While the farcically shameful Gambian Government and its self-infused despicably scandalous political events that we’re currently experiencing in the country today keeps pounding in by the minute, The average Gambian is now very wary of this peculiar Government’s motives and directions or their essence of existence to start with and are now regretting and turning to the APRC Party for answers.

That is why the APRC Party PERIODICALLY hold impromptu meetings at diverse locations in The Gambia. One such meeting took place at a private residence in Banjulinding Village very recently. This private meeting triggered panic in the interior ministry prompting the Minister Of Interior AkA Mai “419” Fatty to scramble and instruct a SPECIAL TASK FORCE from the local Police Department at Banjulinding Police Station to abort the said meeting.

“Mai Fatty is filling his knickers with colonial urine and poo when he hears the name Yahya Jammeh or APRC”, says on APRC militant. “THE OTHER DAY HE WAS HEARD Gargling THE APRC NAME in a rather awkward way”, he sounded like “ea-p-aarr-cee” (Deep-voiced ) said our agent.

The ALLIANCE FOR PATRIOTIC RE-ORIENTATION & CONSTRUCTION (better known as The APRC) meetings nowadays are like sweet mango juice blended with cocoa nut milk and honey, magnet and steel, mobiloo ‘ning’ sim-kaado’ (mobile-sim-card-combination). People just want them to happen so that they can show these colonial and imperial stooges what time it is.

The Gambia’s peculiar Mai Fatty (an alleged notorious-document-fraudster who’s still with impending criminal convictions, is currently said to be stalking Gambia’s National Criminal Data Files within his capacity in a plot and quest to delete his police records). CHEii GAMBIA! As we at Unifying newspaper and Radio clearly indicated, This man and many in this new cabinet are being illegally appointed as a ministers contrary to the constitution of the day as stipulated in the constitution of the Gambia.

This alone warranted us as Gambians to go out in the streets to protest for fresh elections and boot-out these UGLY BARBARIAN (Macky Sall & His Senegalese Soldiers) they’ve invited into your country, who are abusing our/ your daughters, mothers, sisters and wives just because of of MAI FATTY & ADAMA BARROW manipulation…Macky Sall and his evil forces are messing about with our PRIDE & DIGNITY as a Sovereign Nation and you be on Facebook and you be like #GiAMBIAHASthDECIDEath …. chaaaaapanzzz….. 🙂 Let me take you all down memory-lane and revisit some of our Nation’s history of “Banjulinding” for our esteem global readership: Banjulinding (Small-Banjul) is located near the Famous Township of Lamin, adjacent to the Yundum Military Barracks and flanked on the other side by the Banjul International Airport (also known  as ‘Yundum International Airport’). The settlement use to be part of a Buffer-Zone which was implemented by the then British Colonial Rulers to quell a 60 plus Years of conflict that took place between the Marabouts and Soninkes.

The Soninke-Marabout Wars began in the Gambia around the 1840s until about 1901. It was essentially a civil war among the Mandinka (Mandingo or Malinke) tribe which erupted on both the north and south banks of the River Gambia. A marabout is a Muslim religious leader and teacher in West Africa. The Marabouts were holy Islamic clerics and teachers and the Soninke were Mandinka kings. The word Marabout was later extended to devout Muslims in general and but seldom used in distorted circumstances.

As a result of a conference in Paris in 1889, France ceded control of the Gambia River to Britain, and the present-day boundaries of the Gambia were drawn. In 1900 Britain imposed indirect rule on the interior, or protectorate (established in 1894), dividing it into 35 chiefdom’s, each with its own chief. The real power was concentrated in the British Governor and his staff at Bathurst (present day Banjul).

The buffer zone between Banjulunding and Yundum Villages was set up by the Colonial occupiers in Banjul and the Kombos to dampen the effects of the conflict into the Kombos by the locals. It is because of this Buffer-zone(virtual borderline) we have that big empty land opposite Banjulinding Village and the airport, The Army camp and the Jawara Garden. Otherwise by today there will be no space between Farato to Westfield. All would’ve been one mega Metropolis!

The APRC meeting took place at the residence of one Mr Sanneh in Banjulinding village. The Government panicked and as a result the Interior Secretary of State Mai Fatty spewed directives to the police O.C. at the local station to go and provoke the crowd so that they can cause trouble but The APRC Militants responded in reasonable professionalism. No matter what they did, the APRC militants were nice and easy. ” We know that we have the upper hand here”.
In this country, If we really wish to plunge this country into the 1880s. We can do it but we are Loyal followers of HE President Jammeh. He teaches and preaches of love for oneself and to possess the divine sense of self-worth. One Party Supporter said “This is simply what the coalition operatives are lacking that’s why they run away to foreigners for help when their fellow country men and women are readily here at their disposal for their security, integrity and protection.

“These are doom wishers, just look at these useless and ugly Senegalese Soldiers they bring to our country…. Are you serious!?” said another….At this point I had to calm him down because he was like boiling like that kettle I said about in my other previous article.


The prime reason why we at Unifying Newspaper & Radio Network reserved this section in our Gambia 52nd INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATION SPECIAL EDITION is simply because we care about YOU and we can relate to YOU very well. We all been in the same situations ONE WAY or the other. So just take YOUR OWN time and self-reasoning human instincts in position and read carefully what I’m about to say to YOU right NOW and think it for YOURSELF and be YOUR own judge.

We appreciate the fact that you all have your political persuasions and other affiliations, I Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi of The Unifying Newspaper & Radio, is of the firm believe that you deserve better than what is happening now. They fooled you to convince your families and friends to vote for them based on these concerns that we all share.

Today We’re very sorry to say to you all that these vultures have failed you so badly. Do you know that they have taken money so that you can be deported back to Africa?  You are hot commodities and the coalition sold you to EU.They sold you and your personal details to the EU countries so that anyone seeking Asylum in a European country will be deported to Gambia because there is democracy and rule of law and that President Jammeh is Retired and taking a break to give peace a chance.

They tried to do the same with H.E. President Jammeh but he never accepted it. That’s why they hate the man. But now that we have desperadoes at the helm of our Nation’s affairs, they careless who will be affected in their quest for the paper/money.


Although is not that which we pray for you nor wish for anyone to be subjected to after all the dangers and traumatic experiences you all endured along that treacherous journey of sudden death -The Backway- But we can’t go on pretending to you all as though, nothing happened and that, the conditions attached to the EU package they’v signed, has nothing to do with the Diaspora, like they will want to make you believe.

The truth of the matter is that, these greedy MAFIA’S already signed and sealed the deal so that the money can start flowing into their dry pockets. That’s it. Unfortunately, they will rather leave you and your families darkness than telling you guys the truth of their own work inequity behind close doors.

Furthermore, Instead of moving our country forward in this digital age, these ‘analogs’ are clearly determined to take us back to the stone ages, when corruption and all-play-no-work was the order of the day; and as a result, nothing got done until the APRC came to power and laid the foundation for our development and prosperity as a Nation.

And as we have seen, nothing is moving since we gracefully stepped aside because those in charge now do not have ideas as to how to run a government in the first place.

Therefore, they’ve completely lost direction folks and do not know what to do. Sadly enough, they are caught up in their own web of deception. These old greedy ‘OLD-PA’s’ need to go and retire gracefully! Better will soon come, by the grace of the Almighty.


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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