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Macky Sall Is The Biggest Wolf In Sheep Clothing In Sene-Gambia


It is often said that, one’s maliciousness and foolishness is exposed in the wickedness of one’s words and actions. Whether he and his supporters likes it or not,( hence he took the leading role in plotting and masterminding the political impasse that nearly set our region on fire); We equally have the very same right to scrutinize and UNMASK these Silent-Back-Stabber called Macky Sall.

Looking back at his political journey up to were he is today, occupying the Office of Presidency one will naturally conclude that, he is one of the most MALICIOUS, ENVIOUS and HYPOCRITICAL Leader we’ve ever had in the History of our African Continent.

He may appear to be a SOFTLY-SPOKEN-GENTLEMAN but beneath that MASK; lies a deadly SERPENT. Macky Sall is Naturally very VINDICTIVE and hates to see the progress of any of his follow human being let alone that of his follow PRESIDENT’S peers.

Imagine folks, these traitor – Macky Sall – was recommended and brought into the Cabinet of his predecessor and ‘PRESIDENT WADE’ did everything for him and gave him big positions in his government but what was his reward for making him who he is today? Did he pay him with the same love and kindness as his one time, Godfather?

As soon as he was availed with the perfect opportunity of having direct access to the President (Wade) and his family at the Palace, he played it cool with them until he secured his appointment into their Cabinet; but wasted no time in COVERTLY working on his plans of action – Exploring all avenues as to how he can undermine the ‘WADE FAMILY and TARNISH’ their well respected reputation and BURY THEIR LEGACY.

An evil thought and plan he eventually executed and shocked everyone with what followed next. The same ‘Boy-Boy’ of the WADE FAMILY turned around, Stabbed the President On His Back and started the ‘Witch-Hunt’ of his one and only son- Karim Wade.  As soon as he became president – Macky Sall wasted no time in putting his WICKEDNESS on display.

Most notably, his vindictive pursuance of Karim Wade for no justifiable reason but simply out of ‘Hatred and Jealousy’. He conspired & lied only to to get him locked up for years without thinking of what the Old Daddy & Son (President Wade) did for him; along his journey to the top today. He made life a living hell for the Old Man and his blessed family for no reason at all but out of Envy & Jealousy.

Therefore, should we (Gambians) be surprise that he manifested and proved his evilness by cynically interfering in our National affair during the elections – manipulated the dumb Leader of this so called Coalition and his Illegitimate government Ministers?

His true agenda for the ‘Annexation Of The Gambia; seems to becoming a reality in his LITTLE and EVIL mind but sooner or later, he and his accomplices will realize that, Gambia is Not and will never be up for sale and We shall never become a Region of Senegal, come what may. Do not be fooled by these desperadoes and their primitive leader, who is signing and signing and signing but just remember that, you all will soon be shown the exit doors for good, by the grace of the Almighty.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Like the Gambians today, Senegalese do not deserve nor should we allow the future of our children’s be left in the hands of these Clueless Traitors and Backstabbers. I only wish that the Senegalese will wake up from their slumber and effect change by electing someone worthy as their Next President but NOT Macky Evil-Sall. In Shaa Allah. He did not only failed the electorates of Senegal but failed all his coalition partners too; so Betrayal is  without a doubt, in his DNA.

Macky cannot be TRUSTED nor does he have any moral standing in our Sene-Gambian Nation Ever Again but to only those oblivious of the true colors of these Silent Killer, masquerading himself as a gentle-tough guy.

The fact that he meddled in our internal matters as a sovereign Nation, he only proved to all that, he is nothing but an ungrateful Hypocrite who deserves to be shown the RED CARD for the betterment of our peaceful coexistence as Sene-Gambians. AFRICA AS A CONTINENT IS BETTER OFF WITHOUT USELESS LEADERS & HYPOCRITES LIKE ‘MACKY SALL’ OF SENEGAL.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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