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EDITORIAL : Macky Sall & His Puppets – Coalition Government In Banjul Were Secretly Planning To Use Gambian Soil To Start A Tribal War In Foni & Cassamance! Part 2


BUSTED:  Gambia’s historically chronic, tribalist, despicable and ugliest ever Interior minister Maimuna (MAI) fatty and “ghost leader of the peculiar UDP are at it again but we at “Unifying Newspaper” are also back to DEBUNK and further expose their compulsive lying nature.

Although we often ignore most of their packages of lies but we deem it necessary to give you all a good read, by revisiting some of their stunning reactions to our stories that we’ve been writing and exposing The “CORRUPT” and “TRIBALIST” regime in Banjul since the launching of this website back in January.

(In an article recently published on Freedom Newspaper alleged to be a statement from the Criminal Government of The Gambia- The post entitled: “Gambia: Gambia Gov’t Says ” The Gambia is neither considering placing troops on Cassamance soil nor offering the use of its territory as a launching pad for any attack on the MFDC.” ) A direct reaction to our many publications – Exposing their Secret ‘BLUE-PRINT’/MOU they’ve signed with their Boss in Dakar, right?Ok- Before going any further, we would like to bring your attention to this article, in which, we at “UNIFYING” published about the puppet government in Banjul some months ago.

Please Click Here or Here to read what we wrote and make your own analysis…And see what we’ve been telling you from the start. You will understand why they are panicking and shitting their colonial pants.

Barely 72 hours after their calculated lies were publicized on the World-Wide-Web, the UDP party and Mai fatty later proved themselves to be nothing but just liars. They, The Gambian Government accompanied by the Senegal Military went out to Foni, Provoking, Intimidating, Victimizing, Antagonizing and Inciting Tribal Sentiment and Hatred.

They even went to the private home of H.E. President at Kanilai and stole and looted valuables from his property such as his cars and they later returned there only to be shamefully chased away by the locals in broad daylight. 

And most recently, three of our brothers/Soldiers were shot at by this barbarians, Senegalese Soldiers in Kanilia, and ‘Maimuna Fatty’ came out doing what he does best, lying and downplaying the dangerous incident and shamelessly asserting that it as just a ‘MINOR MISUNDERSTANDING’, right?

Nonetheless, We at unifying do seriously have the ability to “TAP” into the “CRIMINAL” and “VIOLENT” mind of the “ROGUE INTERIOR MINISTER” Mai (Maimuna) Fatty of the “Ghost GMC Party” and that is why we can predict his every move and DEBUNK every lie he want to sell us. He is a certified Fraudster and nor wonder why he quickly went for the kill as soon as he learnt of the departure of our Able Commander-In-Chief.  


He Publicly lied to the entire world that H.E. (President Jammeh) left them with nothing in our coffers – A blatant lie that even the dumbest of all will know that ‘President Jammeh’ is nothing like what they want to portray him to be.


Instead, you all do know that he is the perfect architect and an outstanding builder – Atteppa-Babili-Mansa Kendoo-The JOY & PRIDE OF THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF PATRIOTIC GAMBIANS and no amount of lies and smear campaigns to demonize him will change his place in our hearts or in our history books.

We can lay down the whole game-plans of Mai Fatty and his criminal mind and that’s why we publish multiple stories in advance so that when they start manifesting…..our smart global audience can just sit back and watch the whole thing roll out like a movie reel. Now, WE AT UNIFYING bet you wonder why we experienced nearly nearly 6 million hits on our website since January?
You know what folks look, We are not here just for fun, fame or vanity- WE at Unifying Radio and Newspaper are very close to this Government than you can even imagine. We know them all to “their bones” and roots. In fact to put the record straight, The editor of this paper’s Father (Mr Shyngle Nyassi) is the FOUNDER and the one who FORMED the “UDP PARTY”. Just for the record, could coward dwarf demon worshiping LAWYER DARBOE and THE DARBOE FAMILY come here & DENY THIS FACT????? I bet NOT. 
We’re going to forensically strip, dilute, process, digitize and deliver to you our analysis and counter reaction to the Failed Senegalese and French influenced Government’s reactions to our stories that we’ve been publishing at unifyingradioradio.com since January.
Going back to the article published by Pa Nderry of freedom newspaper, the first point claimed that: -“The government of the Gambia wishes to reassure the Gambian people of its commitment to peace in the Gambia, the sub region, especially the Southern Senegal region of Cassamance and the world over”-. 

We (Unifying Newspaper) Say: THAT STATEMENT in itself is the biggest lie you might ever had come across. It is from the beginning that you (GAMBIA GOVERNMENT) contradicted yourselves. If war and bloodshed is not your first priority, then why did you run to Senegal and ask for protection when we have our own security services who are ready to serve their country regardless what regime is in place? You knew that by doing so will upset the current administration at the time and but in your small minds you thought and hope that by creating a dramatic scene would trigger a negative reaction so that you can cry out to the world for help but instead no hostility was expressed or demonstrated by The Jammeh Administration. So you went to plan “B” – We’ll lay it out for you….please read on.

