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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: Another Victim Of The Failed Coalition Government Battle’s For His Life After Being Shot At By a Vindictive Tribal Mercenary In Uniform….


According to our impeccable sources on the ground, family members and eyewitnesses accounts, the victim is identified as one Ismaila Tamba.

The victim (Ismaila Tamba) is a retired military officer and he is said to be the Son of Sheriff Tamba of Kanilai, Foni Kansala—The Home Village Of Our Beloved Former President & Party-Leader, H.E. Sheikh Professor Alh. Dr. Yayha AJJ Jammeh.

Based on our own investigations, agents of the “Unifying Newspaper” were able to gather all the facts surrounding this incident like we often do and we intend to share crucial information to ensure that the truth is known to all and sundry before they try to put a spin on it.

Ismaila Tamba honourably resigned from the Armed Forces and he’s now known to be a driver of a passenger vehicle often referred to in our local languages as Gelle-gelleh: According to the eyewitnesses and family members, his vehicle broke down and he was repairing it at home.

After fixing the mechanical issues of the vehicle, he then thought to go on for a “TEST-DRIVE” to see if the vehicle is good to be put back in traffic etc…On his way out, the soldier’s were all there and they all know him for a start and they knew all along that he is a driver and that he is the one driving that passenger vehicle.

He passed them at the military checkpoint on his way out for test driving but on his way back home, he was “DELIBERATELY-TARGETED” and shot at by one “TRIBAL-FANATIC” in military uniform. When apprehended and questioned as to why he pulled the trigger on an Innocent being and resident of a village he is posted to guard and protect?

He came with his rather silly and inexcusable reason by alleging that he Refused to Stop at the Checkpoint. Is that a good enough reason to shot at someone you watch leaving and coming back to his home village?

Does it make sense to anyone of you reading this article at all? Without a doubt, it’s all a premeditated act of violence directed at our people (Jolla’s) again but am urging all my beloved people to out there not to react to their cowardly acts of barbarity. They are living in desperate times if you guys know what I mean.

Although it’s deeply disheartening to be treated unfairly in our own ancestral land of peace by some unscrupulous characters in power today Less we forgot that Allah SWT is with those who are patient – Another test for us to overcome folks. Good Shall Soon Overcome All Evils In Our Motherland, By The Grace Of The Almighty.

It could be recalled that my In-Law, Known as “Haruna Jatta” was also Murdered two years ago (In Foni) and the Government Never Investigated, Let Alone Seek Ways Of Ensuring That His Killer Is Brought To Book…By the way, Guess that was too much to ask or expect from these supposed democratic government, right?

Nonetheless, I will seize this regrettable and sad moment to remind President Barrow that he is the custodian of the Gambian constitution and so far, he and his administration woefully failed to ensure that all lives will be protected and that the fundamental right of all citizens is equally guaranteed under his transitional government.

Since fraudulently assuming power, the shattered coalition government did not only marginalized the Foni but openly discriminated at the “Jolla’s” by unlawfully dismissing all those at high positions of authority, in both the military and in within the civil service, Many were framed and falsely accused of Mutiny ( WHATSAPP VICTIMS) and are currently detained unlawfully in Mile 2 even though the prosecution has nothing on them in the first place.

For The Records: During the Era of the so-called Dingding-Mansa, (Mai Fatty), he imposed a curfew on the people of Kanilai but flatly lied about it too. They brought in foreign mercenaries (Senegalese Soldiers) under the disguise of “ECOWAS/SECURITY AGREEMENT”, who repeatedly shot at my people without any legal justification of opening fire on unarmed civilians, One got killed and many injured.

And again, as I piece this article together for publication, their latest victim is currently battling for his life at the “Edward Franchise Small Teaching Hospital”, in Banjul.

For the past two and half years of this Failed-Coalition-Government, we (The People Of Foni) are clearly being targetted for all the wrong reason but we shall not react to your blatant acts of treachery and provocations in Foni. We shall never bend nor break and we shall weather the storm until the day of reckoning, by the grace of The Almighty.

To President Barrow and all the so-called coalition leader’s, be very rest assured that not only are we (Gambians) watching but the rest of the world are closely watching your every move as a supposed democratic–transitional-government.

But with all due respect my Son, time is running out and you need to conduct a full investigation with regards to the latest shooting incident in Kanilai and the culprit must be dealt with forthwith.

To conclude, I will reiterate my long-standing advice that you and your government must ensure the circumstances leading to the death of Haruna Jatta be investigated and the report made public.

Among a catalogue of to-do-list in my book, likewise, this recent shooter, the killer of Haruna Jatta is certainly not above the laws of men, let alone that of our Creator, so if you as the President want to take the full responsibility by doing nothing about it today, fair enough. Your choice nut that will not be the cleverest thing to do, If you ask me because it may come back and hunt you.

What is certain in life though is that: “I don’t care only leads one to the city of had I known”. But a word is surely enough for the wise.

Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with the victim, his extended family members and friends. May Allah SWT preserve his precious life and grant him a very speedy recovery from his unwarranted pain and suffering at this hour. Ameeeen

Authored By
Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia (O.R.G)

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