Happy Birthday Message To Mr. President Jammeh!


    Mr President,

    We The Gambian youths, are hereby wishing you a happy birthday filled with love and blessings from The Almighty Allah. We’re wishing you and your entire family all the blessings of Allah filled with happiness and good health.

    We miss you so much by the day and hoping that very soon you’ll come back home and save us from this shameful episode of despicable rule we experiencing in our beloved country today.

    Since you left we Gambians are living in fear and insecurity. Crime is on the rise and the whole country is divided. We do not feel any sense of self-worth because of the shambolic nature of governance in The Gambia.

    We Gambians would like to thank you for all your development initiatives of which you’ve initiated and implemented to the later.

    It is because of you Mr. President, we’ve experienced undeniable mass development of our country in all of our nations’ sectors.

    Gambians have finally come together in unison against this illegitimate government. They are dividing us along tribal lines while they loot and steal our country’s much needed resources.
    They abusing Gambians on a daily basis and running for Senegalese military protection when Gambians react to their abuse.

    We Gambian Youths are ready and willing to engage and take part in any process that will bring about immediate end to this chaos.

    Once more we’d like to thank you for you love and compassion for our nationhood during your reign and we as a Nation are patiently awaiting for your return, by the grace of the Almighty.

    Happy Birthday Your Excellency – We wishing you many more Birthdays to celebrate in good spirit, health and strength…Ameeeeen Ya Rabbi.

    Best Regards,

    Unifying Radio Team