I will begin by asking this very critical but yet, fundamental questions so that, my readership will easily get where am driving at; with this particular subject- regarding the baseless claims of those desperately trying to justify an act, that cannot and will never be justified in any court of law- Be it national or international. Yes, it is an open secret that the gullible and sickening minds in your so called struggle that never was, often call and refer to them as “Heroes” – of the diaspora struggle’rs.

But what qualifies one to be called a .hero? Is it doing a runner and leaving your falling comrades behind in a battle field, you started? Is it the case; with you lots in your cult-movement that, ’embarking on a suicide journey like they did will automatically qualifies one to be called a hero in your twisted and agenda driven struggle’, that never was? I heard you all lying to your teeth by saying that, they have no intention of  ‘killing anyone’ and yet, in their manual script of their operations IN THE GAMBIA was to kill and not to be killed, – So how can you all reconcile your unwise claims with that of their plans written in ink & paper? Do you guys want to deny that fact?  If not, then why complain and cry foul if they ended up falling in their own pit?

If indeed their intentions was nothing wrong and that; what they did was the right thing to do, in your quest to effect change of governance, why are they being convicted and sent to serve time behind bars? Gambians- If it is really true that they sincerely love and care about you the underprivileged masses of our motherland, wouldn’t they be thinking of something more productive to invest in than spending such huge amount of money ($250, 000) just to buy and ship out all this killing machines you looking at? Again, I’ll ask all those trying to justify such an act of “international terrorism”, – who’re you guys trying to fool by saying that, their intentions were PEACEFUL and NOBLE?

By the way, who sent them to go and take guns to our motherland in the name of liberating us? Who asked them to go to the Gambia with intent to assassinate our able Commander- In -Chief? What is there that these “terrorists” could’ve done for us; that we did not have already, under the wise and visionary leadership we have today? So they did not want to kill anyone but went to the very extreme lengths of (fraudulently) purchasing all this deadly weapons just to go on a peaceful Mission Folks? Do they look like peacemakers or troublemakers? Be your own judge, Gambians and the rest of our human race.

What is certain though is that, Gambians ain’t no fools and our eyes are wide open to see through your masks – Hence, Your ‘pathetic and lame’ excuses are that which; not even the dumbest of all fools will buy let alone to entertain; so please, give us all a break for actions do speak louder than words and nothing you all can say or do to make us think otherwise about this act of terrorism against our peace loving citizens. Period.

After lying to me by distancing himself from his personal involvement in ‘Masterminding’ this act of ‘terrorism’ in our motherland, “Banka Manneh” is also serving time behind bars with his co conspirators and rightly so. Let’s not forget that, based on the evidence presented ( during their legal proceedings) before the courts upon which; they ( the saviors ) were all convicted, it is revealed to all that, “Banka Manneh & the Atlanta Terri – Kaffo” manipulated, indoctrinated and sent these gullible souls into embarking on such a ‘suicidal journey of sudden death’ while he chill in the comfort of his home with family, in Atlanta. .

Regrettably, he ( Banka Manneh & his click of friends) took them all for a ride and paid the minimum price for sending others to their graves and many others to Mile2 Prison just so he can have a lesser sentence for his premeditated act of terrorism. And you have many of those still lying to themselves by pretending to know NOTHING of their conspiracy to assassinate the “Architect Of The New Rising Gambia” so that, they can ‘forcefully- impose’ themselves and their twisted and selfish agendas on us a Nation. Gambians – Did he ever speak of the truth since he started his so called activism?

In fact, did he ever tell you the real reason behind his bitterness towards our government?  I know some of you do- know- but to tell those blinded to the absolute TRUTH, his actions are nothing to do with sincerity but he is rather driven by his egoistic and selflessness and as result, vengeance and retribution become his preference in dealing with his predicament & modern day reality of The Rising Star of Africa- The Smiling Coast.

For some, justice is seen to have been done in this case but frankly speaking, it still beats my imaginations to think that, anyone can commit such a heinous crime and be given just a slap on the wrist as to say, naughty boy, sit on the naughty steps for six months because you all broke the neutrality act? What a shame on a nation that claims to be at war with international terrorism!! What a hypocritical way of dealing with those who committed the very same crime like that of those they claim to be raining bombs on daily. What is the difference here? Oh-They’re are naturalized American Citizens?

How about American citizens who were murdered by drones for a crime they were suspected of ( Allegedly) plotting against the United States, distance away in Yemen? They were targeted and liquidated before executing their supposed terror plot, so I wonder what the USA, England and the rest of the Europe Union would’ve done if the story line here; was in fact, the exact opposite?

I can bet my last cents on it that, they would’ve been screaming out loud and asking the nation’s that may have offered them any form of humanitarian protection to extradite them back to the land they committed the crime so they can be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the land.  So what of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia- Should we be seeking for the extradition of all those who participated & lunched the 30th December ” Terror Attack” on our sovereignty as a Nation?
Food for thought Gambians!!!

May peace, love and unity continues to be the order of our days, weeks, months, years and many, many more centuries to come; until eternity, by the grace of The Almighty. Ameeeeen.


Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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