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EDITORIAL : HUNDRED DAYS ON – Macky Sall & His Puppets In Banjul Have Proven To Be The Sworn Enemies Of Our Motherland By Doing Nothing But Siphoning Millions To Senegal..


Many often categorize politicians as liars and is all thanks to the fake politicians like that of those in charge of running our National Affairs today but I for one will agree to a certain degree and vehemently disagree wholeheartedly as well because not ALL politicians are deceptive, self-centered and corrupt like Lawyer Darboe, Maimuna Fatty, Adama Barrow, Macky Sall, Hamat Bah etc.

It’s now an open secret that, Macky Sall and his criminal government officials in Banjul are evidently corrupted, self-centered and tribal to the very core folks.

They did NOT only used the most dirtiest of all tricks to suppress the will of the Gambian Masses during the past elections; but stooped to basement levels by instigating TRIBALISM in our motherland so they can ‘distract, Steal, divide and possibly rule’ us.

Since they were fraudulently imposed on us a nation by the hypocrites and enemies of our progress, Gambians are today suffering so badly under the supposed “new Gambia” like never before. The tribal policies they are currently enacting will undoubtedly prove to be detrimental to our peaceful co-existence as people of one Nation and not to mention the blatant theft of tax-payers money they all indulging in at this hour.

It is not rocket science for one to figure out as to why they are vigorously PURSUING and PROSECUTING members of the (APRC) biggest political Party and DISMANTLING our well established security apparatus in the Gambia.
Nevertheless, we (Gambians) must not allow this Failed-Government to succeed in diving us along tribal lines and send us all on a Collusion because that is all they want to do now; so that, they can flee the country with their immediate families and stolen wealth, living us to kill each other and wreck ourselves and our future generations. But they will surly end up in the very hole they are digging for us all as a Nation, by the grace of the Almighty.

Despite, they often pretend to be democrats and that, they are governing our motherland based on those very democratic principles but the truth remain the same folks – They are faking it because they know NOT what it means to institute a democratic system of governance at all.

In fact, am on record to have once warned my fellow citizens that, “these old ‘PACK OF HUNGRY WOLVES’ have absolutely NOTHING in store to offer us; but STEAL is all they intend to do and quickly enrich themselves and their immediate families”. 

Folks – They now clocked hundred days (100) in office without nothing to show for it, but LOADED THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS IN SENEGAL TO THE FULLEST, ISN’T IT?
So far, apart from ‘ARRESTING, FIRING, PROSECUTING and INTENSIFYING’ their ‘Tribal-Smear-Campaign’ with intent to demonized the very regime that brought about all the unprecedented developments they/we all are enjoying today in the Gambia, what else have they done? Oh Yeah – Taking All Their Families Abroad and What Else? 

It is now 100 days and yet, this FAILED-TRIBAL-GOVERNMENT did absolutely NOTHING to at least MAINTAIN the STANDARDS OF LIVING THEY INHERITED from the great ‘ARCHITECT OF THE NEW GAMBIA – BABILI-MANSA’…The Exemplary-Visionary Leader & King Of Africa. Thank You Our Able Commander-In-Chief… Gambians Are Crying Out For Your Inevitable Return Back To The State House To Continue Developing Our Motherland And Her Citizens, By The Grace Of The Almighty.

Instead of taking things from where our Great ‘Babili-Mansa’ left off, they are hellbent on neglecting the basic necessities of life for the Masses and they keep on Flip-flopping like headless chickens; fighting each other just because of their Selfishness and greed.

Suffice-it-to-say, they’re only Substantiating my prophecies and long standing argument that, “they are ‘inexperienced-Fake politicians who are incompetent to govern and that STEALING will be their number one priority as soon as they step into office”. What have they Done Folks? hey clearly lack the Know how to run the affairs of our motherland.

The truth though is, regardless of what the future may now hold for them, they’ve already STOLEN enough money and deposited it all in SENEGAL ECO BANK and a little kept in the Gambia too, just in case.

So their ultimate goal now is to either succeed in manipulating the situation by blindfolding us all to think that, they are genuinely fighting for the betterment of all or simply do a runner and escape with their STOLEN WEALTH from the Poor, if all hell-breaks loose..That is why they are aggressively agitating, provoking and suffocating the population by deliberately depriving them of Water supply, Electricity and our Most cherish peace and stability in the Gambia today. No sense of security at all for the masses so it is now a case of the (Rule Of The Jungle) survival of the fittest. 

In doing so, they are hoping and praying that the underprivileged and suffering masses will eventually RISE-UP against them so that they can get away with all their STOLEN WEALTH & the Unforgivable blunders they’ve committed in just 100 days in office but from themselves they really cannot hide.

The Cracks Are Now On Display Folks And The Writings Are All Over The Walls – In Fact, The Writings Are So Visible For Even The Blind To See. No Money Is Flowing Because Is All Redirected Into Their Private Personal Accounts…

Hundred Days on, Basic Commodities & Crime Rate In The Gambia Today Is Sky-rocking. Fear, Uncertainty, Hopelessness Is The Order Of The Day For The Overwhelming Majority Of Gambians On The Ground and Even Those Who Voted Or Stole The Elections For This Failed-Tribal-Government Are Equally REGRETTING To Have Done So.

Lets Stand Together As People Of One Nation And Stop All This Ongoing Madness In Our Motherland. We cannot afford to allow these ANALOG GOVERNMENT to Mess-Up The Bright Future We Were All Striving To Attain For Our Generations Yet Born.Hundred days on, they’ve proven to us all that, they’re NOTHING but what they truly are folks – OLD-WINES-IN-NEW-BOTTLES- Period. They are completely out of touch with reality nor are they PATRIOTIC citizens of our motherland unlike the Government of the Great Workaholic (President Jammeh- Babili-Mansa Kendoo)..

To say the very, very least, this Corrupt, Tribal and Failed Government Officials Are NOTHING but a Compilation of Certified LIARS, RUBBERS AND THIEVES- FaCT!!!

‘But ‘Gone’, We All Should Ensure That They Do Now Before It Is Too Late Or Else We All Are Doomed’-Gambians…

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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