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BREAKING NEWS: Jollas Are Still Under Attack In The Gambia By The Tribalist Government.


The Tribalist and Senegalese / French influenced administration in Banjul, Gambia are waging war against the Jola population as at this our. The former Head Of state of The Gambia H.E. President Jammeh is from the JOLA TRIBE.

Since assuming office, President Barrow, Lawyer ousainou Numu-kunda Darboe, Maimuna (Mai) Fatty had embarked on a notorious witch hunt against his tribe.
Their target is primarily directed towards the Jola Ethnic Group. They are being unfairly dismissed from the civil service, discriminated, intimidated and widespread abuse is also evident on a daily basis.

Some of their victims includes lactating mothers, juveniles and babies age one year old. Evidence of these abuses is common knowledge and a daily norm in the Gambia today. Unless they miserably failed in luring our Soldiers into their sudden death/graves,  but the puppet Government of The Gambia and their Masters in Senegal are is still contemplating on attacking the ‘Independence Movement’ in the Southern province known as Cassamance.

This is mainly a Jolla inhabited area. That is why the Tribalist Government in Gambia are aiming to act with their Senegalese poppet masters to wage an unprovoked attack on the Jollas in the eastern and western regions of the Gambia (Narrang and Foni) which borders The Gambia and Cassamance.

The Separative Liberation movement in The Cassamance Region preexisted for some three decades – Since 1982, Senegalese governments of the past committed atrocious crimes against humanity by indiscriminately bombing and killing countless innocent people of Cassamace.

Adama Barrow, a political prune answers directly to the dictates of the president of Senegal, Macky Sall (a French stooge) and of whom he (Barrow) call his older brother.

Barrow’s coalition government feel obliged to impress and keep Macky Sall happy because of the role he played in his coalition’s installation into office in Banjul.

So that is why his Puppets in Banjul are hellbent on facilitating his evil (Mai Fatty) plans of using our armed forces (of whom they previously disarmed based on tribal motives) to enter into war with Southern Senegalese in Cassamance.

Evidently, they are relentlessly provoking and prosecuting the Jollas of  Foni; so that, if they react to their blatant and premeditated act of provocations by their agent provocateurs , then they can use that to seek ways of escalating the situation.But the fact that our people (Jollas) are conscious enough to ignore their dirty games for now- Mai Fatty and his masters are deeply frustrated at this hour because they did almost everything possible to get a reaction from us and yet, we all keeping our cool and watching their every move like one will watch actors on a Screen play.Therefore, we urge all our brothers and sisters in uniform to refuse any illegal orders that may emanate from (CDS) Masanneh Kinteh, Mai Fatty or the so called Accidental President himself.
Let it be crystal clear to this tribal & corrupt government Officials in Banjul; that, We as a Nation (The Gambia) have nothing to do with our brothers and sisters on the other side nor shall we ever allow our soil/territory to be used by this ‘heartless Demons in our midst, masquerading as leaders to drag us into their ‘muddy pool of lies and deception’ by (Macky Sall) the Senegalese Government.

Doing so will spell the very end of our most cherished peace and stability in the region and not to mention of our blessed land we all call home.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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