Don’t get it twisted folks. I’m as cool and collected as the evening breast that blows at the Mouth of the Atlantic Ocean so am just having a concious reasoning here – If it turns out to be the case that, they eventually agreed to go into a Coalition,- which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY, who do you ( the readership ) think that will or may emerge as the Flag Bearer? Will it be Mama Kandeh, Dr Istaou Touray, Halipha Sallah, Hamat Bah, Gomez, Fatty or Barrow? Or will it be someone fresh, out of the cold? Time will tell the full story – We the Gambians as a Nation are and will be keenly following your every move; so ‘the end will surely justify the means’, by the grace of The Almighty..


    In fact, What lessons can we all learn from these ‘Unconscionable’ click of people; living here in the diaspora and calling themselves the So Called Strugglers? No – Am not talking about their ‘Extreme’ Ways or levels of ‘insanity’ but rahter their ‘Inconsistancies in their utterance, the unwarranted Hatred and the endless packages of lies they still keep on spreading daily’.


    Nevertheless, the question we all ought to be asking ourselves is , – Will or should you, me and everyone else be falling for their waywardness in dealing with the affairs of our beloved motherland? Food for thought-Gambians. Despite the ‘long standing years’ of their ‘endless-vindictive rhetroics, lies, fabrications, insults and bullying tact-ticks’; coming from the Diaspora, directed at leaders across our political spectrum today, we as decent people should know better by NOT only abstaining from anything to do with their influence but VOTING IN OUR NUMBERS for our ABLE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, come December 1st – Gambians. We all know where we were before the divine intervention and what we’ve got since he came to power – So far, so good. Unprecendented developments at our door steps, across the entire country. So no need for me to tell you of what to expect of him , if reelected as President hence actions do speak louder than words. VOTING THE APRC means PROGRESS – With Lighting Speed of National Development.


    He, unlike any of his contenders in the Race, have proven his love and determination to UPLIFT even the most underprivileged communities across our motherland to a standard of living that was once, a far-fetched Dream for many today. OUR Workacholic PRESIDENT  is The People’s PRESIDENT so we ain’t changing him for nothing in this world. Get that Folks. Gambians ain’t no Fools nor are we Sell-outs to betray our beloved Architect. No Chance and if anyone is thinking along those lines, be warned, for you will never Know PEACE on EARTH, ever again. In Shaa Allah.


    Needless-To-Say- Under the ‘Visionary & Benevolent’ Leadership of PRESIDENT JAMMEH- ‘The Barrier Breaker & ARCHITECT of The NEW Rising Gambia’, VOTING for the APRC PARTY is the Only Answer and Solution to all their Madness folks. As a country, we just cannot afford to be tricked into buying a SNAKE or a RAT in its hole.


    They maybe good at ‘Sweet-talking’ you, your friends and families but speaking from experinece ( the best of all teachers), I will urge all Patriotic Citizens of our motherland to stick with the DevIL we know than going for Supposed angels who all have the manifestation of becoming the very WORST OF ALL DEVILS in our Naton’s History..


    I certainly do not have to give you a Scornful recitation of all their acts of Betrayals ever since our Dynamic & Outstanding Learder came to power to date but what is evident here is that, their treachery, however, had been skillfully concealed for years but not anymore. So eyes wide open-Gambians. Let’s go into the elections in peace and come out of it in the end, in perfect harmony.


    As far as I and many are concern, the most daunting task at hand here is not only that of Nation building alone but the preservation of the very same PEACE and TRANQUILTY we all inherited from our forefathers. Regardless of our political affliations, that is, will and should forever remain our TOP piority as a People.. That divine responsibility as Patriotic Citizens to our Government and Country is unconceivable and inconvceivable so anything less will mean a total failure and the biggest betrayal  to our future generations.. Fact!!!

    To Conclude, I will just remind ourselves of our collective responsiblity as Citizens of one Nation – We do all owe everything to the future generations of our motherland and the biggest of all prices and treasures we can give them is our Most cherished PEACE & STABILTY that; we also inherited from our Fathers, which they also inherited from their fathers and so I hope and pray for it to forever remian. Ameeeeeen…


    By: Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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