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REALITY CHECK: We Either Speak Of The TRUTH Or Tell Lies – The Choice Is Ours To Make!!!


April 10th demonstrators were shot and killed while Jammeh was out of the country, precisely Taiwan, still blame was pinned on his head. 

Ndure Cham’s coup d’etat took place while Jammeh was in Mauritania yet still we point fingers at him for the casualties.

Late Lamin Sanneh’s terror attack December 30th took place while Jammeh was in Dubai, we still blamed Jammeh for the death of four terrorists that came with sophisticated weapons to disturb our peace.

Adding insult to injury, Barro hailed them as heroes. Some of them who returned home were welcomed like world cup champions.

Solo Sandeng died as a result of wounds he suffered for embarking on a protest while Jammeh was out of the country, and yet, the blame was attached on Jammeh.

Even those that were knocked to death by presidential motorcades unnoticed by Jammeh, we still enlisted them as victims of Jammeh’s brutality.

Haruna Jatta was killed for embarking on a peaceful demonstration, they don’t want us to hold Barro accountable.

Faraba Banta peaceful protesters were shot to death by Barrow’s armed PIU but they don’t want us to blame Barrow.  Who then authorized our state Riot Police to Kill? The dead, right? 

None of us called for the immediate resignation of an interior minister, Head of the Army, NIA or IGP neither did we blame them for atrocities committed under their watch.

But all forms of blames and accusations were shouldered by Jammeh for crimes committed knowingly and unknowingly during his 22 year reign. We either make sweeping condemnations for what is condemnable, slam shut or be called hypocrites or liars. What was wrong during Jammeh’s time cannot be right under Barrow. Let’s keep hypocrisy out of politics.

Barrow is responsible for each and every other atrocity perpetrated by the state since 22 January 2017 and must be held accountable for he is our President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. PERIOD!!!

Authored By
Sadibou Badjie Bajagarr

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