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Mai Fatty, The Fraudster, (419) The Illegitimate-Spiteful & Fake “Interior Minister” EXPOSED


Mai Fatty, the (419) spiteful-faker; is now running up and down the stirs of our offices today, asserting his authority as the Illegitimate ‘Interior-Minister’ but one thing that he cannot hide nor run away from is that of his own deeds and utterance.

It can be recalled that, the same alleged ‘SCAMMER’ dropped the big bomb-shall that went VIRAL, broadcast-ed on all the major networks across the world – Blatantly Lying by Insinuating that, our ABLE COMMANDER-In-CHIEF STOLE D500,000000 – Which is Equivalent to almost $11 Million.

Upon hearing his calculated lie, I did not hesitate for a second to dismiss his ‘criminal-mindset’ and his ‘corrupted-thought-process’ that cooked up the entire story in his head and it is not rock-science for one to figure out his motive behind telling such a lie to the world.


“Gambia’s former leader Yahya Jammeh ‘made off with millions and luxury cars’, says president Adama Barrow’s adviser”

Regrettably enough, Many International-media outlets like the BBC, AL JAZEERA, CCN, FOLKS NEWS, RT, and the list goes on, all jumped on the story and broadcast-ed it as though; it is ‘AUTHENTIC’ and that, they know the true character and agenda of the source of a such brilliant lie. But let’s excuse them for they know NOT what we as Gambians know about these Doggy Characters they were dealing with and supporting.

Speaking to one of our well connected agents in within the so- called Coalition government and asked whether he is simply being compensated for bravely uttering the cheapest and yet, the fattest lies that went Viral?He responded in the affirmative and reliably informed that, Mai Fatty simply saw the perfect opportunity to go for the kill, and he did just that.

He reminded me of the fact that, all that happened (Barrow Fleeing To Senegal Was All His Manipulative Ways Of Conquering Barrow And Rapping Him Round His Finger Even Though, He Have No Followers As A Ghost Party Leader) was that of his making because he is very deceitful to the core and he got his reward but his appointment is also unconstitutional like that of Lawyer Darboe, Amadou Sanneh & Fatoumata Jallow etc..

He asserted that, as soon as he (Mai Fatty) learnt of the departure of our President at the comfort of his hotel in Senegal, he quickly jumped into motion and made the move; by playing the victim card with the international community and Donors – Accusing President Jammeh of stealing such a hug sum of money; so that, they can turn around and tell the Gambians and the world that, ain’t nothing their in our coffers for them to pay our civil servants and who is to be blamed for it, President Jammeh?

When in actual truth, it is just a ‘MADE-UP’ story-line by a certified 419ner – Hence Jammeh is long being depicted as the bad guy in their own game of lies and deception, IN THE CRIMINAL MIND OF MAI FATTY; using his departure and accusing him of theft will be and is of course the perfect cover from them to steal the said amount of money from our National Coffers; and blackmail us and the rest of the world into believing that, what they lied to us about was the gospel truth.

I for one and many who knew him greeted pronouncements with  a pitch of salt because we all know that, he was bravely lying to the International community for money and nothing truthful in his utterance- These dude thinks that he is Smarter than Shakespeare..LoL

Here are few questions for us to ponder on in seeking for the truth, regarding the cheapest lie of these Faker’ in the person of Mai Fatty.

1. Who or Which institution contacted Mai Fatty at the comfort of his four walls in Dakar to inform him of what he claimed to have happened when the President was leaving? 2. The fact that he Mai Fatty wasn’t in the Country nor was he serving at any capacity in Government at the time, to be able to substantiate such Malicious Allegations so what was his true motive for coming out in that grand fashion only to tell a lie he cannot prove? 3. When they lied to the world, Barrow himself was interviewed on RFM Radio in Senegal and this is what he initially said folks:- “According to the information we received, there is no money in the coffers,” – A clear indication that, he was fully culpable to this Scam, spearheaded by his supposed ‘Personal Adviser’, right? 4. But when Halifa Sallah came out the next day and Openly debunked their Premeditated Lie on BBC, guess what Gambians, Mr Barrow quickly flipped and pretended as though, he never said the above statement regarding Mai Fatty’s Lies – WHY?

During his first press conference after his return from Senegal, he was posed the same question; regarding the alleged ‘Missing-Millions’ and he said something completely different this time around – Barrow responded to question by saying the same lines as that of his spokesman – Not Verbatim but along this lines – ” I did not receive any documentation to verify the claims so until our team can verify and substantiate the supposed information they received- He cannot comment on that”…Hmmmm.

The fundamental question was should then be asking ourselves here is that,  Why did he say one thing in Senegal when they laid their deal and say the other as soon they were confronted with the Voice Of Reason? Is it because of the fact that ‘Halipha Sallah’ exposed them and their lies while in Senegal and as a result, they both realized that they cannot pulled it off if ‘Halipha sallah’ is determined to speak of the truth and NOT play along with their deceitful Schemes? Food For thought Gambia.

EDITOR’S NOTE: – We at Unifying Newspaper are hereby ‘OPENLY- CHALLENGING’ the Scammer (MAI FATTY) to come out and argue his corner for justify his lies; leveled against ‘President Jammeh’, after he left the country.  As a matter of fact, we will be more than happy to offer him the platform and airtime on our radio to present his evidence to substantiate, what we believe to be  his very VILE, BASELESS and MALICIOUS ALLEGATIONS against a Man who did so much for the Gambia to be demonized by someone of his elk.

Hence you are now in the Gambia and have access to all departments, do not cook up another lie but just come out now and not later, to release your evidence because we know that you LIED for there is none, whatsoever.

Nevertheless, we will give you the benefit of the doubt to prove your case to world. You have 7 days to do so or else, forget it.
Anything past this 7 days will simply be treated as another falsified documentations of yours so the burden of proof here is on your shoulders. Get to work Mr Fraudster, we are patiently waiting, by the grace of the Almighty.

To The Gambia Ever True.

Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK


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