In the second paragraph they claimed that: -“It is in this light that he “Barrow” being a true believer in the value of peace and peaceful neighborliness during his recent visit to Senegal offered to his brother President Macky Sall and the people of Senegal his personal commitment and the willingness of his government to support the sisterly republic of Senegal in finding a lasting solution to the over three decade old conflict in the Cassamance region of Southern Senegal”-. What a Joke! So you can clearly see the stupidity of Adama Barrow and maimuna fatty.
First off, this man Adama Barry/barrow is not a politician but a celebrated scrupulous rent collector from the Serekunda Neighborhood Area and who often threatened his clients of evictions even before the rent is signed with his low ass estate agency. Our point is clear with regards to the SENEGAL/CASAMANCE issue.

That conflict existed since even before his great grand dad was born. He has acute knowledge or wisdom to comment and or even take part in THE CASAMANCE REGION’S Independent Movement. Yes WE said it and we stand by it! The Gambia government are being courted into war with cassamance.
We have our reasons and we’ll clearly tabulate them as you read along. MAIMUNA FATTY, LAWYER DARBOE and ADAMA BULLEL BARRY have such hate for the JOLA ETHNIC GROUP that they couldn’t wait to engage in an arm struggle both in The Gambia and Cassamance.


Unless they kill Jollas in their thousands they wil
l not stop. Just look at the way the The Jolla Tribe are being treated since the Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, Adama Barrow and Mai Fatty and the Coalition Government assume office in Banjul?

No one out there is talking about it. The international community are giving a blind eye to an impending genocide in the Gambia’s Foni Region bordering Cassamance in Southern Senegal where the there is a majority of Jolla tribe population.



Mack Sall (President of Senegal is not going to stop until he engaged the Gambia armed forces in a war that has nothing to do with the Gambia. From the first moment when they (The Coalition Government) came into office, there had been and still pursuing a relentless episode of violence, false arrests and imprisonment, mass purging of the members of the Jolla ethnic from the public service and other institutions without reason and without state statutory retirement benefits. 

Their villages are constantly patrolled by heavily armed Senegal Soldiers who provide cover for the coalition Government in Gambia to intimidate and abuse the Jolla Tribe. As we speak, children are prevented from going to school because of the presence of this barbarians in our motherland, under the pretext of ECOWAS as well. Why?

Now, can you tell us if peace is what is in your mind, would you (The government of The Gambia) go this far? Of course not! Your agenda is clear and we know for a fact what your plans are. What Mai fatty especially had been trying since January is not working in their favor and that includes the Senegalese Government. Time is running out and they are running out of options.

The Gambian People are getting agitated and running out of patience due to the needless difficulties they are facing on a daily basis. They, (The UDP Led Coalition Government) do not care about the Gambia and her People. They only worry about status, stealing money and pushing tribalist agenda to distract the population while they loot us dry. Very soon the people will get fed up and will come together in unison against them and unceremoniously oust them. 

Despite the presence of their so called peace-keeping forces, You’ll see them start falling out in within and everything will implode and all of them running away with their loot. Mai Fatty currently sleeps with one eye open. He hurt so many Gambians and the chicken is coming home to roost very very soon, by the grace of The Almighty….Mark my words folks.

On the article they published on the Freedomnewpaper again stated: “-However, in recent days the Gambia government has noted with concern, that many debates and discussions in various quarters across the Gambia and abroad on the position of the Gambia government on the Cassamance situation has been misconstrued.-” Point of correction, there had been no debates as far as we’re concerned.

The whole wide world knows your tribalistic war mongering agenda BY TODAY and we putting it to you that, you all are incompetent bunch of wicked souls(Mai Fatty & Gambia Government)! Everyone now agrees to this fact and its common knowledge that you (MAI FATTY and GAMBIA COALITION GOVERNMENT’S) intention is to wage a TRIBAL WAR and your primary target is the JOLLA TRIBE in both Foni and Casamance.

No one ever challenged this fact hence no such “that many debates and discussions in various quarters” ever existed in its totality. That statement is fake and has been crafted to mislead the Gambians before he launches his next assault on THE JOLLAS… Didn’t you (aided by the Senegalese Military) attack the home of President Jammeh’s barely 72 hours after releasing this fake and laughable statement on Freedom Newspaper on 4th April 2017? Folks, welcome to a government that speaks to itself.

What the so called fraudulently imposed ethnolinguistic government of Gambia need to understand is that, OUR ABLE LEADER ‘H.E. Sheikh Professor President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh’ has taught us and instilled in us what can be best described as PATRIOTISM -Putting our country above anything including tribe, religion and or political affiliations, so therefore, patriotic Gambians will NEVER fall for your DIRTY-TRIBAL-POLITICS.

Already, former supporters of this Failed coalition-government have had enough and are all joining the NEW REVOLUTION in the Making – We all speaking with one big voice saying:- “To HELL with all you Tribalists In Our Motherland”.

