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Mack Sall The Dark Hearted Hypocrite & His Remote Controlled UDP Led Gambia Government must be booted out!


Despite our unbreakable bond, ranging from our social, cultural and economical interdependence and historical heritage as people of one nation, it is now clear for even the blind to see the true intention of these wicked soul called ‘Macky Sall’ of Senegal.

If one is to think of what actually transpired (In Our Political History As A Nation) from a holistic point of view, one will and should question; as to what has befallen on us as ( once upon a time) a sovereign Nation? Is this the change we were all aspiring to attain as a People?

The truth is that, We as an Independent Nation (An English Colony) went to an election, which was solely financed by our own-selves (The APRC Led Government), like every other Sovereign Nation in this world, right? Why will these envious soul (Macky Sall) be jumping on us and going to the very extreme of bringing War, Death & Destruction to our doorsteps?

Although these ‘Psychopathic-Spin-Doctors’ in within the ‘UDP Led’ so called-‘Coalition Government‘ will often narrate their endless cooked-up stories of Demonizing the other side in favor of themselves but the question is that, ‘how much do they truly love their country, people and our territorial integrity?

Why will they be entertaining the presence of Senegal Troops who are currently given a blank-check to not only access “CLASSIFIED STATE SECRETS” but to be directly suppressing and abusing our hardworking populace with total impunity? Why? Because these Old Wines in New Bottles will prefer selling our sovereignty and humanity just so they can enrich themselves, at the expense and detriment of our underprivileged masses.

Suffice-It-To-Say, due to the sequences of events currently unfolding in our motherland under this ‘Illegitimate-Puppet -Government’ Of ‘Macky Sall’ – The Hypocrite- Most of those who were playing it really dirty during the elections, chanting for change or voted for these Traitors; (Coalition) are now consciously reasoning, asking as to whether, they actually jumped from a frying pan into a stream of ‘milk and honey’ as promised or were they ‘LIED TO & TRICKED’ into jump from the frying pan into the fire? A question that, only time can tell for time alone is the master but as far as the eyes can see, things are not going the way many anticipate of what it will be like post Jammeh Era.

Understandably, many Gambians were probably not anticipating the the turnout of events and are now asking as to why are the Senegalese Foreign Troops still Present in our motherland; even whereas Gambians can handle and resolve our own problem?

Do we (Gambians) need to look any further in seeking for answers? Ask yourself as to why will these ‘over-aged’ and ‘Unconstitutional Vice-President’ be humbly reporting directly to their Boss (Macky Sall) before setting her foot back in the Gambia?  I am not saying that she shouldn’t be paying a visit to her boss but if she traveled to represent us (Gambians) at any Summit in any part of this world, I think she should have been decent and responsible enough as a supposed ‘Vice-President’ to report back to those she went to represent.

EDITOR’S NOTE: – Regardless of the fact that, we’ve the ‘blueprint’ or ‘plan of action’ set by this Bloodthirsty Hypocrite (Macky Sall) and agreed to by his brother (The  puppet government Led By Adama Wheelbarrow) but to be seeing ‘Fatoumata Jallow’ reporting back to him before returning home from such a summit is shocking and thus says it all. She is totally humbled and subdued before her boss -The ‘Silent-Serpent’-Micky Mouse Sall.

Although it is a known fact that, these deceitful souls have clearly Mastered The ‘Art Of Lies & Deception’ But the irrefutable truth will forever remain the same for the future generations to learn from so we are determined to keep exposing and relaying the truth and nothing but the truth to our esteem-global-readership.

The ‘BLUE-PRINT’ of  “Macky Sall  & The Coalition Government’s” is under the scrutiny of our microscope and will be published once certified by our ‘Investigative Team’ and Editors, by the grace of the Almighty.

Gambians – Remember that, these hungry ‘Old-Timers’ have nothing in store for you, me or for our future generations but for themselves and their immediate families and that is why they never hesitated in cheaply mortgaging our future and that of our future generation, in exchange for their ministerial positions and worldly riches.

Thanks to their Boss, they are blatantly violating our constitution daily, with total impunity – Just like what the invading forces of Senegal are currently doing in our country, unchecked.

It is now up to us as ‘PATRIOTIC SONS & DAUGHTERS’ of our motherland; to stand firm and reclaim back our country and our sanity, as a people of one Nation. #MACKYBARROW=6&9 – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….THEY NEED TO VACATE OUR OFFICES SOONER RATHER THAN LATER.

The truth is that which we represent here and shall be defending it by exposing the workers of inequity; so do not be left behind in this revolution of salvaging our motherland from these clueless bunch of ‘traitors and sellouts’.

Forward Ever – Backwards Never.

To The Gambia Ever True.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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