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MONTHLY PRESS RELEASE: Unifying Newspaper Clocked A Remarkable 7 Million Hits Plus….


Despite the relentless cyber attacks we so far averted since we resumed our normal publication on the 18th January of this year,  “Unifying Newspaper And Radio Networking Services”  is growing from strength to strength each day.

It could be recalled that our site was targeted and brought down days prior to the shooting of the peaceful protesters, resulting in the deliberate killing of “Haruna Jatta” in Kanilia.

And as a matter of fact, we were down and out throughout the month of June; but since we resumed our publication last month (July), we registered yet, another remarkable achievement by clocking pass the 7 Million hits from January to July.

Although the month of July is the lowest amount of hits we’ve ever registered since January, I will excuse myself here and take the blame for not keeping up with the workload because we did not publish any article for ten days out of the whole month of July. If anything, I wasn’t on point to keep up, so my bad.

Nevertheless, we are deeply humbled to have successfully resumed our operations without any hindrance, whatsoever, and we are much better equipped now to deal with all eventualities, by the grace of the Almighty.

Although the Gambia has been in the lead from January, Surprisingly enough, The United Kingdom took the lead last month for the very first time (246,272 Hits) – Gambia came Second with (239,474 Hits) and the USA came third with (124,986) on the list of Hits from Nations around the world. Check it out on the picture of the graphics below. well done to all our fan base all the global but more so the United Kingdom for overtaking the Gambia for the very first time, last month.

We thank all private/individual donors who are or will be donating to our project of taking “Unifying Newspaper and Radio Networking Services” to the Gambia; as a way of creating job opportunities in the media Industry. Thanks to all writers who often contribute by writing articles for publication here on Unifying Newspaper. 

Thank you all for your donations which keep propelling us to reach the highest of heights to executing our duties as the newest and yet the most credible and leading Gambian Online Newspaper. Highly appreciated.

Be very rest assured of our devotion in speaking and publishing nothing but the absolute truth; hence we at Unifying Newspaper and Radio Networking Services are here to serve as the ‘VOICE OF THE VOICELESS’ masses of our motherland.

And so it will forever remain, by the grace of the Almighty.

Yours Sincerely
Management Team
‘Unifying Newspaper & Radio Networking Services’

To The Gambia Ever True....