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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: An Open Letter To Hon. Seedy SK Njie, Spokesperson Of The APRC Party.


I have to first admit that you stood beside our former President and the Mastermind of the July 22nd Revolution, the man who shadows the second republic of the Gambia *HE Sheikh Prof. Dr. Alhagie Yahya AJJ Jammeh* in the most difficult moments and indeed you deserved credit.
I could recall the days that APRC militants saw a fountain of hope in you, the days when they thought that your foresight was the ultimate interest of the APRC but gone seems to be those days now.
Of late, I must have to put it to you that anyone who (once upon a time) felt that way with regards to your impersonated #loyalty is today left dumbfounded and by all counts, you are indeed your own fierce and outrageous victim of your own circumstance**Yes!

You betrayed the trust and respect of every single innocent APRC soul that are now prone to a possible cardiac arrest because of the erratic behaviours that can’t be justified by either yourself nor can ‘Fabakary Tombojang Jatta’ wash off your tainted reputation in the eyes of our party loyalists.
This is to make you understand that those of your initial sacrifices are indeed acknowledged BUT yet, they are not enough to get you clean as per your statement uttered during an exclusive press interview with the standard newspaper were you reaffirmed your loyalty to the coalition lead government, under the pretext that #Barrow is your brother…with all due #respect, we don’t give a damn about your bloodline as it stands.

Let me remind you SK NJIE that you are NOTHING before the APRC, you are what you are today thanks to the advent of the July 22nd revolution masterminded by ‘Babili-Mansa’ himself, so your foolish attempts to outplay the APRC and it’s members are just laughable and if anything, it will only make us stronger as a party. 
We were NEVER loyal to you NEITHER the executive NOR any other PARTY MILITANT, our loyalties lie with ‘Babili-Mansa’ and the APRC general fraternity…

Of course yes! You do have all rights to align yourself with any recommended political party of your choice, but what you did was indeed disheartening and unexpected, but u will live to pay for every pain u have inflicted upon the party that made you.

By the way, no one betrays Babili Mansa and goes free… That man is better than anyone of you, he is special and bound to be a leader, not some piece of trash.

Furthermore, its clear to every APRC comrade that you are no longer the party spokesperson and it’s us the youths who fired you because of unacceptable behaviour. We can better serve our party than a chameleon of your types so we the youths are hereby telling you that, you are demoted and if you don’t like it, you do know where the door is, right?
Seedy SK Njie, you may still be lucky to have been reinstated by our beloved leader due to circumstances beyond reason but we the youths or foot-soldiers on the ground are not at all begging you to stay so you can please go and help your brother to set up his own political party.
As a matter of fact, You’re fired by the youths and nothing you can ever say to us here, that will carry any more weight in the party. It doesn’t matter how much our interim leader (Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta) may also have to say in your defence because we are the very least interested in hearing his or your lame excuses for your inexcusable blunders.
I actually don’t have personal issues with regards to your perception, but I have a problem with your sinister, immoral and illegitimate behaviour in executing your responsibility as the spokesperson of the APRC and its members.

We scratched your back and you wiped ours; but Alhamdulillah, we have now known who our real friends are and we will never be caught by surprise in our course to building an outstanding and sustainable APRC hierarchy, free from the double standard hypocrites and parasites like you…..
We’ve had enough already and you’ve given us a gift that we owe entirely to you. As you pave your way to the outside world, my advice to you is, “bundle up; its cold out there”….APRC is here to stay and we will rise beyond your grasp as we hail for a stronger and more united party…

In conclusion, I will love to remind you that ‘Allah SWT’ is our world bank, our Savior, our only guide and protector and sufficient He will forever be to us. To Him alone lies our expectations and with His help, we will rise to the climax and there is nothing that people like you can do to stop that from happening.

We’ve ruled this country for 22yrs, broadcasting immense development without the help of a single soul but Allah SWT, that even the layman, the blind man and even the most ungrateful can visualize.

So hey brother; the choice is yours but if u choose to stay, mind your words because I believe you don’t wanna go down as a traitor…The choice is yours but again, be warned; for the very last time.


From: Adi~Mastermind
The Invincible Armour👊👊

EDITOR’S NOTE::: The Invincible Armour, am so delighted to have received and read the brilliant article you’ve forwarded to us for publication with regards to Seedy SK Njie.

I must admit that you guys are on the same wavelengths with the way I felt about this dude but guess he can only survive in his dirty style of politics by being a ‘Two-Sided Sword’.

I understood your frustrations and valid reasons for taking it upon yourselves to FIRE him as our spokesperson but please, I beg woww…LoL. What else is he going to fall back on, if you guys decided to give him his marching orders?

Like you rightly stated in your article, We #APRC made him who he was yesterday, who he is today and we shall be the very same party that will make him who he will become tomorrow as well.

Therefore, let’s just take his words or foolish actions with a pinch of salt.
He will sooner or later come to the realization that, nothing is better than being honest with oneself in life.

Without an iota of doubt, Living a lie will ultimately prove to be destructive to the inner soul of anyone thinking that they are smarter than those choosing to walk on the path of righteousness; in the day of reckoning. Let’s pray for them because they know NOT what they’re doing to their our souls.

NB: #Unifying Newspaper is here for one and all. So, do not ever hesitate to send me any articles you guys or anyone else will want to publish on our credible media outlet for our ‘Smart-Global audience’ to digest. 

Likewise, Seedy SK Njie is equally accorded the exact same opportunity to defend himself and his actions in writing, if at all he may be able to and chooses to do so. 

Thanks ever so much “The Invincible Armour”!! I salute you and Team.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (unifyingradio@gmail.com)

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