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GAMBIA: A Concern Citizen Wrote To Unifying Newspaper – WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW!!


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Fellow Gambians, It is regrettably embarrassing for a government governing a population of over 1.5million people to rely on one individual as the most competent in the whole nation to occupy the office of the Vice President despite the constitution which is the supreme law of the land disqualifying the individual from wearing the hat.

Its crystal clear to every right thinking member of our beloved country that the heap of promises said during the “give me your vote” period are unrealistic and unachievable and it is to this effect that they are busy attributing their own created inaction on the former government; it was conspicuously asserted by the echelons of the coalition government that they will enhance and deeply instill the spirit of democracy, rule of law as well as promote our God given rights alias human rights and yet they are deliberately butchering the content of the legal document that contains the modus operandi of the government and the people only to satisfy few individuals at the expense of the masses.

Fellow Gambians at home and abroad, I submit to you that the reconciliatory agenda of government is only pronounced by word of mouth  and nothing more; it is evident that the present day government  does not want to heal the wounds created by the political indifference otherwise tell me who would use salt to dress a bleeding wound. What do I mean??

If it is actually real that the government wants to wants to bridged the already created political indifference then why the witch-hunting of prolific opposition supporters, high level of selective justice, engineering of fear in one region of The Gambia , deliberate killing of a country man who was peacefully protesting with his community members by members of the Senegalese military personnels stationed at Kanilia and a host of bullying and vilification of APRC  supporters.

The above highlighted incidents and a lot of unsaid ones stands firm to make Gambians realise that reconciliation is just a mere puff and nothing more.

 Authored By

A Concern Citizen

Editor’s Note:- We at “unifying Newspaper” do so very much  encourage you and anyone else who may want to share their critical thoughts and analysis regarding anything of public interest.. Admittedly, we fully concored with all your take based on your critical analysis’s  of the much talked about “NATIONAL RECONCILIATION”..They lost all credibility to talk about Reconciliation based on the aforementioned events of late. It is nothing but a word of mouth like you rightly asserted. Monetary gains is their ultimate motivation and not out of love and sincerity.

Thank you very much for your wonderful contribution. Email us your articles for publication at our newsdesk (unifyingradio@gmail.com)…