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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN : A Heart-Felt Tribute To My Earthly Father & Founder Of The (UDP) United Democratic Party!!!


It Is Exactly 4 Years Today Since You Departed From This World Of Illusion With A Clean Sheet. You Were My Best Friend, My Teacher And Mentor. You Taught Me All That Which I Know About Our Historical Heritage, Politics And Life In General…

Not Only That, You Ensured That Everything You Ever Taught Me Will Be PRACTICALLY Implemented To The Fullest And Thanks To Your Creativity And Benevolence As A Humanist That You Prove To Be, Countless Gambians And Their Respective Families All Benefited Immensely Without Any Discrimination.

Unlike Those Fakers Now Advocating For Tribalism In The Name Of A Party, You Sacrificed Yourself And Family For, You Were Anything But Tribal Nor Were You Ever Vindictive Towards Any Of Your Fellow Human Being Dad.

Your Loving And Caring Nature As A Father Was Outstanding – Verily, since 1975, You Positively Started To Engaged Your Fellow Citizens As A Politician And Touch The Hearts All Those You Met And Even Those You Never Set Your Eyes On.

Easier Said Than was done, You’ve Actually Lead All Your Supporters On The Frontline Of Your Political Aspiration Nor were You A Coward But A True Hero, Just Like Your Great-Grandfather Who Were All Kings Of The Kingdom Of Kansala.

Thanks Dad For Sharing Your Greatest Gift Of Your Life, which Was Your Unconditional Love And Wisdom. I Still Keeps On Hearing Your Powerful And Gentle Voice In My Head Daily. As Your First Biological Son From Birth, Be Rest Assured That Never Will I Ever Sell My Soul For Vanity Nor Will I Ever Stoop Low By Embracing That Which You Despised Such As Tribalism, Telling Lies And Hating.

I Love You, Young Man….

I Often Envision Your Beautiful Smiles whenever I call You A Young Man. Oh, Dad – What A Friend You Truly Were To Me, Your Beloved Family And Gambians As A Nation! Even Your Political Opponents Where Mesmerised With Your Level Of Sincerity And Political Maturity; For You Have Nothing In Your Heart Of Hearts But Love For One And All.
Missing You Daily But Knowing Your Godly And Humanist Nature And The Life Of Simplicity You Lived In Life, I Am Sure That Your Bank Account Must Be Overflowing With Allah SWT reward In Abundance.

Although Your Shoes Prove To Be Way Too Big To Filled- However, Be Very Rest Assured That, I Shall Never-Ever Waver From Upholding the Fundamental Principles And Humanist Values You’ve Thought And Groomed Me From A Child.
Despite The Increasing Temptations Of This Temporarily Journey Of Life, You Ensured That I Will Be Taught Of Our Creator, Our Divine Life Purpose & Mentally Prepared Me To Face All The Tribals And Tribulations That Life May Have In Store For Me So I Can Become Productive To Humanity, In My Own Little Ways.

May He Grant You And All The Departed Souls Highest Of Places In Jannatul-Firdausi..Ameeeeen.

Until We Meet Again My Hero And Solid Rock. My Gentle Giant. Thanks for Being My Earthly Father. Your Legacy Lives On Daddy. Love You Endlessly.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia. (O.R.G.)

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