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Confused, Trapped & Lost In Their Own ” Web Of Lies & Deception” – The Much Anticipated Talk Of Forming A ‘Coalition’ Against Us (APRC LED GOVERNMENT) Seems To Be a Distance Memory Folks.


Nevertheless-To-Say, it is evidently true that, ‘a week in Politics is believed and  said to be a hell of a long shot in this game called politics’ -(The  Battle To Win The Minds). And so it turns out to be the case; regarding the much ‘hyped-up’ talks, coming from the camps of the Opposition Party Leaders of our motherland and their Surrogates in the Diaspora.

They were all over the place of late, making the biggest ever noise of ‘Rounds Of Talks’ among-st their supposed leaders of their respective political parties. And the reason for all the hype was that, they intended to form a “Coalition” – Meaning, they wanted to bring about a ‘Unified Front’, with ONE opposing contender as their  “FLAG-BEARER”; to run as their ‘Presidential hopeful’, come December.

A monumental task that started to crumble from the get-go, folks. But the fundamental question here is, what was the exact cause of their own blunders and miserable failure to yield the desired results they were all striving to attain? The answer is simple- It all comes down to their INABILITY to THINK CLEARLY  and do things based on HONESTY and NOT DECEPTION.

I repeatedly advised and warned them from the onset that, in seeking to forge an alternative government in waiting – We the Gambians will be closely monitoring their engagements and dealings hence they all aspiring to lead us all as a Nation and that, their every move will be equally scrutinized to the very core and so I did, as promised. For those who have been following me on my weekly programs on live Facebook will attest to that FACT!. The videos are still there for posterity as well.

I was keenly following their every step and to my surprise, every predictions I made all stood to past the test of time and I’m elated to have been proven right, time and time again.

Although I was only speaking the truth and predicting every move of the -hypothetical’-biggest opposition party (UDP) of the Gambia- (A Claim’; the ‘GDC’ today, can equally argue in their favor too- Hence over the years, the numbers have been rapidly dwindling).  So the entire hype-Drama/episode was nothing less than what can be best described as  a “RAT RACE” – having the twists and turns of the scenario of the ‘CAT& MOUSE’ game.

No – I wasn’t discrediting the ‘thought nor the idea’ of the oppositions coming together at all. And I personally have no FEARS of them coming together,  as one of their surrogates once asserted in defense of their intentions but I was simply questioning and exposing the ” Dishonesty” and ‘Double Standards’ in both their approach and dealings, which ultimately led them to the City Of Had I Known. Why? I guess you and I both know the answer, don’t we?

In their blatant attempt to deceive others into subscribing to their  ‘Junk’-Piece Of Paper-Called a ‘Memorandum’-  They were shamelessly employing this primitive and wayward methods; as ‘Criteria’s’ to form a Credible Coalition-” Tribalism, Bullying, Fabricating and Manufacturing Packages Of Lies, Building Castles In The Air By Employing & Using ‘DECEPTION’ As Their Main Weapon To Bring About A ‘Coalition & Regime Change'”. I was asking myself; as to why are they thinking that, Gambians are sleeping or as if they’re deaf, dumb and Blinded to their own work of inequity in setting up something so simple, if right procedures are applied?

As a matter of  fact, most of the opposition party leaders (, GMC, PPP, NCP, PDOIS etc); appeared to have been ‘Manipulated & Conquered’  by either the supposed ‘Independent or UDP Candidates’-( And by the way, let’s not forget that, “Dr. Isatou Touray” – Is nothing but An Agent Of the UDP ) So how do they expect  the GDC to fall for their mind games?

Despite all their gimmicks,  In my book, both ‘Adama Barrow & the Independent Candidate’ are one and the very same- six & nine (6-9) – Don’t Fall For Their Cheap Tricks Folks – They came in different shapes and seizes with intend to deceive not only the GDC leadership to fall for their trap but the very same ploy is what they have for us all as a Nation.

Despite, – I am glad that, ‘Mamma Kandeh’ left them all to it and went on about his legitimate political activities, as expected of any man or woman of substance in politics. Having inexperienced ‘Fanatics and Radicals’ dictating the actions of our political leaders from afar, is the lowest any aspiring Presidential Hopeful can and should ever tolerate..

Nevertheless, Ultimately though,  the power will be in the hands of the Gambian masses, come December. So the question I’ll love to ask to each and every electorate out there on the ground is that,  Will you (Gambians)  trust people; who cannot be even ‘HONEST’ to themselves in seeking to persuade and convince you to entrust them with the responsibility of not only taking charge of our ‘Gross Domestic Product’ -But  to be Governing us all as a Nation for the next five years?  What have they done to qualify them as people we can truth with our National Budget and Unfinished Projects etc? Hmmm – I bet they already know that, Gambians ain’t no fools to be voting for ‘Greedy Mafias and Power Hungry Fanatics’ into Office.

Banking on the level consciousness I’ve seen in my people today; and that of my experience in politics,  I was comfortable enough to draw my own conclusions well ahead of their ‘miserable failure’ in forming a Coalition, and so I will do with the upcoming presidential elections results. Gambians are much more smarter than those underestimating their intelligence.

They (Gambians) know what they want and who among the contenders of the ‘Presidential Race’ will deliver for them; for the next five years, so come December, I’m confident enough to authoritatively predict and assert that, President Jammeh-(The Architect Of The New Gambia); will undoubtedly be given another five more years; with an unprecedented percentage of votes- , by the grace of the Almighty.

Thanks to their Crooked, Deceptive and Manipulative Ways of doing politics, Gambians will be, once again, sending them all to packing, come December, in perfect peace and harmony…In Shaa Allah.






Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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