Senegalese Soldiers Stop Abusing Gambians! Get Out Of My Country Now!


    At first we were told that the mission and purpose of the Senegalese military in the Gambia is to help protect/secure and ensure a smooth transfer of power from the APRC Government of H.E. Dr Alhajie Professor Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh Babilli Mansa to Adama Bulleh-Barry’s peculiar Coalition Party on the aftermath of the controversial December 1st elections in the name of ECOWAS.

    Their purpose in the country seems to be long gone and hence morphed into something else. What we’re now experiencing in the Gambia is an all out assault and abuse of authority by the Senegalese Army on our people. First of all, the Gambia National Armed Forces are pretty much been made redundant and the Police Force are like by-standers and on lookers on behave of the Senegalese Military.

    Unifying Newspaper is receiving disturbing reports about how The Senegal forces are treating the population especially those engaged in cross-border trade and business.
    The Senegalese Are on an all out assault and abusing the Gambian importers in commodities and raw materials like Timber, Logs, Live Stock and Textile.
    The invading forces are now playing the roles of the Army, Police, Immigration, Customs etc instead of focusing on their supposed mission of protecting Adama Barrow & Co.
    It was and has never been communicated to the Gambians as to what the remit for the invading forces are. Did they mislead or did they misinform us? That answer will be dug out ultimately very soon.

    First of all’ The Gambian people did not go to the polls to elect a government that cannot protect and cater for its own citizens.
    And secondly, we have a gallant and competent security apparatus that has kept us safe and secure since the first republic. They were further strengthened during the second republic to the highest of standards… Why is The UDP led Coalition Government turning a blind eye and allowing this to happen.

    We are also aware of cases of indecency and sexual activities with local women with Senegal Soldiers. This is a topic we that we will dig deeper once our compilation of evidence is ready for publication. Videos will be published to show what I’m talking about. I’m sure after that every Gambian will take a hard long look at these greedy politicians and their Senegalese Soldiers. We back our stories up with hard undeniable facts and let you decide for yourselves. We love our country and our fellow countrymen and women. So we cannot be spectators while we let this happen to our people blatantly right in front of our eyes and with no authority has the balls to stand up and give rigid warnings to keep The Gambian People protected and safe.

    Gambians are being subject to humiliation and harassment in the hands of the Senegalese army on a daily basis at illegal check points and so on. They are now in charge of our borders and all transit points. Its like we are now a full on annexed province of Senegal. They are operating with impunity anyhow they like.
    The prices for basic commodities and merchandise are hiking. there is no regulations in the market place whatsoever. Scrupulous importers are hoarding and creating scarcity of some basic stuff hence increasing prices as a result of high demand.
    The Senegalese are conscripting our businesses and things are getting tough for the average Gambian.

    If you Gambian youths let these Old-Pas seduce you into destroying your own future, it’ll be your own responsibility. We are doing what we can to enlighten you what we believe is best for you. So you can hit yourself with a hammer on your own knee if you sleep walk into your detriment by following these traitors. we have warned you. So get your head straight.

    Remember that these foreign forces invaded us unprovoked and they acted in cahoots with Adama Barrow and the UDP Led Coalition spine by 419 Mai Fatty! They never contributed to our national development when H.E. President Jammeh was trying his best to lift the Gambia from Stone-Age to the 21st Century. But yet they could come to our country to destroy it. Kill Gambians, Burn them down, Destroy our homes, just to install these wicked tribalists. What kind of a leader would seek to destroy his people in order to become president? Remember We are a blessed nation. we are envied by Senegal. So they looking to bring us down so that they can walk all over us like they doing now. Is this how you want to rule???
    The silent majority are quiet for a good reason……

    While the coalition party members are busy profiteering from their new found stash of wealth, Gambians are been neglected at the mercy of these Senegalese Soldiers.
    Vehicles are impounded and goods confiscated with absolute impunity. They are now the real authority. They report to their seniors in Senegal and not The Gambia Government.
    The coalition members are busy in-fighting each other for positions with their diaspora enablers and job-seekers while the Senegalese Soldiers are abusing Gambians.These greedy souls must get a grip of the security affairs and well-being of our motherland and her people asap or else they and their Senegalese so-called ECOWAS will be in for a nasty surprise. We will not compromise with our independence and integrity and let anyone auction our country or flog it off at the expense of our people. things are growing out of hand and the abuse is sinking deeper. The silent kettle is mumbling and heating up, once its boils you know what that means. So we are giving you time/chance and the benefit of the doubt to sort yourselves out. It’s taking forever. The country needs to move on. We want our lives back. You craved for power and now you got it. So get on it and do away with your these malnourished ugly Senegalese soldiers. Their abuse is getting too far.



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