then, did we all as a Nation came to discover that, the serial-Killer was finally apprehended and that he’d confessed to all his heinous crimes to the police.

Although it was the very least expected of him by his captor, during his interrogation by the police officers, he identified himself and confessed to having been solely responsible for all the killings in different places but went on to also state, – In his own words, he was mentally troubled for years and his parents have been doing everything to cure him but to no avail.

Therefore, if it wasn’t for the decency and law abiding nature of his captors who took all percussions to ensure his safety and arrestation, how could we have known that he was responsible for the killings and that he was a psychopathic-Serial Rapist And Killer?

In the case of our brother, he was accused of stealing without any evidence to substantiate their vindictive allegations, and even whereas it was to be the case that he’d physically broke and entered their premises, they do not have the right to be physical with him at all.

Doing so will be in breach of his or her fundamental human rights and not even the police should lay their hands on you without informing you of the wrongs you stand to be accused of before being arrested. Standard!! Anything else will be in complete violating of one’s fundamental human rights as clearly stipulated and enshrined in our Constitution but giving the USELESSLY CORRUPT AND INCOMPETENCE nature of this Failed-Tribalied Regime, the Gambians and none Gambians alike are taking the laws into their own hands on a daily basis.

There is no sense of Security today in the Gambia. Crime rate shoot-off the roofs since the coming of this fraudulently imposed government of the day. Since coming to power through their back door deals, our society is been pushed to the brink of self-destruction and what we are now witnessing is the absolute disregard and a complete breakdown of law and order in the Gambia today.

Nonetheless, what we all can agree on in drawing a conclusion here is that, those responsible for ‘violently degrading, humiliating and torturing’ our brother like that shouldn’t be working on our streets. If dealt with accordingly, then the serious consequences as a result of their act of ignorance and stupidity will serve as a deterrent to all those thinking shallow like those bunch of rotten potatoes in our society.

None should be spared – From the compound owner down to the very last person who witnessed the incident taking place and did nothing to save his life by reaching out to the police, who are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining law and order in our motherland, should all be cautioned.

These rotten elements are an utter disgrace of our nationhood. Thinking of their actions often make me sick to my stomach and we shall not relent until we see to it that they paid the ultimate price.


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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