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Editorial : The Tribal Agenda Of The UDP Is Now In Full Motion As They Freely Go On Their ‘Witch-Hunting’ Exercise


It is now becoming crystal clear to all and sundry that, this Failed (FANGKUNG-FANGKUNG) UDP-LED Coalition Government officials are simply corrupt, vindictive and tribal to the very core.

To be more precise in my deliberation here – Some ‘tribal-fanatics’ in within the ranks of the ‘UDP’ are openly embarking on a “Witch-Hunting” of Jollas; who are serving at top governmental institutions by wrongfully dismissing them or falsely accusing them of silly things as a strategy of justifying their “Tribal-Discrimination” policy as a government.

Although I knew of their primitive thoughts and narrow-mindedness time ago and warned you all (Gambians) about their deceitful & manipulative ways but the tribal nature of the high ranking-files of the ‘UDP’ and it’s leadership is beyond my wildest imagination.

Nevertheless, Many in within the coalition are taken by surprise after openly putting their (Tribalism) ignorance on display, which now resulted to their ‘bitter-public-dispute’, leading to the complete breakdown of their ‘Political-Marriage’ as a supposed Coalition Government.
The question we all now should be asking ourselves as a people is that,- If they are fighting each other before reaching to ‘Albert Market’ because of their selfish political interest, then how much do they really care about (you) our electorates?

How long do we have to accept that, our motherland is now high-jacked by unpatriotic citizens who are blinded to our greatness as a Sovereign and proud people?
What we as a People shouldn’t allow is to have a Government that only represent a particular tribe based on their “FALSE SENSE OF SUPERIORITY OVER OTHERS” because none among us as humans is better than the other.
AS A MATTER OF Fact, ANY IDEOLOGY THAT SEEKS TO DIVIDES US ALONG TRIBAL LINES IS THAT OF THE DEVIL, SO WHY SHOULD WE ALLOW THOSE WITH SUCH DEVIL PHILOSOPHIES TO RUIN THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN?Evidently, leaders of the failed UDP-Led Coalition government are at odds with each other and that alone should be good enough for us to read between the lines and do the right thing to safe ourselves and country from their sinking ship rather than blindly falling for their selfish political desires.

Let’s turn our backs on this Deadly wolves in sheep clothes, masquerading themselves as democrats – They are Tribal, Vindictive and Greedy to say the very least.

Lawyer Darboe is well known for his egocentric nature and Self-centeredness is all that he ever represented for decades and so he and his blind loyalists are plotting & planning to govern our motherland and her beloved citizens today. 

Therefore, we as patriots should ensure that we boot them all out of our offices and politically send them all to forceful retirement for good.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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