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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN:- A Genuinely ‘Concerned Global Citizen’ Takes On #GlodenLead & Exposed Their Destructive Practices In The Gambia Today!!!


It’s rather unfortunate that under the supposed democratic government of the so-called #NewGambia, these bunch of Greedy-Old-Timers are happily presiding over the total destruction of our livelihoods and that of our future generations as highlighted by one BRAVE ‘LADY” who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons. Do please take time out to read her article below-Verbatim.
I walked this beach and saw with my own eyes the thousands of dead fish that even the vultures would not touch.

I’d like your help.

Did you know that when you buy farm-raised shrimp, you may be buying from a company that buys its fish-meal mix from factories like #GoldenLead in West Africa?

There are many of these factories across various parts of Africa. Such companies take advantage of impoverished communities where government regulation and oversight are challenged – either because of inexperience, ignorance, corruption, laziness, or fiscal problems.

It makes me mad. It makes me furious.

What you may not realize as you sit down to eat your Saturday night dinner is that the local people in such countries, of severe poverty, have almost no way to fight and protect themselves against this environmental destruction, and the economic and health consequences.

In addition to destroyed environments (a result of the chemicals used for cleaning and processing), local people lose critical economic opportunities which are essential to their survival. They lose food security. They also face health issues (like the woman featured).

Does Europe really think immigration will stop when situations like this are happening?

Many will blame corrupt officials but really everyone holds responsibility when Marine Ecosystems are poisoned and destroyed. And everyone will be responsible for the economic and health impacts. Everyone is and will be affected. Just you wait.

All hold the responsibility to stop these crimes.

Who will feed the poor? 
Who will pay for the health care bills of those dying for your meal?
What waters will your children swim in? 
What corporate executive or government leader will swim here?

Do something …

1. Speak out!

I think we all have a responsibility to make the truth of these matters known when we see wrong being done anywhere in the world but, especially when you have an upfront and personal experience with a situation – (like I do here).

2. Boycott!

Stop buying or eating shrimp and tell your restaurant or store why. Vote with your dollars. Make your position known.

3. Name Names

Hold people publicly accountable if they are involved in supporting these environmental crimes anywhere in the world. In this case (per these photos) it is those that fail to #StopGoldenLead

4. Educate and Help.

Deal with ignorance. Educate people about what is happening and demand leadership step up and take action. This is environmental, but it is 
Political in the sense that we need transparency, honesty, people to ask for help/ support to stop environmental/criminal acts such as the illegal dumping of waste with whatever leverage you have.

5. Use Technology

I use the Monterrey Bay Aquarium app to learn about whether the fish I am buying is coming from a sustainable source. I limit how much I eat. I believe probably any farm-raised shrimp is bad.

6. Spread the word.

Share one of these images on your social media, tweet, or use the hashtag #StopGoldenLead 
Your brothers and sister will be grateful. You will sleep better because you are doing the right thing.

7: Support

A campaign for funds to protect the ground activists is being created. Stay tuned for details. According to local and reliable sources, numerous young men were already taken to prison for calmly protesting and since their release has had their lives threatened.

I would appreciate it if you would join me in helping protect a place and a people I care very much about. And, whose suffering, and frustration I am witnessing every day.

I can not be silent when I have first-hand knowledge and experience with this tragedy.

If you have questions, or need more information, or want to be involved in supporting the fight against these factories please let me know.

I have not been paid by anyone. I am not a full-time activist. I am a concerned world citizen. I will talk to anyone interested in dialogue and I will help however I am able to do so. I would welcome a public response by the company or anyone who wants to share their perspective. Please, people, hold back from blaming in your comments – I am interested in solving an urgent and important problem and anything but first-hand information and problem-solving is a distraction and waste of time.

*PHOTOS:-Poisoned, dead fish wash ashore.-arsenic and other toxins can destroy local river and marine ecosystems. -Local people try to remove the waste pipe that dumps directly into the Ocean. – An exposed woman already showing signs of skin disease. Cancer is likely the next stage. -This is a Chinese company. It proudly Posts its flag. Corporate or country – what message is this?

Enjoy your dinner. #StopGoldenLead

*By the way, some of these photos were taken by ME personally. Others by people in the community I know and have known for many years.

*If each person who reads this shares this post with at least 10 people, and they share with 10, and they 10 – we can quickly educate those in the country (and out of the country) about what’s going on. Share directly via messenger for a better response rate to your post. Everyone is responsible, Everyone can help.

PS. I have received many friend requests and may not be able to respond to all. Please be fearless and share your stories, ideas, data and feelings here. This a critical community effort and we need full participation from the world to make things right. END OF ARTICLE….


The view from Gunjur beach in The Gambia. Notice the big mosque at the end of the photo. Undeniably Gunjur, south Gambia. The sacred rocks are here and are where most tribes come for rituals and where The prophet was said to have prayed. Now polluted. Wash in that dirty water.

 [On the day’s thousands of fish wash ashore the smell is too strong. One can not walk comfortably].

Tourists ask me “what’s going on”? At first, people were saying fisherman were throwing fish overboard because they couldn’t be sold to Golden – but when you see dead Sea snakes, jellyfish, thousands of shells, and thousands of fish (of all sizes) you know there is a much bigger problem. You start to ask “why?”

Images sent to me just now from someone in nearby sang sangdinto sanyang village. The fish meal factory at sanyang where people believe they are dumping the toxic waste. -in sang sangdinto.
Your underground wells and drinking water may be impacted by this waste – be aware. If possible test your water yourself and regularly. 
Be aware that vegetables grown near these places may be contaminated – and what you buy in the market could be contaminated. Be aware that likely fish that don’t die (in the ocean) – many still will be contaminated.

A Concern Global Citizen

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