The Gambia is for all Gambians and we are on your case 24/7 scrutinizing and exposing you and all your evil deeds by the minute right here at Unifying Radio and Newspaper where it all goes down… The alleged statement went on to say: -“Such rumors have apparently placed great pains on Gambian communities living along the Foni/Cassamance border who are apprehensive over the consequences of an outbreak of hostilities between Senegalese military and MFDC”- Well that brings us to where we started from.

These old analogs expected that no one out there would track them down and expose their deceptive covert operations along the Foni/Casamance border and other connected communities. 

Yes that pain is inflicted by yourselves (Gambia and Senegal Governments) and not the communities that they’re terrorizing each and every single day. You are blood thirsty and want to spill Jolla blood to fulfill your “ARCHONTIC BOUND RITUALS”. So now you throwing your toys out of the pram to run for cover after we technically exposed you beyond redemption.

The Government of Gambia and Senegalese Forces targets The Jola communities in The Gambia especially in the Foni Region. Communities in the mostly Jolla Tribe settlements have been receiving threats, provocation, verbal and physical assault on a daily basis. The foreign forces regularly carry out self inflicted false high alerts and knocking down

their doors and invading the Jolla villages for no reason. They have been doing this since their arrival in the Gambia back in January. The Local Police would arrest without hesitation any Jolla victim of abuse especially if the offender is a UDP supporter.


The government is actively instigating a Jolla Revolt so that they will use that as a pretext to attack them, kill them and steal their land and properties but only if they know what time it is…They also envy the assets of the Former President who is from the Jolla Tribe.

The interior minister have been “eye-balling” his properties, vehicles and other valuables for a long time. He uses the invading Senegalese forced as a form of shield to carry out theft and illegal summary arrests of locals including children aged 1 year old with their lactating mothers.

The harassment, arrests and imprisonment of barely teen primary school aged Jolla Ethnic girls, including infants are among numerous systematic HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES ushered by the UDP LED TRIBAL & EGOCENTRIC GOVERNMENT OF THE GAMBIA towards the Gambian Jolla population…

We recommend that, the “International Community” and those concerned bodies such as UN, EU, AU, UNICEF, UNHCR, THE COMMONWEALTH & ECOWAS to investigate this as a matter of urgency and great concern.
Our observation on the situation in ‘The Eastern Kombos (Narrang) and further up The River Banks and hinterland (Fonis) Gambia and Southern Senegal Area’ seem to point us towards a “MELTING POT” instigated by the Tribalists Regime in Banjul (Gambia) and Senegal in particular due to their “GEO-POLITICAL & ECONOMIC INTERESTS”. 

Therefore, we Vehemently reject such absurd comments by the Gambia Government as rumors are been spread by none of us but them. Evidence presented before and after our respective articles written for the whole world to see what is really taking place in our motherland exposes all of the realities on the ground.

They are long since on the back foot because they are all along busy stealing from Gambians while leaving us at the mercy of these barbarians, fornicating, ugly & sick Senegalese Soldiers, Masquerading as “ECOMIG.” Remember that “ADAMA BARROW” The Accidental (so called) President of the Gambia is allegedly said to be involved in a fetish activity that includes the murder of his own son. So here is one Very serious Human Rights Abuse Case to pursue by UNICEF, Amnesty International, etc – If they are to be taken seriously.

On a final note, the purported statement further went on to adduce that: “-The affected communities, citizens of The Gambia and all people living in the Gambia are hence advised to go about their normal business in peace and contentment”-. Right now you Mai Fatty are the only one who is going about your own business. The Gambian people from all works of life are suffering and been left to die under your administration.

We are aware that you, your dumb IMPERSONATOR, his entire cabinet and his RUBBER-STAMP MP’s are all possessed by a gold fish and hence inherited a very short memory. But we will remind you that, ‘President Jammeh’ left the country with a fully functional government, a united country – Law and Order was the order of the day.
However, since you and you Government came into office, the Interior ministry (Mai Fatty) has tasked the occupier of that position to target, bully, purge, intimidate and victimize the Jolla population.

Instigating tribal hatred, distracting the Gambians while he surfs the police records in his quest to delete his criminal past… What he don’t know is that, We have copies and will publish them further down the line so that the Gambian people and the whole world to see and understand what a con man we dealing with.
We know u have no empathy but we have this list to help you connect with the real issues that we as Gambians are facing today and everyday:: 

Reference: freedomnewspaper: http://www.freedomnewspaper.com/gambia-gambia-govt-says-the-gambia-is-neither-considering-placing-troops-on-cassamance-soil-nor-offering-the-use-of-its-territory-as-a-launching-pad-for-any-attack-on-the-mfdc/

Stop attacking the Jollas and stay away from Foni or else, you will all regret why you all were born in a multicultural society and yet, you guys became Tribal-Haters and a wicked idiotic (Mai Fatty) fools. Best you all pack up and vacate our offices with your ‘TRIBAL-DOCTRINE’ before is too late to make your get-away or rather a great escape.
We rest our Case For Now!! A Word Is Surely Enough For The Wise.

Authored By: 

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

NB: If you have any info to share with US OR ARTICLESfor publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (unifyingradio@gmail.com)