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BREAKING NEWS: Macky Sall & His Invading Soldiers Stole All The Timbers Seized From Gambians At Checkpoints And Transported It To Dakar.


Fellow Gambians, what is now happening in Banjul is getting too serious and we must act. Since we re-launched our website and radio operation, the situation in our homeland is like moving from one goal-post to the other.

Sometimes we struggle to contain or catch up the flow of events in order to be able to effectively report them to you our SMART listeners and readers..

As you all know, and as we have obviously had already elaborated in a previous article on this platform titled: Senegalese Soldiers Stop Abusing Gambians! Get Out Of My Country Now! and dated: February 7, 2017 in which we have addressed a number of factors. Please click linked article to see article and find out for yourselves as to what we were and are still concerned about for your own good.

Government at home in Gambia seems to be living in another planet.
Since they invited and let Senegal Illegally invade our motherland under the pretext of ECOWAS, many GAMBIANS (who witness their work of inequity back in 1981) were
unhappy for all the right reasons and their suspicions and condemnation of
the presence of the Senegalese forces in our motherland now stood to past the
test of time.

We at ‘Unifying Newspapers’ were and are still monitoring their every move, with intend to keep records of their actions and reliably inform our global audience of any illegalities.

It didn’t take long for them to start abusing and stealing off from our hardworking populace- Ranging from our women, shop keepers, and even truck drivers became direct victims of their premeditated act of systematic oppression.

After they conspired with the cheaters of our electoral process and
illegally invaded The Gambia, they wasted no time in putting up check
points in all our strategic locations across the country.

These hungry Senegalese Government operatives were Pretending to be doing so in the interest of preserving our most cherished peace and stability but for those of us who knew their true intentions, it was all nothing but a front and even our doubters or critics are now resigning to the fact that, they were TRICKED & FOOLED by Macky Sall and his invading forces.It can be recalled that, we initially reported and exposed the Logical
operation of the Senegalese Soldier who were instructed by Macky Sall
to set up a checkpoint in Brikama; so that, they can control the traffic and stop any Trucks loaded with timbers.

They did so for weeks unabated and they felt really comfortable enough
that they started asking the truck drivers to offload their timbers outside the ‘SSP’ football ground, without any compensation nor any legal justification. What more can this Failed Coalition-Government tell us ever again?

Many GAMBIANS were very furious after seeing trucks lined up on the side road loaded with timbers but they will be very shocked to learn that, the Senegalese reloaded all our TIMBERS on their own vehicles and HEADING to Senegal at this hour…

The proprietor and Editor of this medium (Unifying Newspaper) was contacted weeks ago by workers of a factory that was directly being affected by the RECALCITRANT ATTITUDE of the Senegalese Soldiers in our motherland. They relayed their heartbreaking stories of a complete halt of their daily jobs because the company that employed them are no longer in operation and were contemplating of moving out of the Gambia to Sierra Leone.

We are made to understand that, almost 200 youths of our country were employed by this said company in three different places but given the unfolding events of late, they are all made redundant as of yesterday and the company will be relocating, leaving our youths with nowhere to turn to at the moment. 

But all this is actually minor compared to the information we are receiving right now, regarding the “SECRET-BLUE-PRINT” we were reporting on for weeks – Since the SILENT-KILLER (Macky Sall & His Forces) invaded our motherland.

Do please excuse me folks – Let me get on with things and reveal a more dangerous situation currently unfolding in our Nation.


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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